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Dashing through the snow. . How many bears do you see? This was a bid by a mother and her cubs to escape a larger male bear who had appeared on the opposite side of the clearing. When under threat, cubs scamper up trees and hide until it’s safe to return.


Dusty portrait. . We spotted this herd slowly ambling forward our track, so stopped the jeep and let them approach. After getting this shot, I had to put the camera down to just enjoy the moment.


Proof that even the smallest and cutest of birds can be bloody terrifying. . Safe to say this bee-eater was not my biggest fan...


Grandfather langur. . So this photo wasn’t shot on safari or in a national park, it was taken beside the pool on our last day in Sri Lanka. This family of monkeys kept visiting every hour or so, just to swing and play around in the trees. I didn’t realise until taking this photo back that he sadly has a cataract in his right eye


Morning sunshine through the eucalyptus trees.


Lesser whistling duck congregation. . They may not be the most colourful or showy birds in Sri Lanka but they do know how to pick a scenic spot.


Mirissa Sunset. . I’d packed up and was ready to leave the beach after a fairly dull sunset, when this post-sunset glow filled the sky and reflected on the rocky shore edge. It was absolutely magical 👌🏻


Red flash. . This beautiful little mushroom was only a couple of inches tall (at most), but really stuck out from the brown mulch of the rainforest floor in Sinharaja Rainforest. I really struggled to capture the immense scale and atmosphere of the rainforest, but was loving the detail shots!


Stormy sunsets. . I love those nights when the weather just builds and builds until there’s nowhere left for it to go but to break. This was last night in Yala - the sun set in a beautiful pinky glow, and with the heavens threatening to dump a cloud’s worth of water on me, I dashed to the beach to get this long exposure.


Temple rising. . Stunning first light from Ella Rock, Sri Lanka, after a 4am start and an easyish hour or so hiking uphill. The views over the valley below and tea country are absolutely breathtaking!


Journeying. . The train to Ella, Sri Lanka is one of the most beautiful rides in the world, with panoramic views over the lush, rolling tea country below. I couldn’t resist getting the classic shot of this little blue train.


Dawn mist under Sigiriya. . A beautiful pre-sunrise view from Pidurangala yesterday morning. The blanket of mist added a softness to the landscape, with rows of trees filtering through for miles. It was also a pretty epic hike / scramble 👌🏻


Tug of war. . A very speedy edit from this afternoon’s elephant safari in Kaudulla National Park, Sri Lanka. First day of our two week trip down and I couldn’t be more psyched for 14 days filled with wildlife and nature (and amazing food) ☺️


Acatenango apocalypse. . This is actually Volcan Fuego, which unexpectedly underwent a full scale eruption earlier this year, with absolutely devastating and ongoing consequences for anyone within the vicinity. Having spent a night on the neighbouring Volcan Acatenango about a year ago, when I took this shot, and feeling an earthquake shake the ground beneath our tent, I can’t imagine the terror in the face of the raw power of nature of a full-scale eruptions. I was lucky to get this shot last year, which I love, but every time is see it, my thoughts are still with the survivors and the affected.


Nature’s armchair. . One of the best parts about spending a few days with any animals is that you can properly observe them and their interactions with others, instead of just getting a fleeting glimpse - this guy was so chilled in the company of his siblings and they didn’t seem at all annoyed by his casual leaning on them. I’m not sure I’d be as charitable to mine 😂