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Festival of lights in my own view💡


The german Bundestag in its full pride. Usually I would write a long text but this picture is speaking for itself🌅


What is yellow, drives on rails and often comes too late? The solution is in the background. A few weeks ago, I was allowed to upload my pictures to the BVG under strict instructions, which I will not explain in more detail. One thing I had to resist, however, and this has disturbed me immensely ... Let's get to the actual topic: Punctuality. Who does not know it. You leave at home at the same time as every day and see the bus either rushing by, arriving too late or in the most common case - not at all. I would not mind, if this would happen "once in a while" and I'm not a fastidious person, so I find it human, if the bus, the train or the tram does not come, but why do I give them my money? It's not like I have an alternative without a driver's license and without a working bicycle. Both options would be suitable for the school but what if my destination is further away? Which leads me to the point that everyone is sure to ask: What's wrong with the Bvg? Is it because you have too few trains and vehicles or too few staff? If I am at the station that comes to the station where the bus starts and he comes there at 12, is it too much expected that the bus will arrive at 14 after what is planned? How can the bus drive past at 12 o'clock to where he should start first with me? And many are thinking for sure now okay maybe it's just fast, but this track takes more than a minute. But whatever. If he is more than three minutes late then I can calm down - because then he will not come anymore.


To be on the streets is absolutely stunning. You never know what is comming or what you should expect. Sometimes you see that ordinary people or you’re lucky and get sunsets like this. I really agree with photographers that say that it doesn’t depend on your gear you’re using. It depends on how much time you are on the streets and try to find good shots! Not only will this increase your chance to shoot a good photo it will also increase your photography level. So be 24/7 or as most as you can on the streets and try to grind photos🤙🏼


We, @miriam.barnett and me, were on the day of German unity on the way to the Brandenburger Tor because on the one hand I wanted to photograph the county stickers on the ground and on the other hand we wanted to witness the festival. After five minutes out of the house and heading for the S1, I found this puddle on the road. I almost missed it because it looked insignificant at first sight. However, when I tried out some perspectives and opened the aperture so much that much blur came out, I was happy that I have recognized a good motive. Maybe it will be similar to some of you. Every time I take a picture, I get lucky and happy when I take at least one good picture. Until then I am very attentive and search every nook and cranny to hide a treasure. After that I can relax more but sometimes I still do more good pictures. I love the coincidence, because without its this photo would not have been created. If I had to enumerate how many photos were taken on the way to a certain place where I had planned to go by accident, I would be finished tomorrow.


And where are we here? China? Japan? Korea? No it is very close. We are in Berlin. In this picture we see what Berlin is about. There are many population groups, world views, cultures and religions in Berlin and that is very important. We should not limit ourselves to our immediate circle of friends. We should get to know other cultures, learn other languages ​​and deal with foreign worldviews and cultures. It is enough to respect other cultures, religions or beliefs and most of those living in Berlin succeed in this. Personally, I am happy that I was born in Berlin, because otherwise I definitely wouldn‘ have come to photography.


This picture has a very special and own message for me. You can compare it very well with the many photography profiles on Instagram. The individual is lost in the crowd, no one really has the chance to get very famous and most of those who try to stand out write fake comments to promote their site. There are many who appreciate the photos and I am very grateful to them because they often comment and I realize that they are interested in my photos. But what about the others who do not grow? Which sink in the crowd? Who is still interested in photos? Photos have become a mass medium and most of the Instagrammers only take pictures for their followers. They are narrow, inflexible and addicted to this network. Why do you have to fit into a niche? Just to make others like it? Is this really the right way to grow up? Or shouldn‘t you rather live your own style and not take photos for others. Often I catch myself thinking that "hey, that's not good for my feed so I do not take a picture". You shouldn‘t let yourself be guided by this, because this thinking restricts development and creativity. As well as likes and comments. Sometimes you have a good picture sometimes it is bad. But not everything others do not like is bad. So be free, photograph as you like and what you want.


Wir befinden uns auf der „Positions Berlin Art Fair. Die Frau im Hintergrund führt eine Diskussion mit einem Mann. Zwei Bekannte die sich freuen sich wieder zu sehen? Ehepaar dass überlegt sich ein Kunstwerk zu kaufen? Beide gucken ständig um sich. Fühlen sie sich beobachtet? Beobachte ich sie? Definitiv. Ich warte den Moment ab, bis sich zwei Personen in den Vorder- und Mittelgrund schieben. Instinktiv nutze ich die Möglichkeit um ein tolles Spiel mit der Unschärfe zu beginnen. Vordergrund unscharf, Mittelgrund scharf und Hintergrund unscharf. Vielleicht sollten die Personen um die es geht scharf sein aber vielleicht auch nicht da sie nicht beobachtet werden wollen.


Die Blätter fallen, seine Popularität steigt! So kann ich @bitte.hier.umsteigen nur von @josh.probably reden! ALSO FOLGT IHM <3.


Zum glück sind wir noch ein wenig vom Schneefall entfernt, jedoch waren die 6° an diesem Morgen auch nicht viel besser... Wenn sich das Wetter spontan für ein Schneefall entscheidet, wisst ihr ja was ihr machen müsst richtig? Genau das Taxi nehmen. ☺️


Samstag 22.09.18 Nachdem wir knapp 50 Minuten zur Gneisenauer Straße gefahren sind, irrten wir in der Gegend umher und sahen schlussendlich diese Frau in der Bergmannstraße sitzen. Von Zeit zu Zeit guckte sie von ihrer Zeitschrift hoch um die vorbeilaufenden Menschen zu begutachten, wobei sie schnell ihren Kopf sank als man ihre Blicke erwiderte. Ob sie ihre Zeit hier allein verbringen wollte oder auf jemanden wartete werden wir wohl niemals erfahren. Vielleicht befand sich in ihrer kleinen Hängetasche eine Kamera und sie suchte auch nur nach einem bestimmten Motiv.


Geschichte zu diesem Bild: Beim vorbeilaufen sah ich drei asiatisch aussehende Männer mit Kameras die diese Gasse fotografieren wollten. Nachdem sie gegangen waren nutze ich die Gelegenheit den Augenblick fest zuhalten. Manchmal ist es besser weniger zu sehen als mehr was nicht bedeutet dass man wegsehen sollte🤙🏼


Hier bin ich in den Straßen unterwegs und tue dass was ich am besten kann. Die Schule raubt mir meine Zeit und hindert mich daran frei zu sein. Wer würde denn nicht gerne den ganzen Tag seiner Leidenschaft nachgehen? Bei diesem Bild weiß ich nicht genau was ich davon denke außer dass ich es als gut empfinde. Ich möchte immer eine Story hinter meinen Bilder haben oder wenigstens eine Nachricht. Diesmal ist es einfach nur ein gutes Bild. Reicht aus oder?


Wenn ihr wisst wo wir uns befinden, dann schreibt es in die Kommentare⬇️


Den Ausblick nehme ich gerne🤙🏼




Verloren in den Details URBAN NATION


Die Tram ist für mich kein Transportmittel um von a nach b zu kommen, sondern ein Mittel zum Zweck. Eric (@bitte.hier.umsteigen) und ich haben dieses tolle Bild, welches an Adrenalin und Drogen erinnert, am Hauptbahnhof aufgenommen. Der ND-Filter war natürlich auch wieder am Start um eine Überbelichtung zu vermeiden. @visionsforthedead @imagesforthedead