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Photographer. Mama to Marigold (Goldie). NYC - TN julie@julieholder.com One half of @po.mkt


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S O U N D U P Join us this Saturday evening at POMKT. Link in profile 🌑 What is a sound bath? It's a little different for everyone. Traditionally, sound baths are meant to help facilitate a shift in your brainwave state. Through sound it's possible, and very easy, to down-shift our normal beta state (normal waking consciousness) to relaxed consciousness, with the majority of people able to reach a truly meditative state. This experience is helpful for anyone who wants to give themselves a moment of relaxation or gain the benefits from meditation. For me, it's being able to find a place where I can actually slow down my thoughts of hurry and what is on my to-do list, and take a short amount of time to reset. That's tough for me to do. As parents, spouses, partners, friends, workers, artists, employees, the idea of self care sometimes feels like it's impossible. Every so often, to slow down and give thanks and be present is such a gift to yourself. Join us this Saturday to fill the room and maybe even the entire neighborhood with good vibes and positive intentions. Wind down and honor your hard work with this special sound session with Purple Sky Healing and POMKT. January 19. 6pm 802 Broad Street We can't wait to see you! xo


New event at POMKT! (And we’re so excited) 🌕 Join us for CBD yoga! Snag your ticket! Link in profile. 🌕 A night of togetherness, mindfulness, yoga, meditation, community and an education of CBD benefits. 🌕 Powell Market is so honored to host yoga instructor, mama and POMKT soul sister, Margaret Summersell, in an evening of conscience practice and mindfulness. Margie will walk us through the application and practical uses of CBD as well as lead a short meditation and deeply targeted yoga practice in our sacred space. 🌕 This workshop includes an introduction to CBD, a brief meditation, one hour CBD incorporated yoga practice, and free take-home samples of topical CBD products by Blue Ridge Hemp, along with a chance to win a CBD roll on essential oil (Calm & Relax blend). Saturday, January 12th at 6:30 PM Space is limited and enrolling ahead is greatly encouraged. 🌕 Join us after class to shop our all natural, small batch, handmade, organic products. The shop is open just for you on this special night! ✌🏼 Xo, Julie and Bo


It’s beautiful outside, and @po.mkt is open till 6 ✌🏼 We’re here on Sunday 12-5. Hope to see you guys in the shop on this gorgeous weekend! 🙌🏼


3 of my favorite photos ever in the world. Sweetest little face on the planet. Love my teeny mini honey butter bean. Come see us this weekend. Our littlest shop gurl and @lackofcoloraus model will be here too ❤️❤️🌲🌲


Our two teeniest @lackofcoloraus fans and serious girl gang at POMKT ✌🏼 @po.mkt @mama__song #myheart


Besties and minis. At Branden’s art opening at our space, @po.mkt #myheart


We’ve been so busy in the shop that we’ve been quiet over here! It’s because we’ve been stocking our shelves for Christmas and our Holiday Market, ‘Collect’ next weekend!! We’ve got new @frenchgirlorganics on the way and our favorite staples like the Lumière Bronzée - Shimmer Oil. If you haven’t already, we invite you to follow along with our adventures @po.mkt This is so fun, guys. We’re sleepy, grateful and so very excited. 🌒🌒🌒


Just a couple hours left to sign up for our wreath making workshop with @southerlyflowerfarm Its going to be a really dreamy night y’all!! 🌲 6:00. Tuesday Dec. 4 at POMKT 🌲 Link in profile 🙌🏼


Hey hey Chattanooga!!! POMKT is up and running at MAINX24 ⚡️⚡️ 🌒 We have apothecary, children’s goods, blankets, and High CBD health, beauty and wellness products. All organic, handmade and dreamy!! We’re inside the cozy tent in front of @purpleskyhealing 🌒 And! We have our girl, Sarah here, an amazing designer and @po.mkt shop woman, hand embroidering all day. Look at this dreamy vintage toddler jacket she embroidered!! I can’t. 🌒 We have @hazelvillage dolls, @elliefunday swaddles and bonnets and they all look adorable with your wee one’s name hand-stitched on them. 🌒 Let the Holiday shopping begin ✌🏼 Xoxo, POMKT


Winter skin edition Vol. II. @poppyandsomeday Patchouli Salve. 🙏🏼 This Patchouli and Palo santo salve helps to soothe and heal skin. Smooth this harmonious and hypnotic blend of sacred woodsy herbs on your body and rejoice. 🌒 Open till 5 today ✌🏼


We are so excited to announce our POMKT Workshop Series!! ⚡️ Vol. I 🍁 Southerly Flower Farm x POMKT wreath making workshop!! ⚡️ Sarah and Matthew of @southerlyflowerfarm will be leading a workshop teaching us how to create Holiday wreaths from wild foraged winter greenery, curated dried florals and hand made woven vine bases. ⚡️ We’ll have wine, snacks, and good vibes to go around. Before you take home your dreamy wreaths, we’ll open up the shop for private Holiday shopping ✌🏼 ⚡️ We are so excited, and we hope to see you there!! Link in profile to reserve your spot. Xoxo POMKT


Today was magic. Thank you Chattanooga ❤️ POMKT is open tomorrow morning at 11am. Sweet dreams ✌🏼


We’re ready for ya, Chattanooga!!!! @po.mkt is open for biz ✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼


We have something exciting for Mamas and Papas @po.mkt !! A lot of people have been asking if we do kid photos. Here’s the thing. We don’t because our commercial work keeps us so busy, we haven’t had the time. But, the questions made us start thinking about how we can use our space to give you guys what you want. With the help of @southerlyflowerfarm we’ve created a Holiday set. ✌🏼 It’s overflowing with florals and fairy lights and teepees, and we decided to offer seasonal sets for your minis to come and play. 🌒 We’ll be shooting the babes starting tomorrow through the end of December. And, we’ll be building these fantastical sets seasonally. So, come shop, sip wine, and take some photos while the getting is good. 🌒 We’ve shot for Rolling Stone, Architectural Digest, Condé Nast Traveler, Honest Co., NBC, National Ad Council and for the next month, your kid. 👌🏼 🌑 Mini sessions are $50, but they’re $30 this weekend. Yaaaassss. 🌑 🌒 Release the cuteness ✌🏼😍 @po.mkt


Yes yes yes. You coming with me, gurl.