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Right about now the sea ice is reforming in key locations in the Arctic and polar bears are returning to their winter hunting grounds in search of seals. Some bears may not have eaten a real meal for weeks yet they are able to withstand long periods of time marooned on land or plodding among glacier ice like this particular bear. It's a bad time of year to be a seal as there are starving bears afoot, but that's showbiz in the Arctic. #polarbear #ice #arctic #seal


There's a lot of love going around for octopus lately so in honor of #worldoctopusday I thought I'd share my favorite encounter with these onboard aliens. #octopus #alaska #life


No matter how nerdy I may get about invertebrates or weird, unknown sea creatures, ultimately my heart belongs to one animal. Great white sharks are the reason I fell in love with the ocean and all the great Adventures that resulted from this life-long quest to experience as much of it as possible. #greatwhite #shark #love #inspire #dive #australia @rodneyfoxsharkexpeditions @natgeo


A green sea turtle slowly rises from the depths, unperturbed by my presence. Long lived and well traveled, sea turtles experience a side of the ocean we may never understand. #seaturtle #underwater #wildlife #conservation #dude


A black tip reef shark cruises the shallows of Millenium Atoll. This remote uninhabited island was packed with big fish and marine life making it one of the most memorable stops on our South Pacific voyage. #islands #shark #reef #ocean #blue


Enraptured by the narrow passageways created by the creeping roots of mangroves. Not only are they a great place for fish to grow up into adults but mangroves buffer coastlines from storms, mitigating erosion and flooding. They're also just plain cool. #mangrove #freediving #mexico @lacasasurya @mattfreediver @cassliveshere @sonyalpha


The cenotes are beautiful but they can also be dangerous. Our training and experience only allowed us to venture into the cavern where a safe exit could easily be attained. Any further, and additional cave diving training is needed to safely navigate the narrow and confusing passageways. There is certainly a part of me that wants to venture past the STOP sign, and another part of me that enjoys the sunlight breaking through the cavern entrance. Thanks to Tom and @timetosurface for the great introduction to these marvelous caverns. 
#cenote #diving #cave #mexico #explore #underwater


@mattfreediver from @lacasasurya showed us all the best sites and taught us the meditative art of free diving in some of the most beautiful settings you could ever imagine. These sink holes, called cenotes in this part of Mexico, allow us to access the underground rivers of the Yucatan Peninsula with relative ease. They are one of the most beautiful underwater playgrounds I’ve ever experienced. I couldn’t help but fall in love with the way the tropical light plays off of every particle and nuance of the cave, or how each cenote had a unique look and feel. And many thanks to @cassliveshere for being an awesome catalyst, bringer-of-enthusiasm, and model. #freediving #travel #mexico #qroo #yucatan #cave #explore #apnea #dive #sony #dji #maviczoom @backscattervideophoto @djiglobal


Self portrait #selfie #beauty #ocean #travel


The cenotes of the Yucatan Peninsula were much more beautiful than I had anticipated and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute we spent in their clear, cool waters. From narrow caves with impossible spotlights in the roof to open passageways through mangrove forests, these limestone formations left us with so many different views that it was impossible to see them all. Although, given enough time, I bet @cassliveshere would try. #cenote #girlswhofreedive #mexico #travel


These southern elephant seals could care less about the plastic which was strewn about the beach, but out at sea this is the sort of thing that could spell the end for one of these immense seals. Entanglement in marine debris is a new, dangerous factor for all marine life and its our duty to ensure that trash does not enter waterways, regardless of the location. Remember, all rivers run to the sea. #elephantseal #plastic #litter #bag


The ocean has not been very friendly the past few days but that’s just the way things go around these parts. Despite the lack of whale sharks in my life, there have still been a few nice ocean scenes to take in and for that I’m grateful. Despite the thunder storms and frequent lightning strikes, there were still a few scenes of beauty to be captured out here in Mexico. More to come.. #mexico #islamujeres #waves #cmtfiendclub @cmthousings @sonyalpha #alpha