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June Pie

Hand made pies baked fresh every morning. Stop by to grab a dinner pie or a dessert pie! Visit us online to reserve.


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We started construction on our floors this morning, which means we are closed all week! That also means no pies at @thestoreutah! Sorry for any inconvenience, but we’ll be back next week with a full menu! Keep following our stories for any updates! See ya next week! #junepie


Come hide away from all the smoke and grab some pies! We are open from 11-2pm today and it’ll be your last chance you get pies until Sept 24 when we open back up! See ya soon!! #junepie


It’s Peach Pie Day!!! The last and final day for Fresh Peach! Ahhhh! We made extras so if you didn’t reserve yours online you can be here at 3, and try and grab one. We also baked up a bunch of Dutch peach pies as well. Plus we have Chocolate Peanut Butter and Sugar Cream! Basically the best way to start your weekend. And don’t forget- we are closed all next week to refinish Our kitchen floors. See ya this afternoon! #junepie


Shepherds Pie. Beef, gravy, green beans, mashed potatoes and cheddar cheese. What more do you need? Except maybe a banana cream pie and a cookie pie. We have all of the above available! See ya soon! #junepie


Some times a classic pie is all you need. We have Sour Cream Lemon and Chicken Pot Pie, and it doesn’t get more classic than that. Plus we have Dutch Peach, so basically Tuesday is awesome. See ya soon! #junepie


Guys. it’s the last week of Peach Pies. are you so sad? I mean, i’ve only peeled what feels like a million peaches this season, so i’m kind of excited for fall. We will have Dutch Peach and Fresh Peach this week so be sure to order yours online before hand to make sure you get yours! Also- we are refinishing the floors in the kitchen next week, so we will be closed Sept 17-21, and that means we won’t be able to deliver pies to The Store either. Sorry! You’ll need to stock up this week! Tuesday we are baking Chicken Pot Pie for dinner and Dutch Peach and Sour Cream Lemon for dessert. Wednesday we have Shepherds Pie, which my husband already penciled in for dinner. Plus Banana Cream and Cookie Pie for dessert. Thursday is Hand Pie day and we’ll have Apple and Peach n Cream along with Chocolate. You sold us out last week, so I promise to make more this week! Friday and Saturday are the last days to get Fresh Peach Pie! Plus my favorite Sugar Cream and Chocolate Peanut Butter! Be sure to head to our website and order yours online before hand, but if not no worries, we always have some kind of pie available in store! Thanks so much for all your support, we couldn’t do it without ya! #junepie


It’s Saturday and we’ve got pies for ya!! We’ll be open from 11-2, so come say hi and enjoy some pies! See ya soon. #junepie


It’s peach pie day!! Fresh peaches from @allredorchards perfectly placed on top of a sweetened cream cheese layer and glazed to perfection. You can’t go wrong. We still have lots available plus we have Sugar Cream and Chocolate Cream today! Annnnd because you guys bought every hand pie we had, we made more! And we added Peach Hand pies today! Start your weekend off right! See ya soon! #junepie


It’s here! It’s here! Pumpkin Hand Pie day!!! Best day of the whole year!! We have pumpkin, lemon and chocolate. Stop by from 3-7pm! See ya soon!!


The best way to eat all your fruits? In a Pie. Always in a pie. This Berry Crumble is one of my favorites. Eat a slice for breakfast. Or late at night with a scoop of ice cream. Plus it’s Chicken Curry day!! And let’s not forget our most popular pie! Sour Cream Lemon. We’ve got it all for ya today from 3-7pm! See ya soon! #junepie


“I want to eat every pie we baked today. They’re all so good.” Wise words from our bakery manager @utahamicakes. We have Pork Tomatillo for dinner and these Apple Crumble pies and Coconut Cream for dessert. It’s a pretty great way to come back to real life after a 3 day weekend. See ya soon!! #junepie


Guys! We survived Swiss Days!! Did you stop by? What was your favorite? And let’s be honest, I have the best staff ever. They worked their butts off! I couldn’t do anything with them. Thanks guys!! This week we some of my favorites! and since we said goodbye to pies last week, that only means we are bringing back our favorite flavors! Let’s give a big round of applause to the Pumpkin Hand Pie!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 it’s my favorite hand pie and I plan on gaining 5lbs right away. It will be on the menu for Thursday! Tuesday we have Pork Tomatillo for dinner and Coconut Cream and Apple Crumble for dessert. Wednesday we have Chicken Curry for dinner and Sour Cream Lemon and Berry Crumble. Thursday is hand pie day- and we’ll have Pumpkin!!!! Chocolate and Lemon. Friday we are still peeling peaches for ya and will have our Fresh Peach Pie, along with Chocolate Cream and Sugar Cream. Thanks so much for stopping by this weekend, we can’t wait to see you again this week! #junepie


Swiss Days is still going strong and we have pies for ya! We have slices, full pies, dinner pies, and quiche! Plus did you know we have a gluten free option? Try our Snack Crack, it might change your life. Thanks for stopping by! We’ll be open until 4pm today!! #junepie #swissdays


Happy #swissdays2018! We have so many pies for you, I baked all through the night to be ready to open at 11am today! We have full dessert pies, dinner pies, Quiche and lots of hand pies. We also have slices of dessert pie and quiche- Plus we’re baking mini dinner pies so you can have a seat and enjoy lunch! I even restocked the Diet Coke for ya! We are open today at 11am-7pm. Yep. You read that right, 11am! We’ll see ya soon! #junepie


Hand Pie Day! Hand Pie Day! Hand Pie Day! It’s the best day ever!!! And we have 5 flavors, so beat the rush before Swiss days and come grab yours today! See ya soon! #junepie


Hump Day! Wednesday’s get a bad rap. Nothing wrong with this Wednesday, we’ve got Pot Roast for dinner and dessert is full! We have Banana Cream, Berry Strudel and S’mores pie! Stop by from 3-7pm! See ya soon! #junepie


Its baked Dutch peach pie day! It’s like a peach cobbler in a pie. Plus we have Chocolate Cream and for dinner we have Thanksgiving Leftover! It’s a good day! See ya soon! #junepie


It’s a big week for Pie this week, Swiss Days is coming! Our hours for Friday and Saturday will be more! Friday we will open at 11am and close at 7pm, Saturday we’ll open at 11am and close at 4pm. We’ll have slices of pies, hand pies quiche and mini dinner pies. You can stop by and have a meal! You can also stock your freezers with our frozen pies. We also say farewell to one of our favorite summer pies, this will be the last week you’ll be able to get a S’mores pie. But we still have Dutch Peach and Fresh Peach pies available. To order, (which for peach pies I highly recommend doing so) head to our website- www.junepie.com Here’s the menu! Soooo many pies! Tuesday we have Thanksgiving Leftover for dinner, for dessert we have Chocolate Cream and Dutch Peach. Wednesday we’ll be baking Pot Roast for dinner, S’mores, Banana Cream and Berry crumble for dessert. Thursday is hand pie day! And we will more than normal flavors- Chocolate, Peach n Cream, Berry, Vanilla and Lemon. You can grab one or two, or boxes of each. Friday we are baking Fresh Peach, Sour Cream Lemon, our gluten friendly Snack Crack, Chocolate Chess, Sugar Cream and Quiche! I told you we had a lots of pies this week! We can’t wait to see ya! #junepie #swissdays