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Thinking about how the number of followers one has in no way represents the validity of the advice being given. Let’s seek more quiet, unobtrusive wisdom. 🌿


Make art of it and move on 😌 It’s been way too long since I’ve picked up my sketch book! Feels so good to create some doods again 🌿


#notacolgatead 🌿Happy Wednesday internet-friends! So I’ve seen a few new faces around here lately, and thought I’d introduce myself so I’m not just some weird chick you follow that wears the same hat in every photo (🤦🏼‍♀️). Here are eight facts about me! 1. I’m 23 and currently live in Vancouver, BC ✨ 2. I’m studying English and friggin love it. ✨ 3. I grew up on a farm, and no, I don’t listen to country music. Okay fine, but only when I’m nostalgic. ✨ 4. I dabble in everything artsy fartsy, but writing is my one true love 🧡 5. My pet peeve is cynics ✨ 6. My love language is cookies. And words. (Surprise surprise) 7. My personality type is ENFP - described as “a true free spirit”, who is “charming, independent, energetic, and compassionate”. 💁🏼‍♀️ 8. Meeting new people is one of my favourite things in the world! So I’d genuinely love to get to know you! (This is me giving you full permission to slide in my dms so we can put the social back in social media 👊🏼)


Besides poutine and saying sorry too much, I had always felt as though there weren’t many things characterizing Canadian culture. We sing of being the “true north, strong and free”, but sometimes it feels more like we’re just the colder, nicer version of America 💁🏼‍♀️ However, since settling out west I have gained a new appreciation for this country and its sheer vastness - in landscapes, resources, people and cultures. As a tour guide, I also get to be Canada’s hype-girl, and witnessing foreigners’ amazement at its beauty and hearing why they love my country never gets old. From the maritimes to the mountains, we are a country who cares about not just our land but all land, not just our people but ALL people. So happy 151st birthday, Canada. Proud to call you home. 🇨🇦


LIFE IS GOOD GOOD ✨ (Summer in BC finally showing me why I pay ridiculous amounts to live here 🧡)


I was hella nervous about posting that transformation in my story, but THANK YOU to everyone who showed such encouragement. You guys rock. I’m no fitness guru or personal trainer, but I had so many people ask about the changes I’ve made, I thought I’d make a lil post. These are the things that have helped me: 1. LESS SUGAR. Sugar and sweets have and always will be my biggest weakness - I used to need dessert after every meal. So for the month of January I cut out refined sugar completely, and when I did reintroduce it I craved it less! 2. LIFTING HEAVY. I started lifting heavy weights at least three times a week. The gym was super intimidating at first, and I literally had no idea what I was doing so I just copied Instagram videos. But MAN, when you finally see progress and realize how much stronger you are than a month ago - it’s a great feeling. I hate cardio, so talk to someone else about that haha. 3. EATING BETTER NOT LESS. I ate A LOT before, and I eat A LOT now. But instead of processed foods, I try to eat whole, natural foods, and lots of protein. 4. GIVING YOURSELF GRACE. My body doesn’t look the same day to day, or even morning to night. Sometimes I have abs, sometimes I’m so bloated I look like I’m giving birth to twins. Sometimes I work out everyday, sometimes I go a week without working out. Pack of Oreos one day, salad the next. Whatever. It happens. 🧡 And finally, and most importantly, this body is just a shell. The spirit it carries within is infinitely more precious than the outside. 👊🏼


Currently enjoying some much needed R&R with friends and family in Ontario, but can’t wait to spend my summer surrounded by these views 🧡 THE MOUNTAINS GET ALL UP IN YOUR BLOOD PEOPLE!!


SWIPE ☺️ For all my flightiness in dreams and interests, writing is one of the few things I have always loved and clung to. So I have said it before and I will say it again, THANK YOU to anyone who takes a few extra seconds to read my words 🧡 Here’s the latest poem about LOVEEEE




Enough already. You are enough already. ✨ I will love my unruly hair. And my funky nose. And my stomach post ab-workout AND post pasta. I will stop only noticing things I want to change, and instead I will love my strong legs and my bright smile and my green eyes. I will stop letting my first interaction with females be a comparison. I will push and train my body not so I can look more like HER, but so that I can be STRONGER - mentally and physically. I will not limit myself to being one type of girl, but instead I will be creative AND smart AND fit AND adventurous AND aware. I will reclaim every second which has been wasted on comparison and dissatisfaction, and use it instead to recognize the potential surging and bubbling beneath the surface.


Wherever you go...there you are. 😏


Peony season 🌸 (Shoutout to guys who buy girls flowers, they’re freakin expensive)


Maybe one day.


Meeting new friends from around the world, visiting the most breathtaking places, and lots and lots of learning - tour guiding is all my favourite parts of life ✨


Been working my arse off lately, but work is taking my arse to the ROCKY FREAKIN MOUNTAINS this weekend and IM EXCITED.


Home is where you make it ✨


Aspiring ray of sunshine 🌞


✨ I remember you as you were In the last August When we lay scorched backs On steaming concrete Sling-shotting prayers Into God-Knows-Where Betting on which ones would stick.