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Jitendra Chaturvedi

Fine art photographer. International Artist of the Year, World Art Dubai. 5 Honourable mentions, Paris and New York.


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Conception! This aerial photo of a river in Iceland is remarkable in its likeness to popular representation of sperms hitting an egg. This affordable large print is now available at @saatchiart


Oh! Do I like this! Stunningly honest portrait shot at London last year. Love the simplicity


Symphonic! Shot last year at London.


Longing! It often amazes how a turn of neck and a crop can completely change the mood of a portrait.


Shot her a couple of years ago at Berlin with @steve_gosling and @buchangrant01. I like this for the simplicity of the shot that is often so illusive.


The act and the glitter hide a grim existence. Shot at Delhi a while back with @buchangrant01


This is a rather special portrait that I shot in Kashmir a few years ago. The gentleman was a street side vendor surviving on business from tourists. His eyes narrate a heart rending story of hopelessness that thousands like him stare at everyday caught in a very unnecessary strife.


Life lines!


Candid portraits season. Shot at Delhi. There is something about this carefree smile that is very enviable.


Last of Unforgiving Days. Shot with @milesmessenger See my fine art prints @saatchiart


Unforgiving Days. Birling Gap with @milesmessenger


Unforgiving Days. Shot at Birling Gap with @milesmessenger. Buy my limited edition fine art prints from @saatchiart


Unforgiving Days. Starting a short series of the pics that I shot at Birling Gap, UK with @milesmessenger. Of course it was an uncharacteristic featureless sky that day, but the interpretation is probably more informed by the state of my mind while I processed these. My limited edition fine art prints can be bought from @saatchiart


Magnificent patterns carved by water in estuaries at Iceland. Soon this limited edition print will be available @saatchiart


Dance of Swans. Aerial shot of river estuaries reveal amazing form of two dancing birds carved by water. Own a limited edition fine art print from @saatchiart


Congregation! This photograph always makes me think of a congregation with head scarves and flowing robes. Own this large limited edition fine art print from @saatchiart


Cracks! Buy a fine art print from @saatchiart