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Hey it’s me, Kat 👋🏼 Let’s be real, NOVEMBER IS THE WORST. Seriously, it’s up there with wiping Cheeto fingers on your jeans, or watching a video that won’t stop buffering. It sucks. It’s cold and rainy and it gets dark about half an hour after the sun rises (at least that’s how it feels). In November, mental health struggles are more fierce, and stress of finances or school is magnified. Tinder-fingers start flying because suddenly everyone just wants someone to cuddle. A year ago, I was new to Vancouver and didn’t know anyone. Despite my aggressive extroversion and irresistible charm, Vancouver can be a brutal city and I was lonely AF. So this November I’ve been trying to keep my eyes and arms open for people who may be in the same situation I was a year ago. That being said, if you’re experiencing Novemberitis, please do not hesitate to message me. I like coffee and I think everyone is interesting, and most of all I don’t like people to feel alone. People can tell you you’re not, but sometimes you need someone to prove it. 🧡


I AM NOT ONLY MYSELF. I am one, made of many. I am myself, but also the people with whom I rub shoulders. They shape me, each one, so that I am not the same as yesterday and will not be entirely the same when I am grey. Do not resist this, do not cling so tightly to yourself. WE ARE NOT FIXED CREATURES. We are not meant to be stiff or stagnant, but like rivers we are most alive in movement. And in this we find the beauty, no - the MAGIC - of community: we become each other, while somehow - simultaneously - becoming more of ourselves. ✨


“Now I see the secret of the making of the best persons. It is to grow in the open air and to eat and sleep with the earth.” - Walt Whitman - 🍂 Happiest when surrounded by GREEN. (Nature, guys, not cash. Though that would be equally welcome right now.) Looking forward to another weekend of friends and fresh air and ignoring midterms ☺️


M O O N S T R U C K (Adj) 1. dreamily romantic or bemused. 2. mentally deranged 🌙 This word was sent to me this week via my word-of-the-day email (I achieved a new nerd status when I subscribed I know), and the two definitions made me laugh. We all know, or have been, a person unable to think or act normally because they’re so in loooove. And now you have a word for them! 🌙 Moonstruck first appeared in one of my favourite works of all time, Paradise Lost, and the word is probably Milton’s own creation. #katswotw #wordoftheweek


When you come across a woman who makes you feel stronger, lighter, and, yes, more of yourself than ever before...for the love of God, cling tightly. 🌿 - I met Maren a year ago in a car full of strangers. Although we sometimes go months without seeing each other, it has been one of the most amazing friendships. She is a role model for me in the way she listens without shifting eyes, laughs loudly and often, and follows her own unique life-path. SHE IS GOOD PEOPLE. FIND YOUR GOOD PEOPLE AND LOVE THEM FIERCELY.


“People still sit around and think, ‘when’s it going to come...’ and that’s the wrong way. You’re facing the wrong way, you’re facing away from it. You have to go, ‘it’s here, it’s here, it’s here.’” 🍂 - Jim Carrey - Pc: @chrisruiter


It took me a long time to admit I wanted to be a writer for 2 reasons: 1) I didn’t think I was good enough (classic) and 2) It’s kind of lame. Part of the job description is being sensitive. It’s constantly observing, then overthinking, then finding or placing meaning on things or situations others wouldn’t think twice about. Honestly, I’d rather be passionate about mountaineering or craft beer or literally anything cooler. But I recently had a friend tell me how much he loved to see me embrace my passions. “Whenever you post your writing or words,” he said, “I think, ‘YES. That’s Katrina. We need more of THAT.’” (I hope you have friends who cheer for you like this from the sidelines. It’s everything.) ✨ So here’s to embracing passions that aren’t cool! And in light of this, I’m revamping my website, and will release it later this week with new blogs, poetry and all that lame stuff 😌 stay tuned!


L A S S I T U D E (Noun) A state of physical or mental weariness; lack of energy, spirit. ✨ Anyone else experiencing mad lassitude this time of year?? 😴 - Lassitude comes from the Latin “Lassus” meaning “weary”. Interestingly (to me), the word “alas” which conveys a degree of weariness, comes from the same Latin root. #katswotw #wordoftheweek


“Every life is many days, day after day. We walk through ourselves, meeting robbers, ghosts, giants, old men, young men, wives, widows, brothers-in-love, but always meeting ourselves.” - James Joyce, Ulysses - 🧡 A half-full cup of coffee is a very accurate image of life right now, but at least it’s half-full ✨


Not vegan so I stay straight cheesin on em. :)


How good does my face look in this though. All about this summer weather in autumn. Off to the island for the weekend to surf (or at least try) and it’s all sunshine in the forecast 😍🧡


I realized recently how blessed I am to have a life full of inspiring women. I know so many people with toxic or competitive female friendships, and I feel so lucky to be friends with girls who inspire me to be smarter, kinder, stronger, and more adventurous. This girl here is one of these amazing ladies - always gentle and elegant but still so fierce and independent. Love you Cait, have the happiest of birthdays🧡


M E L L I F L U O U S (Adj) sweet or musical; pleasant to hear. Mellifluous comes from the Latin “mel” meaning “honey” and “fluere” meaning “to flow”. It’s usually used to describe voices, words or sometimes music that are so sweet sounding they’re like flowing honey! 🍯 Say it! Isn’t it the most beautiful (or mellifluous 😏) word?? #wordoftheweek #katswotw


And then, I stopped trying to figure myself out. I held my heart in cupped palms and told it, “YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE JUST ONE THING”, released it to the wind and watched it float away. I am certain it will return, and I the better for its wandering. Photo by: @kayitscait #mymonthofwords