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• •🍃🚁🌴• Framed Flight • Woke up at the break of dawn and were shuttled by the fine folks at @fairmontorchid to an absolutely breathtaking experience of a lifetime. Shortly after sunrise, we took off for a flight around the entire Big Island of Hawaii in search of valleys and waterfalls and boy, did we find them. I spent the whole flight giggling like a little child in awe of the sheer scale of these cliffs and cascades. Crazy what a little bit of height can do to switch up the perspective. Most of the waterfalls in this photo last are completely inaccessible by land. Truly magical to experience. I couldn’t decide on what photo to use for the cover of this set. Which one’s your favorite. #fairmontorchid #fairmontmoments @paradisehelicopters Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!


• •🧜🏾‍♂️🛣✨• Lustre Lane • It’s been an absolute blast running around Maui with @fairmontkealani. I spent all afternoon driving around the entirety of the beautiful island in search for this little bend of the road that I came across on Pinterest. Made it back to the hotel in time for sunset and got treated to an absolutely delicious dinner with unobstructed views of the ocean. To be honest, I’m tempted to lock myself in my villa and never come out living on room service forever. But I won’t because, we’re headed to the big island next for another bout of adventure 😉🚁 . Super stoked to say the least. #fairmontkealani #fairmontmoments Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!


• •⛰🚶🏾‍♂️🌨• Edge of Earth • While exploring the Faroe Islands, @heykelseyj and I got completely shut out by extremely dramatic weather more times than we had clear skies. We had no choice but to embrace the moody weather and make the best of the rain and clouds. Here’s a collection of images of some of the most dramatic conditions we experienced. Definitely a stark contrast from the clear skies and beautiful sunsets I’m currently experiencing in Hawaii. Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!


• •🌴🧜🏾‍♂️✨• Slip n’ Slide • Spent the last week chilling with my grandma at home in San Antonio taking a little bit of time off in anticipation for the holiday season madness. To break my week off, I’m roaming around the Hawaiian islands with @andyto Who snagged this shot of me. So far, we’ve seen some whales, snorkeled around a half sunken volcano and eaten my body weight in fresh fish. Check out my story to follow along with the adventure. Super stoked for the next couple of days @fairmontkealani #fairmontmoments #alwayskealani Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!


• •⛰🚶🏾‍♂️✨• Flooded in Flames • I made it back to one of the most stunning places in California with @tommylundberg. I hadn’t been to this popular look out yet but as soon as we arrived, It became clear why this particular ledge draws people from far and wide. Taft point is the go to spot for sunset in the summer but the rod up to it closes in the winter. Luckily we were able to get to it a couple of days before it was shut till next summer. At the ledge, you get an obstructed view of the valley complemented by a knee-quaking sheer drop a meet 3500 above the valley floor. Definitely a sunset I won’t soon forget. Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!


• •🌴✨🌊• Midnight Madness • Every-time I visit somewhere new I become completely sure that the location is my new favorite place on earth. Either I’m very easy to impress or we live on an extremely beautiful planet. I’d prefer to think the latter is the case. These shots were taken earlier in the year when I went roaming around Bora Bora in the middle of the night. The blues in the Polynesian nights are equally as stunning as the midday blues in the water. Can’t wait to re-visit this place and have it once again take first place in my heart. Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!


• •🌲🚶🏾‍♂️🌲• Runaway Redwood • Spent some solitary time up in the redwoods over the last couple of days. It felt amazing to wake up early and have these trails all to myself. A reminder why California has a special place in my heart. Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!


• •✨🌴🏍• Summer Sundowns • That one time when @Harry.travel @Jordhammond and I rented dirt bikes in Bali and did laps underneath this one palm tree until the sun went down. One of my favorite memories from the past year. Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!


• •⛰✨🌊• Cove of Cliffs • Already plotting my return to this absolutely stunning set of islands with @harry.travel and @heykelseyj . The Faroes definitely knows how to do a sunset. Swipe right to get your mind casually blown by one of the most stunning sunsets I’ve experienced yet. #faroeislands #visitfaroeislands Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!


• •🌊🚶🏾‍♂️☁️ • Wave of Wonders • Went scrolling through my Indonesian archive and got reminded why this is my favorite country on planet earth. From an adventure last month alongside @jackharding. Swipe right to see an alternative angle to this famous Javanese waterfall Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!


• •🦃⛰🥘• Falling Foliage • Here’s one of the last few shots I’ve been saving up from the fall adventure with @heykelseyj a couple of weeks back. The different perspective makes the tree look like a bowl of skittles. Deliciously fascinating. Speaking of delicious, #HappyThanksgiving to everyone currently preparing themselves for a face stuffing. Stoked for Christmas carols to begin playing on the radio and in grocery stores. It’s that time of year folks. Where’s my Santa hat? Taken with @djiglobal’s new #mavic2pro . Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!


• •⛰🚣🏾‍♀️☁️• Swimming Spirits • This is @thismattexists and @juliiathompson on a causal morning paddle. Unbeknownst to them, the sky is about o explode into an array of cotton candy colorfulness. Swipe right to see what the sky looked like 10 minutes after this. PS, shoutout to @errincasa Who went out into the lake while everyone selfishly snapped away at this view (me included). I couldn’t bring myself to head out unto the lake and risk missing out on these few minutes of insane light. Casual summer mornings. Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!