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on a mission to be the world's most trusted beverage,food&wellness brand. 80+ stores&growing in Tristate, Boston, DC, WA&Las Vegas areas. USDA organic


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JP inside tip! top any of our #plantbased soups with our addicting JP KALE CHIPS. the combination of JP’s crunchy and flavor packed kale chips to top off a warm homemade, hearty soup will have you coming back for more!


providing a complete source of protein, JPs FALAFEL SALAD is handcrafted with baked almonds, sunflower seeds, and buckwheat. pair with JP’s homemade creamy tahini dressing. always #USDAorganic and never processed.


JPs #USDAorganic #plantbased smoothies will make you feel GOOD. free of processed sugars, always organic, and full of the freshest ingredients- there shouldn’t be any compromises when it comes to your health! 📸 @newwavelife @wellnessofficial


JPs MATCHA LATTE is a made-to-order blend of homemade premium grade matcha green tea combined with our homemade organic almond milk or oat milk. matcha offers a caffeine boost that heightens alertness, while also emitting calming neurotransmitters. IT’S ALL ABOUT BALANCE #regram @namastenewyork


a JP supermodel rocking her #USDAorganic smoothie! proving that healthy is delicious and in-style for ALL ages!


try a bottle of BEAUTY, on JP! TODAY (10/18) ONLY - buy any item with the JP rewards app and get one bottle of BEAUTY FREE!* the newest addition to our hydration line is loaded with antioxidants from passion & dragon fruit, and crafted to help you feel and look your best! 50 calories per 8.2oz. *valid only in-store through the JP rewards app. while supplies last. 1 per guest.


GINGER FIREBALL KOMBUCHA! we’ve taken our fan favorite blend of ginger, cayenne, and oregano, and turned it into a carbonated, probiotic beverage that promotes gut-health and keeps you feeling 🔥🔥🔥


CAULIFLOWER SWAP- lowering your smoothie’s natural fruit sugar intake without compromising texture or taste! @eatthisnotthat highlighted JP’s cauliflower-banana swap stating “juice press introduced the cruciferous veggie into all smoothies, including blue magic, a few months ago as a low-sugar option.” thanks for the shoutout @eatthisnotthat! 📸 @embracing_health


JP team members and guests swear by the force of JP FUEL! a natural energy booster powered by guayusa, a caffeinated leaf native to Ecuador, alongside maca, a powerful superfood that helps to improve concentration. offered in JP FUEL or JP FUEL XTREME- both will keep you going all day long!


JP NURSE GINGER GREEN SMOOTHIE. a powerful AND FIERY combination of spinach and kale and boosted with ginger. come visit one of our 80+ locations and chat with one of our friendly and knowledgeable team members to help you choose a made-to-order smoothie! #USDAorganic


JP’s LENTIL MUSHROOM CHILLI- a hearty, nutritionally dense, vegan chili with lentils and mushrooms. so delicious even your pup will want some! #plantbased #usdaorganic


*all you have to do is spend $10 through the JP APP and you will have yourself 1 FREE package of #homemade and #glutenfree KALE CHIPS! click link in bio to download app. *valid only today (10/12) in-store through the JP App. while supplies last. 1 per guest. restrictions may apply.