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• • 🌴⛰🌊 • Crystal Clear • Starting a petition to rename whatever color this kind of aquamarine is. I’m suggesting we go with bangerlicious-blue but I’m willing to take suggestions in the comments below. Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!


• •🏔✨🌊• Gold and Gilt • On the flight into the Faroes, @Harry.travel spotted this ridge line and made a mental note of where it was roughly. After we landed, we poured over every inch of google maps in search of where it might be. We found it tucked away on a nearby island only 2 hour away. A 1 hour hike up the mountain put us on the edge of this cliff listening to the sound of sheep walking along the mountain top and seagulls flying beneath us. Can you spot a mine tiny @heykelseyj @harry.travel and I standing on the edge of the cliff waving at the drone? We’re almost too tiny to see. #FaroeIslands #VisitFaroeIslands #AtlanticAirways Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!


• •⛰🌊🚶🏾‍♂️• Gates of Gloom • If you zoom into this photo, you can see me rocking the most disastrous, yet comfortable fashion faux pas known to mankind. The stocks and socks combination. I’ve sworn never to rock the dreadful duo ever again but honestly, there’s nothing more satisfying than getting done with a hike and slipping into them....even though I might end up looking like a bum. Just some Friday afternoon thoughts. Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!


• •🏄🏾‍♂️🌊⛰• Polynesian Paradise • Headed to Texas on an exciting new creative assignment. It’s going to be interesting working with lesser known locations to create visuals and imagery that are hopefully equally as exciting and engaging. Looking forward to this creative challenge. Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!


• •⛰✨🛣 • Leading Lines • Every time the seasons switch, I become completely convinced that the new one is my favorite. Stoked to get up north east and experience fall in full effect later this month. Who else is headed up there? This shot is from last weeks adventure testing out @harry.travel’s shiny new drone up in Iceland. No trees for autumnal tones but Iceland made up for it with this magical gold glazed sunset. Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!


• •❄️🏔✨• Snowcapped Symphonies • Blue hour up in the highlands of Iceland. I’m headed to Texas for an exciting project over the next couple of days and then it’s back to my fav country on planet earth Indonesia. I’m pretty sure I’ve caught the Bali fever. Can’t wait to indulge in copious amounts of delicious smoothie bowls. Who’s gonna be in town Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!


• •🌴⛰🤸🏾‍♂️• Tropical Tumbles • Already planning my next island adventure with @eye.of.ty Any guesses where we’re going in December? Swipe right to see a video of him back-flipping off this rope swing. Not on video - me absolutely slipping and racking myself 🤕 on the plank of wood in the most ungrateful manner. I’ll leave the flipping to Ty next time. Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!


• •⛰✨☁️• Glitter and Gold • Some hints of fall on the Icelandic countryside complementing the beautiful golden light. A much needed break from the rain, wind and storms we experienced on the first couple of days on the trip. Thanks for the dank whip @bluecarrental . Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!


• •🌌✨🏔• Star Struck • Currently planing another camper van trip in the fall down the East Coast coast. If you’ve got any suggestions for places to visit from New York down to Florida please comment them down below Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!


• •🌴⛰🌊• Turquoise Tunnel • Earlier this year, workers began chipping away at the side of this cliff to create a set of stairs for access to this beautiful beach in Nusa Penida. Crazy to think that there are stunning coves just like this all over the island just waiting to be discovered. Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!


• •⛰🚶🏾‍♂️✨• TiltShifted Towers• Some captions I contemplated using for this post - (1) “The mountains are calling and I must go.” – John Muir (2)”Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go.” – T.S. Eliot (3) “The best view comes after the hardest climb.” The caption I decided to go with instead ; “I like tacos.” - William Shakespeare. Truly a mantra we should all live by. Comment some of your unnecessarily wanderlusty captions below so I can store them in my caption tank 😂. #FaroeIslands #VisitFaroeIslands #AtlanticAirways Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!


• •🌌🌴✨• Moonlit Madness • I usually spend the night before my flight out of a destination stargazing and photographing the night sky. This creative process is much more contemplative and relaxing in contrast to running around like a headless chicken during a fleeting golden hour. The night this photograph was taken was no different. Soothing waves lapped against the beach as I waded in knee deep water searching for palm trees that hung over the ocean. It was a moment of solace that was much needed after a week of running through the jungles. P.S. The stars in this image are not photoshopped in. Sometimes Mother Nature does all the heavy lifting for me . Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!