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Living the dream✨ 📍Based in London-Paris 🔜 Croatia 📩contact@katie.one 📝Blog: www.katie.one HOW I EDIT MY PHOTOS ⤵️ @presets.one


I’m sure those nice people at the airport will let me take my little case and hat on as hand luggage 😁🎩 Who else travels with a collection of hats? 📷 @kseniakuznetsovaphotography 👒 @krasnova_modiste


When every corner of your city is beautiful ❤️ Does Paris have one of the most photogenic metro stations? 😍


On the quest of finding the best baguette 🥖


Happiness is a movie, pop corn and a cosy blanket 🍿


Make a wish ✨ The legend claims that you should throw three coins into the fountain. The first coin guarantees your return to Rome, the second will ensure a new romance, and the third will ensure marriage. 💍 How much money is thrown to Trevi fountain every day? 🙈


Sunsets to remember 😍 New presets are out ❤️One click edit with new @presets.one 🌅 How your most memorable sunset looked like? ❤️


Adults are only kids, grown up anyway ❤️ Cotton candy anyone? 📷 @eugeniaziginova edited with new @presets.one


Having my Marilyn Monroe moment in Paris ❤️ What else is an advantage of Paris in August? Empty streets! 📷 @eugeniaziginova check out our photography workshop in her recent post! edited with @presets.one


Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations 💜 An article about lavender fields is on the blog (www.katie.one). Have you seen it? 📷 @bulavina edited with @presets.one


It’s so hot in Paris that even thinking of going outside and taking pictures is painful😅 How do you survive heatwaves?


It’s picnic o’clock 🥂 For those who are visits Paris this summer, you don’t want to miss out on a favorite Parisian activity: picnicking in one of the beautiful gardens of the French capital ❤️ We enjoyed our snacks on the green esplanade of the Champs de Mars! Do you have your fav spots for picnic in Paris? An article with my top spots for the French moments is coming soon on the blog 💌


Paris in August is empty like Trevi Fountain in the morning 😌 Most shops and restaurants went on holidays till September and I can’t stop missing our Roman escape earlier this month ❤️ What are you plans for the last month of summer?