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Jitendra Chaturvedi

Fine art photographer. International Artist of the Year, World Art Dubai. 5 Honourable mentions, Paris and New York.


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You can now buy a limited edition print of this remarkable aerial landscape from @saatchiart. Shot on @phaseonephoto


This photograph is remarkable in a couple of ways. The sharp transition from shadow to light creates an illusion of the earth crust falling off and as if one is seeing the cross-section of the crust and subterranean streams as well. Also remarkable is the variety of terrains that one single picture has. Look closely and you will discover terrains and forms not apparent at the first glance. You can now buy a limited edition fine art print of this picture @saatchiart


Water streams find their way to the ocean, negotiating volcanic bed, carving stunning landscapes. This limited edition fine art print is now available for sale @saatchiart


Glacier at the top. The small screens of Instagram hardly do justice to this expansive landscape. I hope you can zoom in to see some magnificent details.


Conception! This aerial photo of a river in Iceland is remarkable in its likeness to popular representation of sperms hitting an egg. This affordable large print is now available at @saatchiart


Oh! Do I like this! Stunningly honest portrait shot at London last year. Love the simplicity


Symphonic! Shot last year at London.


Longing! It often amazes how a turn of neck and a crop can completely change the mood of a portrait.


Shot her a couple of years ago at Berlin with @steve_gosling and @buchangrant01. I like this for the simplicity of the shot that is often so illusive.


The act and the glitter hide a grim existence. Shot at Delhi a while back with @buchangrant01


Life lines!


Candid portraits season. Shot at Delhi. There is something about this carefree smile that is very enviable.


Last of Unforgiving Days. Shot with @milesmessenger See my fine art prints @saatchiart


Unforgiving Days. Birling Gap with @milesmessenger


Unforgiving days. Birling Gap shot with @milesmessenger