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It’s strange leaving the house at 3:30pm to catch the sunset, but the empty beaches and burning skies are what make this my favorite time of year in SD.


Before we left Sekumpul Falls, we went looking for a less known waterfall that we heard was just a bit upstream. A few minutes into the stream trek, I took a quick look up and was struck with awe... RAYS! They beamed towards us from behind the waterfall creating one of the dreamiest scenes I’ve ever witnessed. Something about watching light find it’s way through the Jungle’s canopy is so mesmerizing. Also ran into one of the best doing it @michaelmatti who was game to pose for a few shots and share some Bali tips with us. Check out the insane cinemagraph he put together from this spot!


Bali lived up to every single bit of its hype. It’s been a brutal 48 hours traveling home, but we had an unbelievable trip. One I definitely plan on making again.


Shooting in Bali has been more challenging than I expected. Being constantly surrounded by so much beauty and visiting spots so frequently photographed, has made it tough to zero in on unique and captivating perspectives. Here’s one I had to work a little harder for, but I’m pretty fired up about.


Day’s 3/4 consisted of both @david.saruk and I coming down with horrific food poisoning (Bali Belly) and getting my phone pick pocketed.  I’ve found that trips aren’t epic just from what you plan, but from how you navigate through the unforeseen challenges that are sure to arise.  We were slowed down for a couple days, but we’re back on our feet now and on a serious tear.


Not certain we are coming home...


Hit the road in search of fall colors and reflections. North Lake didn’t disappoint to say the least. Next stop... the Jungle ✌️


Mother Nature is really flaunting her Autumn colors right now. What I love most about the Eastern Sierra’s is how every season is so beautiful, but also unique with ever changing characteristics. This was my third trip to the Mammoth area this year and each time it has looked like a completely different place! 🍁


Flash back to the most insane reflection I’ve ever witnessed. Hoping to find some of this magic while hunting fall colors in the Eastern Sierra’s next week!


What’s the craziest thing you’ve done lately?


My first attempt at shooting the Milky Way was a little more challenging than I expected. It was pretty tough for me to get the stars in focus, but I still had a blast trying something new. Guess I’ll have to wait until next year’s Milky Way season to step my game up. Happy Friday friends!


Just in can you missed Sunday night’s show.


Been a little while since I’ve gone waterfall hunting. Luckily @david.saruk and I have a Bali trip coming up to break out of this drought 💧


Caught a little crescent moon set behind my favorite stretch of my favorite highway.


Couldn’t believe that I had this place all to myself for the sunrise. I guess normal people avoid the desert when it’s 115 degrees 🤷🏼‍♂️


Sometimes I can't believe I spent 7 years of my life here. I never would have lasted without serene oasis's like this one.