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Working hard to reach my goals. This is my favorite full body exercise.


Cardio, cardio, cardio


Improvement is always the goal. I’m not perfect but I work hard to reach my goals.


Treadmill workouts doesn’t have to be boring.


Cardio and legs and everything else! I’m so sore! This week workouts are kicking my butt.


I just want a flat tummy and a phat booty lol. It’s finally taking shape. Yaaaay me! Consistency is key!


I promise I think @msnyfit made this up. This is not a real cardio exercise! @msnyfit just likes to torture me. Tag me in a video so I know it’s real. 😩


😩😩 look this isn’t easy. I don’t have upper body strength but I’m working on it.


The shirt I’m wearing is a 2X from @oldnavy I’ve had this shirt for 3 years. I’ve been waiting to wear it, I can finally fit it. It’s the little things that make this journey worth it.


Mood all 2019! This girl is confident and fearless. I wish I was like this when I was her age. I was always afraid of what people would say or think of me. I was bullied a lot as a child because I was overweight. I pray no Young girl ever goes through what I went through as a child.


😩😩😩 I won’t able to feel my legs tomorrow!


What are you goals? Trust me consistency is key!


You have to yourself how bad do you want it? If you want it bad enough nothing will stop you from reaching your goals.


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