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Big Babyy K 🦋🥀



maybe life is not about avoiding the bruises or hiding them. our pain & struggles isn’t something we should be ashamed of , instead it’s something we should look at as part of our story. it’s not about who struggled less and made it , it’s about who struggled a lot but still decided to keep going & stay in the story.


🦋😭🤯 “ Some People Just Don’t Deserve You. They Aren’t Ready For Your Level Of Loyalty Or Love. You Have To Always Remember That Not Everyone Was Raised Like You. Not Everyone Has A Pure Heart And Good Intentions Like You. And Not Everyone Has Your Best Interest And Wants To See You Succeed” R.I.P Love 💛🦋


Remember this face, cause i’m that chick you gone lose to 😘


oh no


Be Strong &&' Of Good Courage. Do Not Fear Nor Be Afraid Of Them; For The Lord You're God, He Is The One Who Goes With You. He Will Not Leave You Nor Forsake You. // Deuteronomy 31:6


Baby Girl 💞