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When you’re both scared and excited but stand your ground so you can keep your shit together... .. . There are only a few more weeks left in 2018 and I’m freakin’ stoked for 2019 to be here. At the same time I’m also scared because I want to go into it with as little expectations as possible. .. . If 2018 was an indicator of things to come...well, I’ll just say I’ll be plenty busy. .. . #lookingforward #keepingittogether #2018 #2019 #herewecome #photography by @che.holts // @b3.one


I remember being so critical and judgmental as a younger person. I was reminded of that constantly through remarks of, “wow, that was kinda harsh” or “you’re really critical of others.” Why was that? Because I was afraid. .. . Being ignorant is one thing but being afraid of what you don’t know is another thing. I was threatened by what I saw so I resorted to what was comfortable: to comment on it in a negative way, or to unjustifiably judge it. All under the premise that no one asked me for my unsolicited advice 😬 .. . @judithlasater said something this week that also resonated...someone who is integrated and self-realized cultivates the ability to see perspectives from the other side which creates space for empathy. .. . So dive on in friends, lead with your heart. #anahata #empathy #compassion #judgment #criticism #love #photography by @alexandrakacha for @alexandrakachaphotography


The ability—no, willingness—to slow down is so incredibly challenging. The lives that we lead constantly make it so that we are going from one thing to the next and so on. .. . Three things from my time with @janetstoneyoga from this week that have really stuck with me are: 1. You can’t give it if you don’t have it. Many interpretations for this, but energy is one thing for me I can’t give if I’m always tired. 2. “Busy” has become a state of being. Instead of feeling well, content, sad, morose...we answer the question, “How are you?” with “Busy.” How can we shift this? What about stopping to process the question and answer honestly? 3. I mentioned this before—but tapas and the idea behind dedication, discipline, and showing up over and over again is truly acts of service that can be traced to a deep feeling of love. .. . Deep bow of gratitude to @janetstoneyoga, @connie.engel, and friends for this week. Thank you to @dannipomplun for this gift and @christa.bene + my rad @lululemonsf family for supporting my yoga endeavors. Lastly, my fellow small person @jennymaieryoga for doing this with me, taking photos, and figuring out #smallpeopleproblems. 😂 .. . #restore #nourish #rest #slowdown #thisisyoga


These feet, these legs, my body. Every day I get up, walk-drive-scoot-bike to show up. Again, and again, and again, I show up. I show up day after day to breathe, to love, to share, to smile, to teach, to witness, to experience. .. . Austerity, self-discipline, dedication...it all roots from love. I show up because I care. .. . Why do you show up? .. . #sfyoga #tapas #niyama #self #thisisyoga #photography by @alexandrakacha // @alexandrakachaphotography


Basically playing with blankets, blocks, straps, chairs, more blankets, and making bolster towers in yoga school with @janetstoneyoga. Feeling super supported by @jennymaieryoga’s setup in a supported warrior! .. . #supported #slowflow #restorative #sfyoga


Last week I gave away a ticket to a show I had no energy for. I wanted nothing in return, only that someone use it to enjoy themselves. .. . A few days ago I got an message from a complete stranger about the ticket. We connected right away and exchanged several emails and now wants me to go to a show of my choosing. He saw a blog I wrote about feedback, and we got into a discussion on non-attachment. .. . Aparigraha: Whether that be material things, emotional feelings, relationships, etc, having attachment creates circumstances for misunderstandings, disappointment, sadness, anger, and so on. It’s something I find myself constantly revisiting because it’s SO HARD to practice *all the time*! .. . “...we are in a unique age of defensiveness, or perhaps that is just the evolution of my own perspective. The idea of attachment is certainly at its core as well, which I think could also be tied to how we view identity-- which does seem to be becoming paradoxically more complex and defined, or at least transcending our ability to describe with words.” Thank you, Ariel. .. . I’ll reshare what I wrote in my bio if you’re interested in reading! 📷 by @b3.one, assisted by @che.holts . . #nonattachment #aparigraha #letgo #liberation #free #moksha #totd


Closed hearts make for closed minds, especially when they’re hurt. .. . When I think about all the hurt that I’ve experienced, how much of that was self-inflicted? Did I shut down the opportunity to listen, to receive, to understand? .. . One of the best pieces of advice I think I’ll ever receive is from my dad: Seek first to understand, before being understood. .. . #interpersonal #intrapersonal #relationship #dadadvice #hurt #love #pain #tigerpose #photooftheday #shotby @alexandrakacha for @alexandrakachaphotography (follow both!)


The gift of presence is so valuable to me. I have enough material shit around already—I don’t need anything else. .. . Running into friends I haven’t seen in awhile, or spending time with friends and catching up, or having students come to class to share their breath...that’s what I love. .. . What is the best gift you’ve been given? .. . #gift #present #presence #gratitude #love #totd #photooftheday by @Che.holts


Feel good giving, but know that you don’t owe anyone shit nor does anyone owe you. .. . #holidayreminder #givefreely #feelgoodgiving #love #photography by @alexandrakacha for @alexandrakachaphotography


Let’s talk about confidence—and not the times you share your secrets. .. . I’ve wavered from time to time with confidence in myself as anyone does with insecurities. But to first have it, you must be fully in love with yourself—flaws and all. It’s been a journey to get to a place of self-acceptance, but I’ve finally arrived. .. . I feel the best about my teaching when I’m confident. Even if I chant off-key, or give a less than ideal cue, who cares? I’m chanting off-key and cuing with confidence. .. . When I see someone else confident AF, I feel it. It’s great energy to be around and inspiring to keep it up. .. . #totd #confidence #confident #selflove #selfacceptance #journey #photography by @alexandrakacha for @alexandrakachaphotography


Hoʻoponopono. “...And it is done. I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.” —From the teachings of Simeona and Hew Len. .. . From Hawaiian, hoʻō + pono. Hoʻō is a particle that appears before a noun to actualize it into a verb. Pono means virtue, goodness, and uprightness. With the repetition of pono again, ponopono is evidence of an intensifier similar to how “very” works before a verb. .. . This is a practice of reparations, forgiveness, and maintenance of good relationships. Traditionally a prayer is said, then a statement of wrongdoing, processing and acknowledgment of feelings, then everyone agrees to release and let go of what happened. .. . Do all things with love, and out of love. .. . #hooponopono #pono #hawaiian #language #love #release #forgiveness #practice #thisisyoga #photography by @che.holts


When you offer it all up, you have everything to gain. .. . I’m grateful for this life and all the challenges it’s presented. As I’ve gotten older, instead of resisting them or pretending like they don’t exist, I acknowledge them and try to understand the root of the issue, and what the subliminal message is. .. . What’s the single hardest challenge you’ve had to deal with, and what did you learn? .. . #offering #freedom #moksha #liberation #happiness #struggle #challenge #totd #photography by @alexandrakacha // @alexandrakachaphotography


A metta loving-kindness mantra from me to you, inspired by the lovely @julianneyoga. .. . May all beings everywhere, whether near or far, whether known to me or unknown, be happy. May they be well, may they be peaceful, and may they be free. Lokah samasatha sukhino bhavantu. .. . #metta #lovingkindness #love #freedom #happiness #peace #photoby @alexandrakacha // @alexandrakachaphotography



One of my favorite places in the universe: Balboa Park, San Diego. Where’s yours? .. . #balboapark #sandiego #park #outdoors #saturday #photo by @alexandrakachaphotography