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THE SINGLE IS OUT ! Link in bio 💜 I’m starring in the video as the girl between the devil and angel... who does she choose ? 🙄😇👹🥰 I love you @papoozband Director @vicochipster Filming @leoschrepel Style @mastlouise Set @megane.servadio MUA @clement_riesen Fsx @pauldescoings Prod @mathilde.garbe @boxprod @jadedebritolopesprestes The rest of the album “Night Sketches” will be out 8. Marts🔥 #papooz #papoozband #VicotoriaLafaurie #youandi #groovy #nightsketches #parismostgroovyguys


Mayimi Beach, what a great start on 2019, love u all 💞☮️☯️🍊 #miamibeach #2019 #itsgettingbetterallthetime🎵 My 2018 was a challenging life changing year, mostly because I had to face that I wasn’t speaking kindly to myself, that I was living in fear and that I had a lot of self-doubt. I can still hear the voice in my head sometimes, but it’s getting better, cause I’m aware and I’m taking control of my mindset. I’m not saying that everything is perfect now, cause life is a damn challenge, and every time I think — OH ! Great ! Now I have it figured out — a new challenge will appear. I can’t control what is happening around me, but what I can control is how I react to the challenges. In 2019 I will remember that everybody has their own history of what they had to deal with. Therefor I won’t judge, but meet people with a heart full of love and curiosity. I want to thank all the beautiful artist out there in the world, who have inspired me, when they shared their vulnerability and strength. #yesimchangeing #tameimpala #iloveu #gents #aboutime Special thanks to the @papoozband for reminding me to keep a positive mindset, embracing me in the love for music and encouraging me to learn guitar and ukulele. And of course mama earth @jlovecalderon !!🧡☮️🌎


...About today 🌙


One of the best things by being a model is that I explore the world 🌎💫This time we went on a road trip in South of France and stayed at Le Corbusier Hotel in Marseille. Grateful to visit a building made by such an iconic architect. Mill thanx to the team, and special thanks to @borbalaszantole ♥️ #lecorbusier #lecorbusierarchitecture #brutalism #concrete #travelissue #1950 #1960 #southoffrance #marseille


Mom ♥️


One year wiser #birthday


MARISSA — Cap Ferret


Wearing exclusively for LOUIS VUITTON 20meters of textile (this much textile is needed to create these beautiful sleeves with folds...!!) It’s fantastic — I love this spacey tomboy chick look, grateful for this opportunity. 🔷⚪️🔷⚪️🔷⚪️🔷 One more time the whole LV team inspired me. A MILLION of MILLIONS THANK YOU @nicolasghesquiere @marieameliesauve @ashleybrokaw and every single person from the good spirited team <3 What an experience🚀 #LVSS19


BUFFALOZINE ! FOOD ISSUE ! ROE ! MISS BYRNE ! 100 RECIPIES ! I’m in heaven, this is why I model, much love 💛❤️💛❤️💛❤️💛 Thank youu @nicola.kast


Happy 50 years old birthday @caspersejersenstudio 🖤 You and you lovely wife have inspired me from the very first day I met you, jeg ønsker jer alt det bedste !! Much love 🖤🖤🖤


Which came first, me or the orange ?






Ooh Magda Magda thank you for letting me dance in your beautiful silk shoes, I love all of your clothes, it’s made with such a delicate touch and finesse, sending a lot of love🍬💋@magdabutrym 🍫




Finally here’s New York part ll ! And I added more pictures from a trip to some French fields 💛🌾 see the full roll with much more lovely people and stuff on Filmgooligans link in bio. Much love, K