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The furthest I’ve ever taken the drone out. And it was worth it. Vík, Iceland was amazing to us.


When you have an island made out of volcanos you get some really amazing stuff. Like these cliffs and beaches full of black sand.


My best friend’s birthday is today. She’s 29. Happy birthday @iz.harris. And I can’t even begin to express what I feel about her. We’ve been married for 8 years. Seems like a lifetime. And during that time this woman has shaped me. She’s made me more sensitive. More loving. More aware. She’s pushed me creatively, teaching me how to make better videos and take better shots. To write better words and tell better stories. To live more expressively. She brought our two boys into the world and has been an example to them of a strong woman, full of drive and vision. I’m lucky to have her as my partner and I can’t wait for what this last year of her 20s will bring. Happy birthday @iz.harris Photo by @annacaitlinphotography


In the fall we went to Portugal where Iz shot and hosted five episode of a new travel and food series that publishes TOMORROW on Eater’s YouTube. It’s really amazing stuff. The cinematography and editing is superb. Iz really shows off the magic of this place. Go check out for a nice big sneak peek. (Oh and this isn’t the last you’ll hear from me today because it’s all iz’s BIRTHDAY and I’ll be back her to talk about all the feelings on the topic later. K bye.)


One of my favorite moments of last year was when I wandered onto this mountain side in Hong Kong one night. That city really captured my heart. It’s buildings and food and people and stories.


Happy 2019! I’ll be creating and sharing a lot more this year. Tell me what you want to see from me. Tutorials? Travel guides? Mini docs? Curious to hear.


This was one of the most intense and eye opening experiences of my life. Digging into the coca economy and the complexities and emotions associated with it, I once again learned how grey everything is. Hard to see who’s to blame and how to fix it.


Tomorrow I publish the final episode of Borders Colombia. And it’s perhaps the one I’m most excited about. It’s a story I really think is worth telling. The people I talked to and the places I went really do the work of showing the story. I’m excited for you to see it.


When I was 22 I found someone that I wanted to be with always. It’s this girl. @iz.harris I had no idea then what adventures were in store. Over these past eight years weve grown up together, and now we work together, make videos together, raise kids together, travel together. And I feel lucky to be by her side. To see how she makes her beautiful art and to be inspired by her words, the stories she tells. She’s been sharing more of her world on the internet this past year and it’s been a beautiful thing to watch. Go check it out @iz.harris


Zooming out. I love zooming out and getting the bigger picture. On everything.


I brought home a few stacks of Venezuelan cash from the border. It’s beautiful stuff honestly. But it represents such a horrible failure by the Venezuelan government to manage a country that should be prosperous (Venezuela has more oil than any other country on earth). Thank you all for the amazing outpouring of feedback on episode 1 of Borders Colombia. I’ve heard from so many locals who have shared with me extra insight about the situation and from many non locals who have expressed feeling inspired by the amazing openness of the Colombian people. It’s days like today that I feel like all the hard work to capture and tell these stories is 100% worth it. Thank you all. Photo by @sofiavillamil


Borders Colombia Ep 1 is live! Head to Vox’s YouTube to watch. Let me know what you think.


Today I uploaded the second part to how I got into the work I do. This is the story of how I got my job at vox. Swipe up in my stories to check it out on YouTube


Excited to share my first drone boomerang from the planet of mars.