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Every place has a little different sunset, made unique by the type of horizon, the presence of water, and some X factor that just makes it feel different. I love how light can feel so different depending on where you are


The mountains here 😍


Colombia, in a helicopter, flying over the Amazon and looking for fields of coca, the leaf used to make cocaine. Borders Colombia is off of a good start.


We’re pretending that we’re camping and the pile of sand is our camp fire, the red bucket our pot of soup. The boys riveted that you can cook food outside. Oliver keeps pinching sand and pretentiously sprinkling it into our soup like a super legit chef sprinkling salt. This is my happy place. The only thing that really matters. The fact that it’s happening in an empty cliff-laden beach Portugal is just the cherry on top.


So grateful to be able to spend these golden hours with my little family. Izzy and I nerd out about the drone shots we’re getting while seamlessly taking about our boys, upcoming trips, worries, excitements. Traveling together always facilitates the best conversations.


I think Porto Portugal is my favorite city of 2018. Or perhaps tied with Hong Kong. What a place. Photo cred @iz.harris


Nothing I love more than wandering through a new city and getting lost in the old streets.


Henry has known the ocean since he was a little baby. He’s familiar with its cadence and he’s so alive and vibrant when he’s in the waves. Today we found a little haven on the coast of Portugal. Beaches and cliffs for miles. Solitude and silence and so much connecting with my boys. A really necessary thing before my upcoming trip to Colombia away from them.


We’re standing at the western most point in Europe, bathed in golden sunset light and surrounded by the most striking cliffs. Being here, with my little tribe, I couldn’t be happier.


Turns out Lisbon is absolutely stunning.


At first Oliver was resistant to all the flying we do. Now, after two years and 52 flights he’s finally realizing that things aren’t slowing down and that he’s better off complying 😂


Ollie and his yellow boots.


I’m writing. All about Colombia. Hours and hours and days of research, calling experts, reading reports and writing scripts that will eventually be the videos you watch. And today I’ll be sending out an email to the nearly 1000 Colombian locals who offered to help me with the project. Their local perspective and ideas are the most vital part of these videos. Photo by @annacaitlinphotography


I grew up in the Pacific Northwest. Then I went to school in Utah. These are two of the most beautiful places on earth imo. So it took me a while to warm up to the natural beauty of the east coast. But as I’ve spent more time in these dense forests and boulder-filled mountains I’ve learned to love it.


These people are my home. Thanks @iz.harris for planning a weekend in the woods.


Our minds were at peace out here this weekend. Such a welcome respite from a pretty intense few months.


I’m announcing my next Borders location TOMORROW. But here’s a hint. Can you guess where I’m going next. Ps I didn’t take this photo (I haven’t gone yet 😂) @christinathornell my amazing story producer did when she traveled to this place a while back.


You’re looking at a filmmaker who was just inviting to @bufferfestival (film festival for digital creators) to premiere her work ON THE BIG SCREEN in Toronto. @iz.harris started this year out having never watched YouTube and is now KILLING IT with her travel films and tutorials. I’m so proud of her and excited to have a front row seat to her amazing creations. Photo by @annacaitlinphotography