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|They/them| Ireland-based HIV researcher attempting to decolonise the field of anthropology| #disabledandcute Mom of @bonkies_the_cat

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Reposted @divahines: "Important to read. If you are really about supporting black women. Please repost! #rkelly #sexualpredator #supportblackwomen#believeblackwomen #listentoblackwomen


Repost @_forblackgirls: "#JazmineBarnes death is multilayered. Not only is it a homicide. It is several other issues. This is a GUN VIOLENCE ISSUE. Where is @momsdemand? Where is @glennondoyle? This is a WHITE MALE VIOLENCE ISSUE. Where is @lewishowes @justinbaldoni? All of these men?! Take responsibility for your WHITE male community like you expect of BLACK MEN to speak to their sons about violence. This is a TERRORISM issue. Where is the right wing, freaking out over this epidemic of white men killing people literally every day!? And I’m not being facetious! “The most recent ADL data shows that over the last decade a total of 71 percent of all fatalities have been linked to domestic right-wing extremists, while 26 percent of the killings were committed by Islamic extremists.” A fellow activist yesterday said this is a REPRODUCTIVE issue (@nikkiblak). And she’s RIGHT. Jazmine’s mother was shot. Violence against women. Where is @plannedparenthood, again where is @momsdemand?! The UN states: “Social values impact on women's health.” Social values. You tell me the VALUE placed on black womens/femmes/children’s lives in our so called Just and Liberated society. Tell me that. Back to terrorism real quick. Definition is: “the unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives.” What is political?: “relating to the way power is achieved and used in a country or society.” Power. White power. Violence. White violence. Threats. Against black lives. Black mothers. Black children. Antiquated WHITE definitions are simply not going to fly anymore. Tag more people in this post associated with these REAL issues that just so happen to affect MILLIONS OF BLACK WOMEN/MOTHERS. And this is also a mental health issue. Because through all of this, her siblings had to see her body in their car. Will they have adequate care after this? Will they get the services they need? God I hope so. But as a black woman, I know it’s really slim chances. #JusticeForJazmineBarnes" by @_forblackgirls


Below are some action items from @andsheshere_ to support the family of Aleah Jenkins and demand answers from the police department where Aleah died after unknown injuries were sustained in police custody. Repost• @andsheshere_ #whathappenedtoaleahjenkins Aleah Jenkins is a 24 year old Black woman who was arrested because of a warrant for smoking a cigarette in La Jolla. She passed away earlier today after being on life support and WE NEED ANSWERS. She leaves behind a mother, 3 children and a community of people who have so many questions. The 3 action items you can participate in no matter where you live. 1. spread awareness of the story the FAMILY is sharing. The media is being very manipulative at the moment. 2. donate to the ONLY authorized fundraiser which is being administered by Kay Black on Facebook (link in bio) 3. CALL officials DA @summerstephan Mayor @kevinfaulconer and Chief of Police Dave Nesliet and demand that the tapes from the police interaction with Aleah are released to the family (if you DM me, I'll send the numbers directly to you) #releasethetapes #releasethevideos #justice4aleah #justiceforaleah #aleahjenkins


Repost @bigindiangyasi via @indigenouscheerleader “Colonization brought the replacement of the Hawaiian world by the haole world. Hawaiian women, including our chiefly women, lost their place just as Hawaiian men lost theirs.” On this third-to-last day of Native American Heritage Month it is crucial that we to our cousins in the Islands of Hawai’i and to Native Hawaiian educator and activist Dr. Haunani-Kay Trask. If we accept that “Native American” is a political myth (Native people predate America by 30k years or so) like political borders & race, and therefore the people who qualify as “Native American” are simply Indigenous people who are victims of American imperialism in the political borders that calls itself “America,” then Native Hawaiians are indeed Native American & certainly a precious part of our Indigenous diaspora. Facing many of the same ills that mainland Natives face, Dr. Haunani-Kay has been a staunch advocate of REAL sovereignty & a critic of everything that LOOKS like sovereignty pushed by imperialist co-conspirators who look like us as sovereignty but is not sovereignty: “...Hawaiians need sovereignty on our own land base in our own country run by our own elected representatives. We do not need the latest version of a paper nation railroaded by the congressional delegation and their hand-picked Hawaiian collaborators. Hawaiians must oppose the current Akaka bill. If passed, it will be the death knell of any native claim to land and self-government.” Ouch. Something to do think about. We could go and on about the necessity of Dr.Kay Trask’s work, but Instagram only allows so many characters. For Native American Heritage Month go buy her book “From A Native Daughter” & Read up on the complexity (no, Native Hawaiians are not a monolith & have huge difference of opinion just like everyone else) of the Native Hawaiian sovereignty issue. Also, go follow some Native people on social media—there’s a million views out there & no one speaks for all Native people. We stand on shoulders of giants and Dr. Dr. Haunani-Kay Trask is certainly one of them, creating arguments for independence ALL Native people can learn f


Going home for Thanksgiving was great for many reasons, *especially* how often friends and family talked about my mom! So many memories, so many silly stories, so much laughter and of course some wishing she was still here because she was pretty spectacular 😁Thank you to everybody who pushed through any discomfort they may have felt to share a story or respond when I brought my mom up. You reminded me that I have safe people in my life ♥️


Repost @fams2gether : Asylum-seekers are being forced to stay in unsafe conditions without adequate shelter, food, or water. On Thanksgiving weekend, defenseless women and children were tear gassed. What our government is doing is shameful. Help us provide them with basic resources via the link in bio.


Repost • @cabfierce ACTION: call your electeds ASAP regarding the heinous attacks by our government against asylum seekers at the border. Capitol switchboard (202) 224-3121


We need to talk about how cute our critters are


Repost @uncolonial_history Some Thanksgiving knowledge: On November 20, 1969, almost 50 years ago, 89 Native Americans boarded boats in Northern California and made a short but symbolic journey across San Francisco Bay to Alcatraz Island. Yes...THAT Alcatraz...when they landed on the island, they declared the former prison to be their own land “by right of discovery.” . They spent 19 months there, shoving the struggles of Indigenous peoples into the national spotlight. But there’s also a part of this history that is completely overlooked. This was something that struck at the very core of the entire country...and we need to talk about it... . The Doctrine of Discovery was created by European Monarchs in order to legitimize the colonization of lands outside of Europe. It basically just said, whenever a Christian European nation “found” a “new” land, they had the right to take it. Between the 1400’s and the mid-1900’s, this idea allowed European countries and businesses to seize lands inhabited by Indigenous peoples under the Doctrine of Discovery. . You might be thinking that this “doctrine” is insane...just as insane as walking into a prison and declaring it your own...but this policy is literally still the law of the land. It always has been! In 1823, the Supreme Court heard the Johnson v. M'Intosh case. The court ruled that ownership of land comes into existence “by virtue of discovery of that land,” a rule that had been observed by all European countries. . THIS is what “legally” justifies the entire existence of the United States...the United States is the true owner of the land because it inherited that ownership from Britain, the “original discoverer.” If you traced the history of ANY property in the United States, if you went back far enough, you would find people justifying that land grab with the doctrine of discovery... . This is the brilliance of what was done at Alcatraz...most Americans laughed at the occupation. What they should have done was think twice about how fragile the very idea of property in America really is... #thanksgiving #colonialism #genocide #usa #america #illegalimmigrants


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