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BUILDING MY LIFE RESUME 🎤Top Motivational Speaker 🥇NY Times Bestseller 💰Built 10 figure company 🥥Sold to Coca-Cola 💿1 Emmy 🙏Lived w/Monks 🏃‍♂️100miler

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ZAPPERS: What are the things in your life that are taking TIME away from your goals? 24 hours is a long time. You can get a ton done in a day if you don’t waste it. I found 36,000 free hours by making one change to my schedule. I’ve used those FREE HOURS to hike mountains, run races, take many trips, read books, spend more time with my family, learn new stuff, etc. One thing I do that helps is I have 4 main “buckets”: Family, business, my wellness and things that are important to me. If something doesn’t fit into one of those 4 buckets...I basically CHUCK IT! I don’t want it to say on my tombstone “WATCHED A LOT OF FOOTBALL”. #BuildYourLifeResume #36,000FreeHours #LiveLifeForALiving


CHECKMATE. My 50th bday gift to myself was 50 coaches to help me learn (or semi-master) 50 things that I always wanted to know how to do. So far I’ve learned how to ride a motorcycle, free-dive (I can hold my breath 5x longer then when I started), I take weekly ping pong lessons and now I’ve added Chess. Man, learning is so FUN and it’s so important. The good thing is...with You Tube clips and all the virtual mentors out there... it’s accessible to us all. What’s something you want to learn in 2019? #HowI50 #BuildYourLifeResume #Chess


TRUST THE JOURNEY: Life isn’t just about successes, it’s about the experiences you have along the way. And the more you experience..the richer your life becomes. BUILD YOUR LIFE RESUME. I went from “professional” breakdancer (I actually got paid to breakdance) kiddie pool cleaning meat selling frozen chicken/shrimp door to failing at a carrot and celery stick failed record label a failed tee shirt jingle managing live auctioneer...ALL WITHIN 15 YEARS. Apparently, that ALL had to happen before starting Marquis Jet (5 billion in sales). Then...I got 11 “no’s” from publishers when I shopped “Living With A SEAL”...before finally getting one “yes” (it became a NYTimes bestseller). I had two companies that didn’t work and one that got sold to COCA-COLA along the way. Don’t get too caught up by the failures and don’t get too seduced by the successes. And remember to have FUN along the way! What crazy jobs have you had? #Entrepreneur #NoExperienceNecessary #BusinessAsUNusual #KeepGoing #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship #Business #GetInTheGame #BetOnYou #InvestInYourself #BuildYourLifeResume #BYLR


Our little girl turned three yesterday (going on 18)! Caption this.


“He who is rich.”-Lao Tzu. My dad. Simple man. This is how he wanted to celebrate his 89th bday. Playing the spoons and singing American classics with his family. He’s been playing the spoons since he was a kid in Brooklyn. It makes him (and us) smile. What matters most is so simple. #89 #ArmyVet #Family #Spoons #TheSaints #HBD #Dad


Just found this one from the archives. Family trip to Disney. Had to FIRE UP THE TOUR GUIDE sitting next to me. Low energy tour guide=low energy tour. HIGH energy tour guide=high energy tour. #HighEnergyCar #MINDY!!!!! #RockyTheme


Poor Charlie...this has been going on for hours. He is learning to count to 200. But every time he gets to 175 he defaults back to 126. SO...we have been counting from 126-175 on a loop...for hours. He just asked me “when does 200 come?” #PATIENCE #TheRoadTo200 #DadLife #Accountant?


MAKE AN INPACT IN :15 SECONDS. My friend @blakemycoskie (the founder of @TOMS) has launched a powerful movement to help #EndGunViolenceTogether. Go to and you can automatically (and quickly) send your representative a postcard demanding they take action on something that over 90% of Americans already agree on: universal background checks. #EndGunViolenceTogether #Toms #BrandsThatCare #ConsciousCEO’s #entrepreneurship


LIAR LIAR: YOUR WHEAT IS ON FIRE! #FakeFriday Breakfast of champions? 83% of the ingredients in Wheaties (5 out of 6 ingredients)=sugar, corn syrup, salt, BHT and trisodium phosphate. The other ingredient is processed wheat. Champions? What if @generalmillscereal was brutally HONEST about their products on their packaging. Like...what if they let everyone know that trisodium phosphate is also used as a paint thinner, as a stain remover and as a lubricant. I’ll help them out, swipe left and see photo #2! That’s in Wheaties. Who wants to eat that? Who even knew? The answer is they would be out of business. So instead they rely on marketing...and they are GREAT at it. They take the FEW nutritional benefits in their products and market the shit out of it using phrases like “nutritional”, “fortified”, “healthy start of your day” and “breakfast of champions”. They pay millions of dollars to promote the best Athlete’s faces on their boxes....BUT THEY NEVER mention the bad. The sugar, the additives, the preservatives, the coloring and the destruction on the body. The bad far outweighs the good. It’s common sense...they invented a food that can last 3-4 YEARS on a shelf. That’s not the way Mother Nature works. SOME FACTS: cereal marketed to kids has 40% more sugar then cereals marketed to adults. The average American will eat roughly 10lbs of cereal a year. Let me put it in perspective. If a child has one serving of cereal a day with the current average sugar content...they will have 5,000 teaspoons of sugar between 6-11 yeas old FROM CEREAL ALONE. That’s the equivalent of 1735 Kristy Kream donuts worth of sugar. I loved Wheaties growing up. How could I not? My favorite athletes were on the cover so I believed that if I ate them then I’d be a champion too. @generalmillscereal spent MILLIONS of dollars to make me believe that. BUT...for every champion there are thousands of obese kids, ADHD kids and unhealthy Americans. @generalmillscereal If you want to sell crap to people that’s fine. But don’t lie. Don’t trick. Tell both sides. #BeHonest #FakeFriday #TheySellCalories #CapitalismOverConscience #CommonSense #MadDad @kelloggsus @post_cereals YOU SUCK TOO!


THE COME UP: In 1995 I needed a car, but I had ZERO money. So, my partner and I convinced the Knicks to get a van and wrap it with their logo on it...we explained that it would be a great marketing tool for them...and we would drive it 😉! Well...That was MY CAR for 2 years!!! Used it for dates, to get to work, to pick up my parents at the airport. PROBLEM SOLVED!!! I remember driving it to some of my races and sleeping in it to save money! @50cent @skrilla100 @csmithenterprises I know you remember rolling around NYC in that thing!!! #MyCar #TheComeUp #DateNight #entrepreneur #StillHaveTheUnderdogMentality #entrepreneurlife #TheGrind #TheProcess #BOOTSTRAPPER #GoNYGo