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if you know me, you’ve seen this look if you don’t know me, you’ve probably seen this look ——— Over These Broad Shoulders 🎱 PC @donovancolephoto


no makeup in ya fluffy coat #ss


you don’t get it ✨


I’ve erased so many captions at this point. I’ll just keep this one here. I realize as a Lion I have nothing to fear. But, ‘aneath my mane my words still choke up, I feel I don’t say the right stuff. I make jokes about death & act like I’m tough. I put on a show, more like a bluff. These feelings I feel, woah, this shit real. I know I’m moody but on cloud9 I reside, I feel extra, ugh, I want to hide. Why? Hide from these feelings? Hide from myself? Pretend I’m an asshole & act like somebody else? Shit! I’ll be me. Shit! I’ll be free. Shit! WTF, be better than currently. Please just remember, ain’t nothing wrong with me. If you cut me I bleed, I see what I see, promise I’ll say what I mean. I was just afraid to be... strong or assertive, loud & confused. I guess it’s serious, but I think I’m behind on my dues. So lemme pay up, here it is, I won’t hide myself like I did as a kid. So, yeah, there it is. I’m not good with expression, but I guess these are all the things you’ve been pressing... My lips say the words but it’s whispered at night, I guess here I am stepping in to the light. I acknowledge my past, scales dropped from my sight. This is not the same game that I’ve played in my life, this is harder because I have to change, I won’t keep myself in my head all my days. ————— Mind The Gap, I Have a Heart (Living Out of My Head)


i drowned the me you used to know 🌙


now i lay me down to sleep, i pray dear G-d my soul you see, the substance in you it was make believe i believed in you yet you never believed the substance in me now i lay me down to sleep i pray this milky waters not too deep you fail to see fresh blooms in me your eyes only turn inwardly selfishness is all i see thanking G-d She did not put a selfish heart in me ah, let it beat! let it be! blood boiling vigorously now i lay me down too sleep i pray thru milky waves i see G-d why this caring heart in me i wish as cold as ice i’d be cold heart, cold eyes, cold hands to breathe but now i lay me down to sleep i pray the Creator my soul to keep thankful through eternity please help me see through the milky, murky deep to continue on unselfishly keep this gentle heart in me now i lay me down to sleep i pray to G-d one day you’ll see i faced the milky waves of sea for us to be, alas i prayed for transparency She called, She said ... is only me ————— The Sea is The Mirror 🌊 style&PC @stinalee1115


humxnity had me greatless so i found a new home, baptized in the land of Almond we poured vanilla colored milk in to the water but it took on a gray color from our deeply pigmented raiments we no longer viewed things in a clear way thankful because every mxn has a different definition of clarity ———— My Almond Prayer ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ style&PC @stinalee1115


“It was just a role for the shot”, she said as she sat drinking his blood while he slept. • In the middle of the night, all alone with your desires... ——— Watch #Nyctophobia A short film music video written by @dminixmusic Filmed in New Orleans by @jonisaacjackson #theother


tighter than the fresh scent of listerine 🌬• Leave Me Alone & Let My Thigh Jiggle — oversized trousers by @bussant 📸 @bussant stYle @bussant #BussantBussantBussant


for many moons i had not understanding that if you answer a man in his folly you are as foolish as he but now it’s quite a wisdom held how great a fool was he! no, i’m not really boasting but thankful that i wear these blank lenses for my folders now for just any man i beware but the one who crosses over who shown me different streams how my blinders folded back in to their seams ——— Feelings 27:36 🌱


#404days I did however eat bread today 🍞 #datbreaddough


it’s a fine line between bein crazy & bein crazy 🌛🌚🌝🌚🌝🌚🌜


Is this fun for you? How is your life going? Can you see where you’re heading? #manifest


I love that we can talk now. I can’t wait to hear you play more guitar. You can paint my nails, & I’ll drive you around in my car! I’ll chase you round the living room, hug you when you cry, we will practice our yoga & fly, fly, fly! It’ll be me, you & your sis, especially when y’all old enough to visit. I just hope you never stop wanting to give me sweet Rosie kisses. ——— That Auntie Life