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For today’s #sharebipocvoices hosted by @wherechangestarted I’d like to share the account of @pratimaanyoga who teaches her community about yoga and mindfulness and I’m looking forward to learning from her Repost • @pratimaanyoga "Talk to yourself like you would to someone you love." . How often do you find yourself criticizing yourself, being harsh on yourself? We've normalized this to an extent that it becomes our biggest hindrance in healing ourselves. The wounds we inflict on ourselves are the most damaging ones. When we are in some struggle, some pain, we are automatically too critical. But we always have something nice, comforting to say to our loved ones. . Imagine how beautifully we can heal if we use those words for ourselves. Giving ourselves the love we so enthusiastically give out. . #yoga #yogateacher #practiceandalliscoming #yogaeverywhere #yogalove #yogalife #yogini #yogisofinstagram #yogamodel #yogaphotography #yogapose #yogainspiration #practiceandalliscoming #yogagirl #yogaaddict #yogaforall #shotononeplus #modeling #fitindia #fitchick #ashtanga #sweeIndia #inspirationalquotes #fitgirl #believeinyourself #trusttheuniverse #yogagoddess #igyoga #indianyogacommunity #sweeathletic


@instagram silencing WOC again Repost @hijadeitzpapalotl #DecolonizeResistExist + I AM BEING SILENCED BY @instagram. INSTAGRAM WOULDNT LET ME POST THE SCREENSHOTS OF WHAT HAPPENED. YES YOU HEARD THAT RIGHT. Talk about white supremacy CONTROL!!!! + Hello! I woke up today and my post from yesterday is GONE again!! No notification from @Instagram no nothing. + Why are they silencing me? Why they don’t want the truth to be out? Why @glennondoyle hasn’t addressed what happened, and the attacks woc are receiving due to what she created? + For the people that are tagged in this picture, this is a bit of the story behind what’s happening. Glennon Doyle shared on social media she was going to educate white women around racial issues. A lot of women of color and women in general told her that this wasn’t okay. She then apologized but centered herself in the conversation and many woc, including myself were harassed, dismissed and attacked by white women. Either on her post or in private. (She already closed comments in those posts) + On Saturday @marandapleasant who runs @originmagazine @mantramagazine and @thrivemags sent me a private message where she attacks me and she disrespects me. She tried to put me down and in a way threatens me not to dare to say anything about this. + Two of my posts have disappeared and either Maranda Pleasant nor Glennon Doyle have said anything about this. Why would my posts just disappeared? Or why can’t I post?!?! + The screenshots are on this post and I will share on my stories. + I need support to bring this out, because I won’t be silenced. This is not okay and I remember Glennon Doyle said she is an ally. If she is an ally why is she not saying anything. It’s important to know I’m not the only woc that has been attacked by ww in regards to what happened on her page. + I want her to take accountability for what happened and addressed her friends/followers who are attacking women of color. + @nelstamp you said you have a relationship with Glennon Doyle are you okay with what’s happening? + @rachel.cargle @catriceology @indigenousgoddessgang @shishi.rose @askaprilj @shaunking @gutsygirlart @feminineshift @theguerrillafeminist @wearemitu


Repost • @wherechangestarted Many of y’all know this phrase is a pet peeve of mine when falling out of the mouths of people claiming to be allies. Mostly because it’s performative and leaves heavy lifting work on the shoulders of BIPOC who haven’t volunteer to do it. But there is another reason I find this practice of white people self-righteously sending other white people to google. Take a look at these next few photos. . While putting the finishing touches on my Fundamentals of Antiracism course that launches tomorrow, I googled the word “antiracism.” I’m sure I’ve done this before, but it’s honestly the first time I actually paid attention to the type of results that show on the first page. Good ole Wikipedia is right where she always is at the top of page one. . The meta description under the Wikipedia heading for “antiracism” starts as follows: “The phrase "Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white", coined by high-profile white nationalist Robert Whitaker, is commonly associated with the topic of white genocide...” . Now. Why? Why would Google’s algorithms put this dog-whistle front and center in a search? The ridiculous part of it all is that this clip of the Wikipedia article is buried all the way at the bottom of the entry. . Given the fact that 95% of all searches end on the first page, that leads me to ask you all a few questions. Have you ever paid attention to the type of results yielded in the google searches you send people on? How many of those sources amplify BIPOC voices? How many of them are hit pieces against those fighting for equality? How do you feel about the fact that someone who is just starting will see THIS description of this important work at the top of the pile? What are your assumptions about how influenced they’ll be by these words - now that they’re basically starting from a place of rebutting this claim, rather than learning from a blank canvas? . When you send people to google, instead of pointing them in the direction of a black, indigenous, or person of color antiracism educator (someone who has volunteered to do this heavy lifting), this is the risk you run. **(post continued in the comments)**


Today’s #sharebipocvoices hosted by @wherechangestarted I’d like everyone to check out the account of @asian.actiivist who spends so much emotional labour sharing with us how harmful the fetishisation of Asian womxn is, how we WP keep these stereotypes going, and how dehumanisation kills. Sadly, this is the case for all womxn of colour which is why there are so many missing or murdered Indigenous women. Follow @asian.actiivist and challenge/unpack your biases ••••••••Posted @withrepost • @asian.actiivist Before some people start commenting the inevitable “this is so dramatic” accusations, let me say something. I don’t think people truly realize how mentally taxing it is to do activism work, even if it is only online. I’m constantly reading about how my community is abused. In the past six months alone I read about all of the incidents listed in this tweet. I have to post about them. I have to deal with online trolls. And I have to deal with the everyday harassment that comes with being Asian, and an Asian immigrant. And that’s just how I feel specifically as an activist. Ordinary Asian women are impacted by this as well. Because we are all potential victims of Asian fetishization. _ I’m tired. I am weighed down by the knowledge that Asian women are constantly targeted and that I am one of the few activists on social media who talk about this. I am weighed down by all the conversations I had with other people where they blatantly dismiss all the valid hurt and fear I feel. All other Asian women are weighed down as well. Non-Asians, we need you to be angry. We need you to be allies. We need you to initiate conversation and ultimately action about this with your friends, your family, your classmates, and your colleagues. We need you to care. _ Check the posts under these hashtags to read about each incident mentioned in this thread. #asianfemiinistsakimurder #asianfemiinistquyenrape #asianfemiinistuscharrassment #asianfemiinistnycattacks #asianfemiinist10rapedwomen —-#asianfetish #racism #asianwomen #mmiw


Today’s #sharebipocvoices hosted by @wherechangestarted I’ve found @hashtagfostercare , whose bio says “engage celebs, brands, politicians in the plights of #fosteryouth ”. I’ve learned so much from them and I hope you’ll explore their page as well to learn about ways we can all show up and have a better understanding. Posted @withrepost • @hashtagfostercare I’m In Therapy Because responding traumatically has caused me to loose Jobs Friends Lovers And my cool My BIG MOUTH Foster youth have #PTSD two times that of a war veteran So we don’t mean to blow up on you Just small things trigger us Like, smells, tone, space, holidays, winter..... This winter foster youth we will be bumping into each other We don’t have time for #depression So the next time you get a trigger Keep your mouth close and visualize beating they a$$ No, that’s not therapy like B R E A T H E #Worldmentalhealthday #Buttons are $5 #Tees come with button & sticker for $40 #fostercare #fostercareawareness #fostercareadoption #ptsd #depression


I would really, really like to know what my mom would say about the state of the world the past two years since she passed. My aunt and cousins and I have been fantasising about what her protest signs would say too :) I guess this is my first real effort to normalise grieving on this platform. I’ve felt so validated by all of the #motherlessdaughters posts, #imissmymom #grief and other hashtags and accounts I can’t think of right now but have made me feel so seen. Maybe it’s too scary for non-grievers to imagine that you NEVER get over losing a parent but hey, that’s a fact. It’s okay. You learn to live with it but it never becomes okay and I honestly think that’s a good thing, there’s a hole in my heart but I was able to be loved by my mom for 29 years and now I get to have fun thinking about what else she’d have to teach me, and be super upset that I’ll never really know. It’s all okay.


Head to jumakae.com while she still has around 20 interviews available to watch for free from her project Your Story Medicine: How To Move From Trauma to Resiliency. Each interview is fascinating (death doulas, spiritual activism, storytelling, so many forms of healing) and I particularly loved @iamrachelricketts one, quoted above. Spread the word, especially to BIWOC [Image description: Green and purple marbled square with gold text advertising Your Story Medicine: How To Move From Trauma To Resiliency, a transformational series featuring storytellers, coaches and creatives. A quote from Rachel Ricketts' interview is displayed next to a photo from her Instagram showing her laughing and smiling wearing a black leather jacket. "I call what I do spiritual activism because I don't believe that spirituality comes without activism. If you truly are spiritual, if you are connected to all of us being connected, then you want to fight for a better world for all because my suffering or your suffering is everyone's suffering." ] #spiritualactivism #spirituality #suffering #activism #racialjustice



Today’s #sharebipocvoices hosted by @wherechangestarted I’d like to share the work of @ihartericka who has helped me feel comfortable sharing my own pronouns and much more. Learn from them about how to increase trans visibility, how to be a better accomplice for your trans, GNC, intersex, and non-binary friends and family and colleagues and neighbours. Repost @ihartericka: "If you only talk about trans, intersex, non binary and/or gender non-comforting folks (etc) when a political administration is being violent: You are a part of the problem. I have to correct people all of the time in some of the most ordinary spaces to be inclusive of all genders. People who use cis heteronormative language and/or perpetuate the gender binary 364 days out of the year, in their classrooms, in their businesses, in the restaurant, in the airport, in the Lyft, when asking people to vote, in their activism, but then want to be mad at transphobic legislation. Divesting from the gender binary is FREE and can be done at anytime, anywhere. Love, a Trans man and Non- Binary Femme #endwhitesupremacy #divestfromthegenderbinary •[Image description: A black trans man named Ebony with his partner Ericka, who is a non-binary femme and operates the account @ihartericka]


Today for #shareBIPOCvoices hosted by @wherechangestarted I’d like to share the wisdom @adopteelilly has been sharing with me while we prepare to adopt. If you’re considering adopting or have adopted a child already, please check Lilly out because she shares valuable knowledge that will make us better parents. We can mean well and still cause harm, so there’s a lot of work to be done. #adoption #antiracism #dotheinnerwork [Image description: Shared post written by @adopteelilly, white text on a black background that says, "Are you parenting a person of color? How many POC are regular members of your life? What roles do they play? How will your kid of color view them? As role models? As the neighbor you pass on the street occasionally? What does YOUR treatment of POC teach your kid?"]


#Repost @uncolonial_history ・・・ Let’s talk about Indigenous feminism. On this page, we talk a lot about colonization in general, but we definitely don’t spend enough time talking how about colonialism specifically impacted Indigenous women (or how women chose to respond). This topic is especially urgent given the current crises of thousands of missing and murdered Indigenous women in North America (MMIW), as well as the fact that all over the world, Indigenous women are still several times more likely to experience assault than their white counterparts. No one can understand colonialism without understanding Indigenous feminism. . To get started, we need to remember that when Europeans invaded places like the Americas, South Africa, or Australia, they didn’t just bring guns, germs, and steel. They brought ideas. They brought ideas about women, gender, sex, family, religion, profit, justice, freedom, slavery—the list could go on forever. These settlers planted these ideas on the land they were “conquering.” And while these ideas affected all Indigenous peoples, they directly targeted Indigenous women. . This is why Quechua scholar Sandy Grande says that “the oppression of Indigenous women results primarily from colonialism—a…force underwritten by Western Christianity, defined by white supremacy, and fueled by global capitalism.” These same forces have also kept many Indigenous women outside of the field of history. This means that with notable exceptions such as Brenda Child and Jean O’Brien, Indigenous women have not had control over telling their own histories (at least in Western academic spaces). And that’s where we run into some issues. . Take the example of Leonor, a native Guanca living in modern-day Peru in the 1560’s. This was a very violent and destructive time for Indigenous peoples, especially women. Leonor was probably made the “servant” of a Spanish man named Pedro Pizarro with whom she had a son. Pizarro probably gave her the land next to his as they became next-door neighbors, and eventually she married another Spanish man named Francisco Buelta. When Leonor passed away, [continued in comments]


I've decided I'd like to add to the many voices who are sharing and hoping to normalize discussing mental health. It's an anniversary month so my PTSD has come back with a vengeance and even talking about talking about it is triggering but I will say, please share with me at ANY time if you have PTSD even if we've never spoken before, I would be glad to listen. In person I discuss my depression and PTSD very openly but I realise I have never discussed either on any social media platforms when I've absolutely had the opportunity to. It's just clearly less safe because you aren't in a one-on-one conversation with a dear friend so...yeah. If you want to help out your depressed friends there are very many resources that suggest questions that don't create additional burden (i.e. don't just say 'if there's anything I can do to help, call me', that shit can make us feel worse.) This goes for people in your life who are grieving as well. As long as you keep in mind that your friend or family member is consistently feeling like a burden, your gestures will help change our minds. You have the opportunity to show us you're a safe person and we'd love to help you out when we're able in the future too, cuz it feels really good to return the favour. For the people who forget that clinical depression isn't something you can just will your way out of, I was in bed for 20 hours a day for several months after my mom died (if you think that number is an exaggeration, feel free to ask my husband what it was like to meet me in the bedroom for dinner each day). It was very healing because that was the only place where my PTSD flashbacks were less frequent and my grief counsellor helped me be kind to myself, give myself exactly what I needed which at the time was the freedom to lie in bed all day. I didn't fight it, which meant I was able to progress out of it much faster than if I rushed back to work immediately, only focused on what I produced and created. [Continued in comments.]


Today for #shareBIPOCvoices hosted by @wherechangestarted I would like to share @teachingwhilemuslim, two Muslim-American womxn who share their lived experiences, support and celebrate womxn’s empowerment and focus on “the need for a socially just education system”. Follow them and learn from them! Repost @teachingwhilemuslim with @get_repost ・・・ When your alma mater supports your work ✊🏽. Thank you for the shout out, @rutgersu !! #muslimwomen #womensempowerment #antiracism #socialjustice #racialequality #religiousequality #endwhitesupremacy


Today for #shareBIPOCvoices facilitated by @wherechangestarted I'd like to share the page of @blackmangreenplan. Knowledge, who runs the account, is passionate about #sustainability and is inspiring me to get much more involved than I ever have been before. "Black Man, Green Plan is about spreading info on sustainability, renewable energy, and environmental justice to Black/Brown/Yellow people." Follow him and learn from him! #Repost @blackmangreenplan with @get_repost ・・・ Pics of part of the filming for the soon to be released documentary on cities in America that are sticking with the #parisclimateagreement entitled @paristopittsburgh! I helped coordinate this scene of my former company, @eissolar doing an installation and the film crew of @paristopittsburgh! It was a bright, chilly day (which produces the most solar energy because solar panels perform best in the cold) and we had a great time shooting this footage! Shoutout to the owner Joe Morinville, installer, Wylie Koontz, Sidney Beaumont and the crew of @radicalmedia. Be on the lookout for @paristopittsburgh, which will debut on December 12th on @natgeochannel! #EISsolar #RadicalMedia #paristopittsburgh #BlackManGreenPlan #international #sustainabledevelopment #climatechange