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I like Jesus. I like my husband. I like my babies. I like folding fitted sheets. I like living naturally. I always order chocolate mousse.

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⠀ Tuesday feels like Monday, but Monday felt like Monday, too. ⠀ ⠀ These little pumpkins have the right idea and if I thought they’d snuggle, we would all hop right back in my bed. ⠀ ⠀ Alas, they’re calling for snow tonight and tomorrow and it’s definitely supposed to be spring. ⠀ ⠀ So we will play in the snow if it snows and pray for warmer weather if it doesn’t. Cozy smells are diffusing so it smells delicious in here and we will all be under blankets if you need us!⠀ ⠀ Also, if you’re here to remind me that they won’t always fit laying like this, don’t. I laid in bed crying that one day they won’t be home for birthdays and won’t want to kiss their mama anymore. 😩🙈😂 #theadventuresofbuddyandsqueaker #thegrowinggourleys #stayathomemom #sahm #letthembelittle #letthekids #candidchildhood #childhoodunplugged #childhoodmemories #motherhood #motherhoodunplugged #motherhoodrising #motherhoodthroughinstagram #ig_motherhood #twinmom #momlife


⠀ Hope your Friday is as good as theirs.🙄😆⠀ ⠀ ‘Twas an historic week here at Chez Gourley.⠀ ⠀ We celebrated T H R E E years with #sweethoneythepup and one year ago we announced this sweet little bean!💕⠀ ⠀ Happy weekend, y’all! We will be here getting puppy kisses and watching a baby roll around on the floor while the “big” kids put together their letter puzzle 836384 times and ask us to play their matching game over and over. ⠀ ⠀ What are y’all up to this weekend?!☀️


Captain’s Log:⠀ ⠀ 7 am...super grumpy. Must sleep earlier. ⠀ 7:15...sniff a bunch of oils and make diffuser combos. ⠀ 7:30...pleasantly surprise myself with how good they smell. ⠀ ⠀ 11:45...finally have time to take pics for prosperity.⠀ 1:30...finally post pictures and combos.🙄😂⠀(recipes in comments) #momlife #oilylife #oilymama #threetwoandunder #threeunderthree #sahm #stayathomemom #youngliving


Honestly?⠀ ⠀ Yesterday was crap. Like, just generally a crappy day. ⠀ ⠀ Sometimes I feel like we don’t share the crap because it’s crappy, but sometimes I think it’s because it’s not crappy “enough”. Like, someone else has it worse, ya know? I don’t ever want to be seen as disrespecting that. ⠀ ⠀ But, no humble brag intended, most of our days are super happy. Our house isn’t clean. I am not super productive. Our kids do cry sometimes. We aren’t in the best shape of our lives and we don’t have millions of dollars or even enough to always buy whatever we want, whenever we want it. ⠀ ⠀ BUT, we do have perspective and I guess that helps? ⠀ ⠀ I’m not sure. Perky and optimistic aren’t two words that would ever describe me. Ever. So it’s not like we are over here using jazz hands all day either. But we didn’t ever think we would have this. We thought the super nurturing couple may just spend their lifetime nurturing other people’s kids and never have their own. We thought we would spend lots of money and hours budgeting to have subsequent kids. We thought that our goal jobs were possibly pipe dreams (and trust me, we STILL have big, “crazy” pipe dreams).⠀ ⠀ But like, yesterday I was ragey. I sent Chris texts about losing my mind. I raised my voice and my kids purposely didn’t listen. The baby didn’t want to nap and my back hurt too much to walk her all over the place all day. ⠀ ⠀ But there was also this. This sweet little boy holding Elmo (they still call him Nom-i-nee) and reading a book in the PJs he eventually peed through (long story for another time) while I held the baby and his sister played. ⠀ Baby gear everywhere. Sippy cups in the frame. Dog fur secretly (and not secretly) covering the surfaces. ⠀ ⠀ And it’s still so, so good. #thegrowinggourleys #buddythebrother #momlife #motherhood #motherhoodunplugged #motherhoodrising #motherhoodthroughinstagram #ig_motherhood #candidchildhood #letthembelittle #letthekids #bringingmessyback #oilymama


We made it another month, guys. You’re a smidge under one month away from being 2.5 and all I can wonder is, “how?” Your talking is probably my favorite thing on the planet, even when I aske you to do something and you respond, “no tank you, mommy.” You like to commend and scold the dog and Bud, your, “good girl, honey” is freaking adorable. You love outside and airplanes (“bye bye airpwane, looooove you”) and ladybugs (gross) and giving hugs, kisses, muggas...to everything. 😆 You take good care of your baby sister and want to touch everything that’s not yours. You say, “shaaaariiiiing” and know how to take turns, even though that doesn’t always work out. Even so, you love each other more than anything I’ve ever seen and you think your twin is the funniest human ever. 😍 You’re getting crazy with recognizing numbers and learning letter sounds (thanks to one toy and Super Why). You love your orchestra book and have memorized your other favorite books which was awesome...until you corrected me when I got a word wrong. 🙄 We are basically still the most obsessed and we have talked about you after bedtime and cried about how big you’re getting and how much bigger you’ll get...multiple times this week. We are lucky that you made us parents. We love you endlessly. ♥️ #theadventuresofbuddyandsqueaker #thegrowinggourleys #momlife #motherhoodthroughinstagram #motherhoodunplugged #ig_motherhood #letthekids #letthembelittle #twinmom


🎶”those who’ve seen us know that not a thing can come between us”🎶 These girls. 💕 #thegrowinggourleys #squeakerthesister #miraclebabymunchkin #girlmom #momlife #motherhoodthroughinstagram #letthekids #letthembelittle


#fbf to a time when I strolled through NYC and posed with giant statues of pastel, pooping elephants. And a random toddler. If you’re new here (and quite a few of you are), I’m Jessica (Jess) and I now have 3 little humans of my own. I no longer wear page boy hats, size small zip up hoodies, or shop at H&M. I still love NYC but going there with #threeunderthree sounds a little like punishment. I’m married to a pastor who may have married me as a mission project.🤷🏻‍♀️ I have the best dog ever, #sweethoneythepup and we all live in an 89 year old house with amazing sunrises and sunsets out our windows, but we are also 30 minutes from Target.🎯 #balance The beach is where my soul thrives and I really like the planet. 🌎 Like, a lot. I’m a tiny bit hippie so I’m into oils and recycling and really want to start a garden. My sweet husband has...reservations. I love to bake and eat Cool Whip by the spoonful and instead of drinking wine, I eat too many chocolate chips. And if this art installation were still in NYC, you better believe I’d pose with it again. Give me a fun fact about you!😘


5 months with you. ♥️ Basically, you’re the sweetest baby ever. Seriously. Also, like, I can’t get over you. Not even a little. You light up at your brother, sister, and pup. You sleep best on your daddy’s shoulder. You smile every time you see me and that’s the best. You love to be wrapped up or in the ring sling with mama. Your hair is still awesome and takes on a surfer-like quality when we wait a while between baths. You’re growing like a weed, well over 2 ft long and I’m pretty sure the same weight your siblings were at, like a year. 😂 You love your hands. And you drool. So much drool. And all the things in your mouth. Fingers? Yes. Toys? Yes. Blankets? Yes. The couch cushion? Yes. 🙄 Your tongue is constantly out and you rarely cry. You have a million Mama-given nicknames and your brother and sister like to say them now. 😂 You love to roll and have rolled both ways. You also reeeeaallly want to sit up and you’re off to a good start so it won’t be long. Oh, and you’re SO LOUD. You’re not mad, but dang. You are NOT a quiet girl when you get to talking. 🙉 We are talking about moving you to your own bed and I may stay up all night weeping when I finally reconcile myself that you’re old enough for all that. We love you endlessly. You were the exact baby we never knew we needed and you have made us all so very lucky. Now, slow down because your next month is halfway to a year and I cannot handle it. 😩


Trust and believe I’m the last person I ever thought would care about a MLM business. Like. Ever. These little guys changed so much. Not even for me at first, but for my FAMILY. My children sleep better. My husband heals faster. Cravings are curbed (hello, New Year’s resolutions). I’m not worried about crappy things going on my kids and giving them cancer. (Mom paranoia at its best. Always.) My kids have had exactly ONE illness this year and it was just a fever. 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼 AND my skin looks better and I got well SO much faster when I did get sick. So yeah, I joined the biz. Because...I want everyone to feel informed AND at peace. Ignorance isn’t always bliss in the end, ya know?🤷🏻‍♀️ Best investment we could’ve made to help US help ourselves. Plus, the other products are basically making my life a happier place now, too. Don’t hesitate. DO IT.


Some days it really is like this. ☀️ But mostly, it’s a little bit of beautiful clouds, early moons, and plane lines... ✈️ And also mommy and daddy picking dog poop up from the yard while they kick balls around. 😂 I’m just saying, while the perfect feed doesn’t always indicate a perfect reality, knowing all of the bad stuff doesn’t negate the good stuff, ya know? 💕 #momlife #momblogger #momlifeisthebestlife #moments #momandbaby #mom #mamabear #momsofig #mother #motherhood #motherhoodunplugged #motherhoodthroughinstagram #letthekids #letthembelittle #theadventuresofbuddyandsqueaker #miraclebabymunchkin #thegrowinggourleys #gourleysgocountry



If you ever wanted the true essence of my girl, here it is. 💖 She is sunshine and silly and weird and wonderful. She is polite (weird) and artistic. 🎨 She loves her brother and sister more than basically anything. She loves rocks and leaves and sticks and baths (because there are bath crayons). 🛁 She has a totally independent sense of humor and ridiculous facial expressions that make her hard to capture. I have the fewest pictures of her because she’s always a blur, even though she’s beautiful and super photogenic. She also says, “no, pishers, mommy...mommy’s phone off.” She loves reading letters and pretending to be Cookie Monster. 🍪 She says, “alright, guys,” just like me 🤦🏻‍♀️ and she’s my very best little friend. She’s my #1 cuddler and she and I refer to as “snuggle biscuit”. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I can’t wait to do sister things with her and the baby. But I also need her to stop looking 14 years old. Any time now. 🙄😩 #squeakerthesister #thegrowinggourleys #abmlifeiscolorful #motherhoodrising #motherhoodunplugged #motherhoodthroughinstagram #momlife #hotmessmom #mommyandme #momblogger #momlifeisthebestlife #moments #momandbaby #momstrong #mom #imomsohard #mommytime #mamabear #momsofig #mother #motherhood #mothers #motherlove #motherlife


Level 5847 of parenting: unlocked.✅ A kid requesting the “poop book, pweeease” while also asking for the roller bottle of essential oils for a boo-boo. I’ve arrived. Guys, today was kind of awful. We woke up an hour early to a kid SCREAMING. Like, inconsolable for an hour and a half— almost constantly. Turns out that when we FINALLY wrestled the diaper off there was a urethral obstruction and everything had been held in ALL night. It was awful and resulted in pee EVERYWHERE, but also instant relief. Hallelujah. Then, another kid pooped all over everything, through 3 layers. I also (obviously) got spit up on today. All of our plans to get ahead today were derailed and we barely got one of us out the door to grocery shop while the other was on nap duty. But, like, we all survived. And everyone is happy and peeing and pooping like normal. Hallelujah. #thegrowinggourleys #reallife #hotmessmom #momlife #letthembelittle #letthekids #momlifeisthebestlife #toddlerlife #twinmom




The day Chris told me we could buy a PSK I was truly over the moon. 😂 It’s the little things. I just knew we could know better, do better, and be better. And the tiny steps we’ve taken from learning about these tiny bottles have already reaped big rewards! . Seriously. Love Day is coming and no better way to love on yourself or your fam than going toxin free. . DM me if you want to know more, have ANY questions, or want to know why/how I got started and why I recommend my oily community over all the rest! 😘


Weird angle, right? Yeah, he crawled on the couch, laid down literally on top of me, said, “blanket on, please”, and then, “Thomas book!” So, this is how we read books after nap. His head is on my sternum. #buddythebrother #thegrowinggourleys #momlife #busymom #imperfectmom #mommyandme #momblogger #momlifeisthebestlife #moments #momandbaby #momstrong #mom #mommytime #mamabear #momsofig #mother #motherhood #mothers #motherlove #motherlife #letthekids #letthembelittle #candidchildhood #ig_motherhood