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Wife. Mama. Designer. Shop owner. Homebody. Chk out our magazine #MagnoliaJournal. Follow @magnolia for shop updates!

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Yes indeed... these are the days ❤️


It was a good year for our magazine #MagnoliaJournal. Not only did we win an award for best newcomer of the year but we also added several promising new interns 😍


We just finished this classic style home that we’ve been building here in town and I feel like it's reveal day! Now that it’s complete and ready to go on the market, I can’t wait to see who makes this place their home. This house is being featured in the Parade of Homes, so if you’re in Waco this weekend or next, stop by and you can take a tour of all of the houses, including this one! Parade tickets are available for $10 (cash only) at any house on the tour. Check out for more info! @magnoliarealtytexas #MagnoliaDesignandConstruction


Weigh in day at the doctor... @chipgaines always seems to make things better ❤️


First game day for baby Crew 🏈 #sicem


Each season, we take the theme of our magazine and weave it through everything we do at @Magnolia. Our visual team brings the stories to life at the Market, and the results are absolutely beautiful. Watch the full video of how our fall theme of being "Made Ready" came together at the link in profile! #MagnoliaMarket


Our fall collection is one of my favorites so far! All the colors, tones, and textures work together to bring a warmth and beauty that complements the coming season. See the full collection at #MagnoliaMarket @magnolia


Welp, @fortnite has nothing on #Frogger and #Pac-Man 😂🧐


I believe that we’re all made ready. Whatever season you’re in, whatever life may throw at you, whether it feels like success or like failure, expected or unexpected, you are made ready. Made ready to learn, to celebrate, to endure. To handle all of the things that get thrown your way in every season and to know yourself and take stock of your resources—of all the beautiful things you’re already made of. I’m so proud of my team and this fall issue we’ve created together. Pick up a copy of the Magnolia Journal on national newsstands today or at 🍂 #MagnoliaJournal


Fall is my favorite season and I’m excited to show you what we came up with for this new #HearthandHand collection! Only available at @Target stores and 🍂


My design book is finally on its way to the printer and we are officially DONE! I couldn’t have done it without this team. We’ve been working on this project for quite some time now and it’s hard to describe what I’m feeling tonight...Thankful. Relieved. Vulnerable. Giddy. Hopeful. I believe Home is the most important place on earth. And at the end of the day, it’s not really all about decorating or even a specific style... it’s about your story. My hope is that this book isn’t just pages filled with pretty pictures but that it is a guide that helps you create a home and space that you truly love. Homebody will be available later this fall and you can preorder at ❤️ #HomebodyDesignBook


Early morning chores 😍 @chipgaines