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Day10 #printmas My classic Christmas pattern is ready...


Day9 #printmas My Christmas postcard


Day 8 #printmas My tree is up and we are ready for Christmas 'We' (me n my tree 😊)


Day7 #printmas My snowy trees are ready..


Day 6 #printmas I am getting so obsessed with green festivity of #christmas


Day 4 #printmas 🍒


Day 1 #printmas So here are my pine trees decorated with ornaments. Lately, I was feeling a bit disconnected from my pattern making love. So I thought I will start a challenge of making patterns and here I am. I hope y'll like it. And you guys find it interesting, do join me on this challenge


December has just started, the cosy days are back and it's time to go back to your comfy place and not come out. So this comfy season I am starting my with my challenge of the month ..and as usual, I am excited very much. I am going to post one artwork inspired by #christmas at the end of the day. I am excited and I am happy to have my friends who all can start the #printmas challenge with me. Just use the hashtag. Yay, let's begin...


And this is my 2nd last pattern of the month .


Sometimes working randomly on even more random things turns out to be a nice warming up exercise . And these days I am just into making videos of random things I just start drawing. I hope they are helping me in someway or else I am wasting my time😐. PS: please ignore the fogg on the video


Here comes my another process shaky video . After a long inspection I am suspecting my camera stand to be the weak one because it just shakes even if you move the table slightly. So I am buying a new one now. Any suggestions of links are More than welcome so guys suggest some nice camera stand for table which is good quality.


OMG OMG guys freebies alert guys . I am so excited to host my first ever giveaway contest guys well it's not entirely a contest but go through the post on how to enter till then keep following , liking, tagging and sharing . PS: I will be sharing the freebies real soon .