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Living the dream✨ Bride to be 💍 @leviatone 🔜Spain 📍Based in London-Paris 📩contact@katie.one 🆕 ABOUT OUR TRIP TO HOLLAND⤵️


A casual way of meeting sunset in Paris ❤️ Where would you like to be at sunset time today?


When the weather is perfect outside for biking with your sweetie ❤️ Guess in which famous movie this place was featured! It's my favorite spot in whole Paris and I dream about buying a flat at Place Dauphine 😍


May your day be as beautiful as a field of flowers 🌸


Please, bring me peonies 🌸 What are your favorite flowers? 😍


No matter how much I say I love, I love you more than that ❤️ @leviatone Currently spending a lot of time preparing our wedding day 👰🏻 It's all about the dress. Oh, and the cake! And the rings. And the vows! I am trying to think about every part of "I do" day and I am enjoying at so much ✨ Did you like your wedding planning process? Or do you enjoy event planning (of not married yet) ❤️ Let me know about your experience 😘


We will always have Paris ❤️ Probably, the most photographed spot in the city 😅 Would you get up very early in the morning to get a perfect shot with the Iron Lady?


I loved flowers before Instagram did 😅 Do you remember which flower you wanted to grow in your garden back in early childhood? ✨ And I, no matter how funny it sounds, remember that even in the kindergarten I dreamed that in our yard I would grow the hydrangeas. No, of course, I did not know how was called the plant I love, but I admired it for hours. 💜 When we went for a walk, I always looked at the luxurious bushes and waited for them to blossom. And when the amazing white balls appeared on them, a real holiday was coming for me! 🌸🌸🌸


There is much to be said for cherry blossoms, but they seem to be so quick to run off and leave you. And then just when your regrets are the strongest the wisteria comes into bloom, and it blooms on into the summer. 💜 📷 @sergeysuxov


You don't know how much I love cities like Amsterdam ❤️ It feels more like a town than a city, and can easily be done in a weekend or as a stopover between two other major destinations if needed. It is incredibly easy to navigate, and very walkable (if you’re paying attention to the bicycle traffic 🚲). What's your type of the city? ❤️


But first, champagne. I mean coffee...☕️ It's Monday 😄 How did you start your morning?


We don't need a special day to tell our mothers thank you ❤️ A sea of tulips wouldn't be enough 🌷 Happy Mother's Day 😘


Enjoying Venetian traffic ❤️ Tell me what was your most inspiring destination for you? I always enjoy Italian trips 😍