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📍 SD | CA 🌴 Chasing waterfalls, sunsets and dreams 📸

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Layers on layers of color. Who else can’t get enough of these Winter skies?!


Just your causal Balinese golf course entrance 💃🏻


New favorite waterfall courtesy of the Pacific Northwest.


Every time I watch a sky catch fire feels like it’s my first time. The fact that this daily natural occurrence can create such a magnificent blend of uniqueness and beauty is so awe inspiring. I’ve witnessed these my entire life and still find myself dropping my camera and uttering... “Woah”


Beautiful December morning from one of my favorite sunrise spots. Winter’s are pretty brutal here in America’s finest city 😅


Great b day weekend spent exploring the PNW with the fellas @chase_native @bonvoyagetbon @nolanmurray123


Bali’s most majestic waterfall. Watching water plunge 300 feet to the jungle floor is so mesmerizing.


Rain is a rare occurrence in SD, so as soon as the first storm cleared up, I set out in search of some reflections. I found this puddle right after sunset and spent over an hour crawling through the water to find the right perspective. Every once in a while I take a shot that even further ignites my passion for photography. This is definitely one of those.


La Jolla with a hint of Mars 👽 Low tide adventures have become my new favorite activity in San Diego. Happy Friday friends!


The colors of Nusa Penida... I just wish I could show you the treacherous, pothole infested, gravel roads we rode scooters down to reach this beach. Quite the adventure to say the least.


It’s strange leaving the house at 3:30pm to catch the sunset, but the empty beaches and burning skies are what make this my favorite time of year in SD.


Shooting in Bali has been more challenging than I expected. Being constantly surrounded by so much beauty and visiting spots so frequently photographed, has made it tough to zero in on unique and captivating perspectives. Here’s one I had to work a little harder for, but I’m pretty fired up about.


Day’s 3/4 consisted of both @david.saruk and I coming down with horrific food poisoning (Bali Belly) and getting my phone pick pocketed.  I’ve found that trips aren’t epic just from what you plan, but from how you navigate through the unforeseen challenges that are sure to arise.  We were slowed down for a couple days, but we’re back on our feet now and on a serious tear.


Not certain we are coming home...