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And as expected, we spent too much time in Salagdoong Beach that by the time we reach the famous Cambugahay Falls, it was already around noon time. That means the place was packed with tourists. Nothing a few angle tricks, some patience, and capable editing skills can't handle....a little. ... #wakeupjohn


As we rode back from Maria to Lazi, we noticed this picturesque setting at the side of the road. It's a perfect example of what you call a countryside in the Philippines. ... #wakeupjohn


If you think Bohol is the only Man-Made Forest worth to visit, think again! Siquijor has her own version of Man-Made Forest and it's gorgeous! ... #wakeupjohn


A slice of paradise in magical Siquijor Island. I found a big lizard finding this spot. Scared my ass off, I thought it was a snake. ๐Ÿ˜‚ ... #wakeupjohn


The colors of Salagdoong Beach was truly an #eyegasmic phenomenon. That's why we had to go back, you can't just get enough of it. ๐Ÿ˜ ... #wakeupjohn


The next day, we headed back to Salagdoong Beach lol. Like, who wouldn't? The beach there is too beautiful. We went back to try catching that nice sunrise light. Did we catch it or are we a little too late? ... #wakeupjohn


Our home for the night in Siquijor. Such a unique experience, it was surprisingly cozy as well. ... #wakeupjohn #glampingsiquijor


Our night in Siquijor was as mesmerizing as our day was, truly a magical place. ... #wakeupjohn


Before heading out to dinner, we tried for some quick dip at the beach, but it turns out to be more like a quick sand. The tide was too low, so we had this really muddy sand under the water. ... #wakeupjohn


This is where we will be staying for the night at @glamping_siquijor . Truly a unique and awesome way to experience the island life of the province. Check them out when come here in Siquijor. Swipe >>> and see what our view was. ... #wakeupjohn #glampingsiquijor


Chillin' at the beach like it was a dream. This light was really surreal, it was unreal. ... #wakeupjohn


Siquijor has one of the best sunsets I have ever seen. The colors blast in all direction and somehow it remains in harmony with one another. How about, where is your best sunset? ๐ŸŒ… ... #wakeupjohn


When your kid is tired of you taking pictures and videos in some random spots beside the road. Sometimes you just have to be patient and understand. ๐Ÿ˜ ... #wakeupjohn


After some delicious food we had a mini photo shoot by the road because the lighting was really beautiful. I will name it "PARA", which roughly translates hail for a taxi, jeepney, or in this case, a tricycle. (Literal meaning if Para is stop). ... #wakeupjohn


Smelling that sweet provincial life. ๐Ÿ˜ ... #wakeupjohn


Getting some coconut on the side to replenish. In the tropics, "Buko is Life." Want some? *Buko=coconut. ... #wakeupjohn


Here's a random flower hehe. Swipe >>> and I realized it matches my daughter's swimwear. โ˜บ ... #wakeupjohn


Salagdoong was perfect, the beach looks like it has been color graded, the colors were popping, it was beautiful! At that we decided to go back the next day. Shots of the that will come shortly but first I have to post the stops we made going back to San Juan. I have to make this a series of post to tell a story. If you ever visit the Philippines, stop over at Siquijor, and try Salagdoong Beach, you won't regret it! ... #wakeupjohn