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Just arrived back home in Sydney and defrosting my fresh Venison from my hunt. Can’t wait to clean them up and cook them up soon 👌🏼


Had such a great time with my gorgeous friends and fellow huntresses Charmsy & Amy. Hope to see you again in the future sweethearts. Love you both ❤️❤️


Beautiful Red Deer 🦌


Heading back to Sydney tomorrow. The kids and I loved being tourists in Melbourne and the outskirts. I also loved hunting in Victoria, it’s going to be unforgettable. Can’t wait to see my Red Deer when it’s done, also can’t wait to cook up the venison. (Took this stunning pic on the Melbourne Star Observation Wheel)


Them lashes ❤️


Sightseeing around country Victoria 👌🏼


My gorgeous Red Deer 🦌


Took my kids for some bushwalking in today. Kids spotted some kangaroos in the bushes. Will be taking them to more forests in the coming days. #we_are_a_family_who_loves_exploring


What a hunt! This memory will forever be remembered for myself and my son. I’m so happy to have shared this trip with him. We had the best time. Such a brave boy enduring some hard tracks and terrain. He kept on pushing himself and even though he was about to give up, he kept on going. It pored rain. Muddy shoes and soaked wet attire got us shivering, but we never gave up. The roaring stags surrounded the area from beyond one can see and echoed towards each step forward we took. As I steadily aimed at the rutting stag, bang went the rifle towards its heart. A few steps later, he fell straight on the wet and soggy floor. Once I got the stag down, an overwhelming feeling came upon me. Shakes, and I completely became emotional, tears of joy and blessing poured down my cheeks. I was instantly grateful and kept thanking god non stop for giving me the opportunity to hunt. @khaleddassaad Is excited more for the fresh venison haha. Unforgettable! I want to thank all who helped, Ozgur I really appreciate it. God bless you and your family. @beretta.australia @safari_firearms


I’m so stocked. Got myself a gorgeous 12 pointer Red stag on my hunt today. Straight up heart shot. Man what a rush and such a beautiful blessing to be able to harvest such a beautiful animal. Having my son Khaled with me was amazing. He endured the hard work we all put on in this hunt, he’s exhausted but is so happy that he went with me. Best hunt ever! @beretta.australia @safari_firearms


Victoria, here we come!


Setting off tomorrow early am for our trip towards Victoria. My son and I are so pumped! @khaleddassaad


Super excited my son @khaleddassaad will be joining me on my hunting trip in Victoria. When I told him, he hugged me and wouldn’t let go. He slept with a smile on his face and just before he went to bed, he asked me how long till we leave..... I’m so happy for him and happy as a Mum to take him on an adventure he will definitely cherish forever ❤️ #makingmorememories #motherandson


2 more days and I’ll be hunting in beautiful Victoria!


Going to try these babies @winchesteraustralia Super Ranger 12 Gauge, 32 grams with my Miroku MK70 Shotty next week! Go to @safari_firearms for all your hunting gear 💪🏼 @brakenwear


Take me back!! Can’t wait for the weekend 🦌


4 more days and this gorgeous 308 Tikka T3 and Burris Eliminator 3 scope will be smoking a Buck hopefully 🤞🏼 @safari_firearms @beretta.australia @burriscompany @tikkafirearms @uahunt


I’m looking forward to the following weekend. Hopefully this time I’ll get one. Such a blessing to be able to hunt and have the opportunity to see gorgeous terrain in a different state. Victoria, here I come!!