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131 years ago today she was born. I’ve been alive 50 and of those 50, I’ve spent maybe 35 of those years with her paintings and her writings swimming in me. I spent my twenties walking through her dry wash dipped emotional deserts and, also, under New York’s potpourri of concrete looking skywardly through her painter’s eyes at that cartooned moon or perhaps a window blown out with a raging light. Or maybe it was later, on her Ghost Ranch, when Kathryn and I took it all off and strolled over the reddest butte dust and rattlesnake rocks imagining the map of her face, that face that only got more beautiful with age, thinking of branches and how they might dress a bare skull against her modest bone white home so lovely. She made flowers sensuous and desertscapes like floating blood-colored rainbows. And now, on our own ranch, I find her this morning, as I sit at my desk looking out at the dinner bell hanging from a lone narrow oak, wondering who takes the time to listen to the silent philharmonic anymore. #happybirthdaygeorgia #artineverything


Stan Lee and Dr. Seuss and Ray Bradbury. That’s where it begins and ends with me. To those of us who have been so deeply affected by the humanity of his imagination, the understanding of reaching beyond our potential and the necessity of tapping into our immeasurable imaginations, we thank you and are forever indebted. Rest In Peace Dear Stan. You made our time here a better one. #ripstanlee @robliefeld


We know what this country is and we know what this country isn’t. To all the veterans who put themselves in harm’s way for our country for all the people who inhabit it, and to all the veteran first responders who have and continue to put their ass on the line for our continued safety. It’s these people who have had the most positive impact on who we are in character while most of the politicians try and rape it from us. #powerinthepeople #happyveteransdayeveryday #humilityispower #dountoothersasyouwouldhavethemdountoyou #community #californiastrong


My buddy sent this to me whose house was saved five seconds before fire hit it. To all the fire personnel and first responders, I can’t tell you how much respect I put upon you for your innate care of your fellow citizens. It’s astounding how hard you fight for the safety and continued dreams of others. Thank you so very very much. And for the rest of us: give, support, wave, congratulate, shake their hands, lend anything you can because these are our on earth angels, our guardians. And for those who lost their homes our hearts go out to you and your families. We know you and will mourn with you and help build back up with you. California strong we are. @losangelesfiredepartment #woolseyfire #hillfire #californiastrong #wildlandfirefighter #wildlandfirefighting @ericmarshfoundationfire #pointdumelove #malibustrong


#Repost @irenamedavoy ・・・ EMERGENCY UPDATE @lafdfoundation needs help requesting donations of any amount for HYDRATION BACKPACKS for @losangelesfiredepartment any amount of money makes a difference at You can donate online 20 dollars 100 dollars. Anything EMERGENCY


Dearest Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to introduce our little girl Westlyn Reign Brolin (Bean). Mama Kathryn was stellar during this miracle birth and Bean is a flawless gem through and through. We are blessed to the core and appreciate so much the love and support during this pregnancy from ALL who have partaken in our journey, directly and/or indirectly. ❤️❤️🍼🏋🏻‍♀️🍀 #beanlove #dogtown @kathrynbrolin


Seawall. Boxer’s glove. Eyes burned out by the sun. I’ve tried for years to hold on to this. Foam through between the fingers. Watch it drain. Look up blinded. Feel her there. Highlighted tips brushing my face. The breeze from the flail. The heat is subsiding. There’s a color I feel going downwardly. I don’t dare walk. Glide.


Happy Halloween to all! Be careful out there tonight. You never know when you’re going to see some kid carrying its head around. 👻


Hey guys!!!


Something happens when you say the names and ages aloud. Albeit, it is Sunday, and we mostly sit in our homes feeling relatively safe, but with a new creeping pang in our realities that someone may be coming just around the corner to end our lives or our the lives of the ones most dear to us. That reality is increasing, not decreasing. The level of violence isn’t a conspiracy and, its fact of increase doesn’t randomly exist. We know something is foundationally wrong. We are so self-absorbed, so self righteous that we have started to forget what it means to be of service to others, and how much that feeds our sense of self. We don’t need to take our kids to see the most desperate situations to wake them up. All we need is to demand of ourselves to be of service to someone for something every single day just for the sheer pleasure of anything positive it might bring them. #rip #thepowerofexample


Taking this video actually brought tears to my eyes. I have the greatest soul mate you can have. Bouts of darkness hit and we/she powers through it. Then moments of the power of this miracle hit and inevitable moves come. Bean. Oh, Bean. You have the greatest mama of all. You lucky lil work of art. We know you’re soon to reveal yourself. We can’t wait. We are grateful beyond measure. I am grateful beyond measure. #jbkbstucktogether #lilbean #miracletime #beancomet