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The world’s most trusted plant based wellness brand. USDA Organic. 82 stores & growing in NY Tri-State, Boston, Seattle, DC & Vegas


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Relax and and rehydrate with JPs ROSE WATER and BEAUTY. ROSE WATER is created by double distilling rose blooms grown in the Rose Valley of Bulgaria to extract oils and their essence for this stress relieving infused water. BEAUTY is loaded with antioxidants from passion and dragon fruit which are known to protect against aging. JP’s hydration focused beverages provide both pure and fresh flavors to help maintain a healthy metabolism 🌹💦💕


Thank you @jessseinfeld for recognizing our organic, convenient, and uncompromising products 💚


Our #exclusive CORPORATE MENU offers our best sellers in 11oz bottles! Great #beverage options for all gatherings like business occasions, parties, and personal events. Order at catering@juicepress.com 🙌


@lindseyharrod fueling up post-workout with a STRAWBERRY BANANA PROTEIN smoothie. Made with #USDAorganic strawberry, banana, plant protein, hemp seed, flax seed, date, vanilla extract and homemade almond milk. This blend provides 20g protein, antioxidants for muscle recovery, and an omega 3 and 6 boost 💪💪


✈️ Guess what is allowed through TSA? JP Shots, Shots, Shots! ✈️


#JP’s NITRO COLD BREW COFFEE is 70% less acidic than hot brewed coffee with twice as much caffeine! Our collab with @risebrewingco is the perfect choice when you need that morning boost or afternoon pick-me-up 👊👊 #regram @risebrewingco


JP offers a wide variety of meals that are both ultra-convenient and delicious! JP’s Jars and Salads are loaded with a variety of veggies, plant-based protein, and flavor, making them both filling and satisfying. Top any salad or jar with one of our 7 handcrafted salad dressings and you’ve got yourself a complete, #clean, #unprocessed, #organic meal!


Thank you @adrianneho for making our JP GREEN LIGHT look so FRESH. Customize your GREEN LIGHT SMOOTHIE (banana, kale, spinach, date, vanilla, maple+ water) with a FREE booster- almond butter and cinnamon, chia seed and flax blend, or mango! #regram @adrianneho


THE BEST SOUPS IN THE CITY! At JP we offer 7 #organic handcrafted #plantbased soups all year round. Top any soup with our premium soup boosters including Protein Crumble ($+1.50) for 14g of added protein, Genius Oil (+$1.00) for a metabolism boost & added fuel for the brain, or Avocado Smash (+$2.00) for an added dose of satisfying healthy fats. 🔥🔥🔥


Enjoy our #USDAOrganic superfood packed ACAI BLUEBERRY BOWL, ALMOND BUTTER ACAI BOWL, and nutrient-dense GREEN BOWL! Try with any of our three complementary toppings including but not limited to toasted coconut flakes, cashew, goji berries, handcrafted granola, chia and flax blend, and puffed quinoa.