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👋🏼⠀⠀Will travel for cheese 🇮🇩⠀⠀Now: Bali 🇦🇺⠀⠀Next: Australia 📬⠀⠀ 🐪 ⠀ Sign up to my Jordan workshop here:

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I feel so lucky to have watched this sunrise with my Dad last summer, such a great memory. Looking forward to getting him out to Bali next week - any suggestions for our trip together? 🌿🌊


Early morning strolls amongst the vast dunes of The Empty Quarter. Just to remind you guys, registration for my Jordan workshop this November closes soon! From the ancient city of Petra, to the stillness of the Dead Sea, it’s going to be such an adventure. Check the link in my bio for more information! 🐪


East Java reminds me of a scene from ‘The Land Before Time’. Who was your favourite character? For me, it’s Petrie 🦕


As I’m sure you have all heard, there has recently been a series of devastating earthquakes over in neighbouring Lombok. The residents are in serious need of help, so please do consider sparing any change you have! Follow the link in my bio and stories to donate ❤️


I’m seriously debating going back to this place in the next few months. The question is, autumn leaves or fresh snow? 🍁❄️


Guys! My next photography workshop is fast approaching and this time it’s in Jordan, from November 18th-25th. Head on over to the link in my bio to sign up! 🌵


Magical mornings on Mount Bromo. As the sun came up, a puff of smoke from a distant volcano was illuminated. East Java is truly phenomenal 🌋💨 @traveloka


The otherworldly landscapes of Guangxi seem almost as though they’re a painting. In other news, we’ve spent the day planning our trip to Africa later this year! Any suggestions? 👨🏻‍🌾🐃


Congratulations to the winner, @ray.roper! Big thanks again to all of you who took part. Stay tuned for the next giveaway! 🙌🏼 @passporterapp


The rainbow village of Jodipan. Just last year this place was on the verge of eviction. Fortunately for the residents, a group of local students partnered up with a paint company and came to the rescue. Pretty cool, huh? 🌈 @traveloka


One of China’s greatest design concepts, otherwise known as The Stairway to Heaven. Who thinks this would make a good wallpaper?! I’ve partnered with @huaweimobileservicesglobal to celebrate the #Honor10 Global Theme Design Contest. Head over to my stories and vote for which theme is your favourite. Visit for more inspiration. #ExploreMore #HUAWEI #Honor


My first time shooting a lunar event was certainly one for the books. Who else witnessed this absolute magic? 🌓 #WHPLight