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I want to congratulate Christian and @jill_flo as they will tie the knot this week, a new beginning of their love story. 😁 This will be the last of my post of their engagement/collaboration, but not the last of us collaborating for sure. There will be more travels, this time with @aika.canares and a few others, it will be epic. For more of their engagement and wedding, check out @cangoodsphotography , my wedding stuff are showcased there. As promised after this, I will continue the postponed Bohol series. Stay tuned! ... #wakeupjohn #floeverandafter


When we exited the sunflower field, I couldn't help but notice this bridge and the little creek flowing from underneath. Sometimes the beautiful locations aren't necessarily the popular spots, but you can find them at the side of the road or at some random place you least expect. ... This is in collaboration with rising Instagrammer @jill_flo 😁 through @cangoodsphotography . ... #wakeupjohn #floeverandafter


You can't stress enough the magnificent view from Sirao, and more so if you're actually there. ... This is in collaboration with @jill_flo through @cangoodsphotography . ... #wakeupjohn #cangoodsphoto #floeverandafter


A rice field is not perfect without a coffee in hand. How many of you guys tried having coffee on a rice field? That one is bucket list worthy. πŸ˜‚ ... This is in collaboration with rising Instagrammer @jill_flo and @cangoodsphotography . ... #wakeupjohn #cangoodsphoto #floeverandafter


No wonder a lot of people are going to Balamban nowadays. You get to see sunsets like this, and this is even not the best and probably the worst sunset at that time, and it is still 😍. ... This is made possible by @jill_flo and Christian, thru @cangoodsphotography ... #wakeupjohn #cangoodsphoto #floeverandever


We road through the Transcentral Highway, a road that connects the east and west coasts of Cebu that goes all the way through the mountainous areas with impeccable view if I may add, to get to this place called "The Little Tagaytay of Cebu", with amazing high vantage view of the sunset, which sets in the western coast. The climate up there was surprisingly cool and the view was nothing short of amazing, the only draw was that we didn't get much of the sun because it was cloudy that day. If you ever go through Transcentral Highway, be sure to stop by at Florentino's as this was shot there. ... This was in collaboration with fellow rising Instagrammer @jill_flo and my photography company. @cangoodsphotography . ... #christianhasfaith #jillgotflo #floeverandever #wakeupjohn


Never would I have imagined I would find something like this in Cebu. I have realized now that the tourism industry is rebuilding itself with Instagram in mind, which is good. You can't complain with more places to go for your content. 😁 ... This is in collaboration with @jill_flo and @cangoodsphotography ... #wakeupjohn #christianhasfaith #jillgotflo #floeverandever #cangoodsphoto


There is a growing number of sunflower plantation in Cebu, one of which is found in Mantalongon. I was surprised to see a lot of things there and it kind of reminds me of Benguet. I'm happy that @jill_flo and C-flo dragged me out of my cave to such a beautiful place. I never thought I could find this in Cebu. ... #wakeupjohn #cangoodsphoto #floeverandever


Hey guys! I'm back again with a new post. I said on my previous post that Bohol series will be next, sorry but I have to postpone it on another date. But I have something really great to share, with my first collab with fellow Instagrammer, @jill_flo , thru @cangoodsphotography showcasing her love story and the beauty of the Philippines. Enjoy! ... #wakeupjohn #cangoodsphoto #christianhasfaith #jillgotflo #floeverandever


That is the end of our Siquijor adventure. I know we barely scratched the surface of this island, we are definitely going back. Next series will be my Bohol series; yes I've had Bohol series before haha, but Bohol is a huge island and so much wonders to offer that you just have to come back again and again. Have a great day ahead of you, peace! ... #wakeupjohn


And as expected, we spent too much time in Salagdoong Beach that by the time we reach the famous Cambugahay Falls, it was already around noon time. That means the place was packed with tourists. Nothing a few angle tricks, some patience, and capable editing skills can't handle....a little. ... #wakeupjohn


As we rode back from Maria to Lazi, we noticed this picturesque setting at the side of the road. It's a perfect example of what you call a countryside in the Philippines. ... #wakeupjohn


If you think Bohol is the only Man-Made Forest worth to visit, think again! Siquijor has her own version of Man-Made Forest and it's gorgeous! ... #wakeupjohn


A slice of paradise in magical Siquijor Island. I found a big lizard finding this spot. Scared my ass off, I thought it was a snake. πŸ˜‚ ... #wakeupjohn


The colors of Salagdoong Beach was truly an #eyegasmic phenomenon. That's why we had to go back, you can't just get enough of it. 😍 ... #wakeupjohn


The next day, we headed back to Salagdoong Beach lol. Like, who wouldn't? The beach there is too beautiful. We went back to try catching that nice sunrise light. Did we catch it or are we a little too late? ... #wakeupjohn


Our home for the night in Siquijor. Such a unique experience, it was surprisingly cozy as well. ... #wakeupjohn #glampingsiquijor


Our night in Siquijor was as mesmerizing as our day was, truly a magical place. ... #wakeupjohn