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Youtuber, Skier, Entrepreneur and World Traveler! Follow me on my Vlogs that drops Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday at 8pm on my youtube channel.

❤️ After 2.5 years of Vlogging and over 800 videos with a total of over 300 M views the time has finally come to make some changes in our (vlog) life! Have over the past few months realized that we more and more often pick up the camera and start a vlog because we set a vlog schedule and not because we are excited to capture what we are doing. I think that a Vlog needs to be something you really want to make in order to make it great, and undortunately thats not always the case anymore. We LOVE vlogging, we love filming, we love all our 24 different cameras, we love capturing all our crazy adventures in every way possible, we love the memories we can look back on, we love the creative aspect, we love the people we meet along the way, we truly love everything about Vlogging, but there are some exceptions to this... We have after 800 vlogs reached a point where the ”normal just working/chilling at home vlogs” are no longer fun and they are starting to create more and more anxciety and stress as we never want to fail on delivering something awesome. So we end up trying to find things to do just to have something to film and thats never a good plan if you want to make a great Vlog. The more of these days we have, the more we feel that they start to effect our stoke factor on all Vlogs and that is something we cant allow as the Vlog is our baby and we will never let anything bad happen to our baby! So this right here is the end of the current Vlog where we promise to deliver 3 vlogs a week no matter what. I have always said that the best advice I can give anyone is ”do what you like and you will get good at it and success will follow” So now its time to follow that advice! This is not the end of the Vlog, just the end of the Vlog with a set schedule thats the same week after week! I think its much better to not film when we dont have something we want to film and then film every single day for a week when life is on fire! Will take the next 7 days to work on exactly how we will plan things, what to film and what to skip and how to make sure that every single Vlog is created for the right reasons! So see you guys on Thursday next week! ❤️ #NoHashTagsNeeded


And its a GO! @cestnormal Restock tonight at 8pm (GMT+1)! ❤️🎅🏼❤️ We did everything we could to restock as fast as humanly possible after the crazy launch and tonight a private truck leaves Portugal with all the products (instead of a ”normal” shipping option which would take a few extra days) So I hope you guys are as excited as we are to have everything back in stock! ❤️🎅🏼❤️#NeverSettleForTheNormalSolution #FindAWayAndMakeItHappen #ItsAllInTheDetails #SpecialBoxesForSpecialOccations #CestNormal


Same same but different! 🔥👊🏼🔥Kind of like todays Vlog, its a Video with us in it but it will be a simple live one to be able to catch up to our posting schedule! Join us at 8pm and lets talk about life, giant waves and whatever you want! #OrDontIfYouThinkThoseAreLame 😉#IfYouDontletsSkipTheHateComments #KindOfTiredOfTheNegativityOutThere #BeHappyAndSmile #AndIfYouDontThenDontHateOnOthers 👊🏼


The wave of my life curtisy of a ”small” day at Nazare! 😳🚀❤️ The experience of feeling the speed under your board increase to triple the speed I have ever felt on a surf board and all of a sudden darkness arrived as the wave covers the sunlight the second before you hear an undescribable explotion behind you and from there on you just get yourself ready to be hit by a white rumbling wall from behind, luckily for me I lived my entire life on a slope going fast so I managed to outrun the white monster and came out the other end in one piece! I cant thank @jokkesommer and @andreykarr enough for giving me and @benjaminortega this opportunity! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 Unfortunately we had to much fun editing this Vlog that we will ran a little overtime! Exporting now so should be online around 9ish tonight! #JokkeDestroyedAllFutureSurfVlogs #UnlessWeGoBackToNazare #NeedToGoGrowBiggerBallsAndGoBack #ThanksToAllTheLocalsForTheSupport #TheUltimateLifeExperience #BiggestWaveSurfedByASwedeLikeJokkeSaidIWouldGet 🤔🙈


Surfing Nazare was an experience of a lifetime! ❤️❤️❤️Cant thank @jokkesommer and @andreykarr enough for giving us this opportunity! The Vlog is 60% exported so online shortly, wanted to give this one a lot of love as this was the most special day I have experienced since we started Vlogging (Okej, tied with my wedding day of course!😉) (Oh and day 2 in Nazare was even bigger and better... 😳🔥❤️) Lets just say that surfing is the easy part out there! @andreykarr you are a trooper for dragging around an exhausted skier on the back of your jetski into waves I never would have rode if it was not for you! 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼 #AMillionThanksToAllTheLocalsForSharingThisWithUs #TheJetSkiGuysAreTheRealHerosOutThere #CantDecideIfIWantMore #WantItRealBad #ButEveryFiberInMyBodyTellsMeNOOOOOO 🤣#NothingAndIMeanNothingComparesToBigWaveSurfing #AbsolutelyNothing


Arrived to famous Big Wave spot Nazare last night and caught this wave on the first session that @jokkesommer called a warm up session for the days to come! 😳🙈🤣 Thanks a million to @andreykarr that pulled me into this and @jokkesommer for keeping us safe out there! And of course Mega thanks for the shot @adrenalinedronesnazare #TheWaveOfMyLife #HolyShitIsThatMe #NeverLookBack #ThanksAMillionJokkeForTheOpportunity #NeverExperiencedSomethingLikeThis #LetsHopeItDoesNotGetBigger 🤣👊🏼


Day 2 of ”Do Something active every single day” was a VERY avtive day! Just look at that view over this crazy little country we call home! 🇲🇨👫❤️👊🏼 @gymshark #DidNotGoTheRightWay #FoundABetterWay #HeardJanniSwearALot #HeardBenniSmileALot #DontMindTheSensorSpots #ItsTheVloggersChangeLensesWhileRunningLook 🤣


Today I am going to tell you a story so continue reading! 😉 7 years ago when me and @trulsbrataas started a a little skibag company we were trying to figure out what to call the brand. So I asked my blog readers and got a over 300 suggestions, the only one I could remember an hour later was @douchebags ... We knew it was not a name for everyone but we did not want to create brand for everyone, we wanted to do something different and stand out from the rest! Fast forward 3 years to when we were trying to get into stores in the US and non of the older store owners would carry the bags even if they loved them technically we almost removed the @douchebags name all together even if we still loved it. Luckily for us that was about the time when internet sales started picking up and thanks to everyone that suported us we were able to ignore the old store owners and keep our name despite so many people telling us that a company with such a name would never succed, but we had faith and kept pushing and the rest is history! So today I want to thank the internet for saving the soul of our company. Not everyone wants to walk around with a bag that says douchebags on the side, but again, we never started this brand to be like everyone else. Thats why the limited edition that drops tonight at 8pm is extra special to me, its a reminder of who we are and that we will always create our own path and belive in our own vision! 👊🏼❤️👊🏼 #SorryForTheLongPost #AlwaysStayTrueToYourRoots #HateItOrLoveIt #TheBackpackBackInStock #ThePetiteIsBackInStock


The best moment of our Lombok trip was for sure sharing waves with my amazing wife that was twize the size I could ever image seeing her on! ❤️❤️❤️ Cant wait to call @tampahhills our second home and share a million more waves! #DoingThingsTogetherIsAlwaysBetter #JanniTheDareDevil #SoProudOfMyLove #WaveOnPictureWasWaySmallerThanHerBiggestOne #CantWaitToComeBackInJanuary #BuildingStartsInApril #Whooopwhooop


@Cestnormal X @Onepiece camo jumpsuits now online! ❤ Link in bio. But you better hurry! (Sorry, Camo Jet fighter is not yet on sale, saving that colab for the spring 😉) #NeverDoingThingsTheNormalWay #HaveYetToTakeMineOff #TheWinterIsComing #UsedToTropicalWeatherNow #CestNormalXOnepiece