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This has definitely been the year of travel. . Tomorrow morning I'll be lakeside with my Diamond Coaches for a retreat!! 💎 . It will be my first time away from Blake. 😥 As much as I will miss my boy and hubby, I am SO excited (and ready!) to have a few days for myself!! . I cannot believe how much my life has changed in these last 2 years. All because I made the decision for change. I couldn't make that decision alone though. #thankyouhubby . So what's on the itinerary for our retreat? Lots of relaxation, sun, bonding with my leaders, learning, workouts, and wine. LOTS of wine 😜 . Want to know what's REALLY on my mind though? . I didn't need to request any vacation days for my time off! ❤ . THAT alone feels AMAZING!! 👆👆 . ❤ . . . #sothankfulrightnow #firsttimeaway #allexpensespaid #gonnamissmyboy #nokidsnohubby #coachingopportunity #wanttoknowmore #justask #areyoucomingnextyear #myleaders #teamofrockstars #theydeservethis #wedeserveit #feelingsoblessed #itsallpaidfor #coachingperks #weworkhard #mompreneurship #weareentrepreneurs #stillneedtopack #mommydutiesfirst



Down 7 lbs! . I'm honestly shocked because I don't feel like I tried hard 😳 . Let me explain. . I'm the girl that used to workout 5-6 days a week at the gym and follow a strict meal plan (food scale, macros, calorie count). For YEARS I've been taught that was the way! . Sure it works! But I couldn't engage in social events, I got obsessed with sticking to plan, and I developed food anxiety. Awful. . Let's just say it's been a massive process (years!) of re-learning how to eat again, without strict meal plans to work towards my health and fitness goals. . Then I started a new program with my VIP Crew that was Nutrition Only focused. Zero meal prep. Zero counting calories. Zero restrictions. I mean ZERO!! . This was life-changing!! 👆👆 . Then, I reintroduced my workouts. Again, with my VIP Crew we started our newest workout program which is by far the most relaxed program we've ever done!! Not the workouts -- they will challenge you! But the program. ONLY 4 days a week for 30 mins! . Honestly at first I wasn't sure how only 4 days a week can cut it -- but holy smokes has it ever! 7 lbs lost and we are in Week 4! . It upsets me when I see or hear of other people struggling with their health journey. The process can feel freaking HARD! I wish I could reach out to everyone and help them understand there is a way!! A much easier, less stressful, more relaxed way!! . The ladies, mama's, and gents in our VIP Crew are CRUSHING it!! You can do it too!! . In 3 weeks we start again. This is YOUR opportunity to decide on change. To finally lose weight and get in shape HAPPILY! The process should be enjoyable not consuming!! . If you are struggling, or if you just want to start! PLEASE reach out! Do it for you, and we will do this together!! . Comment below or send me a msg for details. I'm here to help! . ❤ . . . #enjoytheprocess #allbodies #youarecapable #sayyestochange #imheretohelp #busymoms #busymomsgetfit #momofaboy #postpartumbody #postpartumgoals #postpartumjourney #timeforme #nomagicpill #enjoyingmysummer #summeractivities #mummytummy #diastasisrectirepair #abseparation #down7lbs #strongnotskinnymom #fitforme #thisismenow #allbodiesarebeautiful


Our little ones are a blessing ❤ . I'm so in love with him I have no words. . Joy. Laughter. Happiness. . Feeling grateful for the time I get to spend with him -- a choice I made in my life and career. . They say cherish every moment. Well, I do. And each moment is better than the last. . I wouldn't have it any other way. . ❤ . . . #momofaboy #ichoosefreedom #mombosslife #workandplay #livealifeyoulove #hemakesmyheartfull #ichoosethis #careerwoman #mompreneurship #thisismylifenow #livewithpurpose #idreambig #noonecanstopme #dreamsarecomingtrue #beliefiseverything #15monthold #armybaby #boysarefun #myworldrighthere #pcoswarrior #diastasisrectirepair #miraclebaby #miraclebabyboy


Success is all about BELIEF ❤


Yup. Little man is still awake. Wayyy past his bedtime. . I like to think it's because he didn't want Mommy to workout alone 😜 . Little did he know I've been working out with a community of people LIVE -- it's like being in a fitness class but from my living room 😉 . I have to be honest and say I'm REALLY enjoying this program. Week 3 of 8, only 4 days a week, 30 mins a day. . I'm enjoying more rest days, being on an easy-going schedule, and relaxed eating. Afterall, it is summer! 🍷 . Surprisingly, I'm also getting my best results on this program! Down 6 lbs, without meal prep! Shocked! . Want a sneak peek workout? Send me a DM and it's yours :) . ❤ . . . #momofaboy #eveningworkout #teamnosleep #workoutbuddy #pcoswarrior #30anddone #fitnessathome #fromallover #fromtexas #fromarizona #fromtoronto #fromflorida #fromedmonton #fromnewjersey #15monthold #fitmummy #fitmomstrongmom #diastasisrecti #diastasisrectirepair


I want to share what I'm feeling here ❤ . This moment was MUCH more than being in front of thousands in the Lucas Oil Stadium for one of my biggest Coaching events yet. . This moment was proof that DREAMS can COME TRUE -- for ANYONE!! . I'm no different than you. . A ridiculously busy mom, wife, corporate working woman who wanted more in life. . An always conservative person who never took a chance because having a well-paid career, benefits, and pension was comfortable. . But where was the JOY? . I wouldn't have taken this leap of faith if it weren't for my incredible husband -- he encourages me to do more, take chances, and follow my dreams no matter how big they may seem! . 2 years ago I said YES to trying out this Coaching gig. Had no idea what to expect but literally said yes in a heartbeat because 1⃣ I'm passionate about improving my health and wellbeing 2⃣ my joy comes from helping other people improve their health and happiness. . I'm now Coaching full-time on my own terms and running my own business. . I've built a team of AMAZING Coaches who are rocking their own business too! To think once strangers considering we met online, these individuals are now dear friends to my heart and have the most beautiful souls ❤. . But if these Coaches were never invited to the Coaching opportunity, if I never said YES, heck our lives would be totally different!! We would have missed out on this incredible (and life-changing) path filled with joy, community, and purpose! It's crazy to think!! . And so here I am, inviting YOU to learn more about this Coaching gig I once came across 2 years ago. I NEED to stop holding back and share this with you! Because if I don't, you're going to miss out on a potentially life-changing opportunity. . Be a fly on the wall as you watch, observe, and learn, or, engage and ask a million questions. You do you! But do yourself a favour and say YES. . Drop your YES below if you're the slightest bit interested to learn more!! 😊 . ❤ . . . #mylifeischangedforever #dreamscancometrue #cantbelieveigettodothis #sayyes #opportunityknocking #thisisyourchance #thiscanbeyoutoo #lifeofjoy #doyouknowyourpurpose #passionfilled #workonyourterms #sahms



Because having the flu a week or so ago wasn't enough I had to get strep too 😷 Timing couldn't be better 😒 . Something I never thought I'd say --- Thank goodness for drugs! 💊😜 . I'm pretty well recovered now if you couldn't tell by my showered hair and non-pj's attire 😂 and I'm in full #bossmode! . This week was an exciting week for my VIP Crew!! We kicked off the launch of our newest program that fits getting in shape, BBQs, summer activities, even drinks! #cheerstothat 🍷 . We have 50+ people who in 8 weeks will feel completely transformed, all by working out only 4 days a week for 30 mins! . We're a VIP group only, BUT if you're interested to be on the list to try our program come THIS FALL 🍁, drop your favourite emoji below or send me a DM! . You may even get a sneak peek workout to try 😉 You won't regret it! . ❤ . . . #fitnessopportunities #getonthislist #changingsomanylives #passionfilled #thisstuffexcitesme #gettingstrongereveryday #homeworkouts #orangevilleontario #thisisforyou #momofaboy #parentsofaboy #diastasisrecti #diastasisrectirepair #postpartumbody #postpartumgoals #imamomtoo #nestingchair #urbanbarn #socomfy #strepthroat #strepthroatsucks #imafighter #hubbysavestheday


Have you read it? Thoughts? . I just started and can't put it down --- And I thought my days reading a book after becoming a Mom were over 😂 #audible . Eating plant-based. You probably hear it all the time. It was something I tried but was short-lived. Why did I stop when I was feeling sooooo good?! . It's a mental shift. One I THINK I'm willing to work towards. . Would love your thoughts on eating plant-based, or on this book! . Thank you @naturesmenu for the recommendation! . ❤ . . . #hownottodie #plantbaseddiets #nutritionfacts #nutritionfactsorg #makingashift #letmeknowwhatyouthink #juststartedreading #itsallgreen #diseases #michaelgreger #michaelgregermd #veganfamilies #vegandiets #veganmeals #hubbylovesmeat #addingyears #newyorktimesbestseller #mindsetshift #whoiswithme



"Grow through what you go through" . This past week was a gong show. . Baby with HFM (mild thankfully) 👉 the beginning of hell week. Simultaneous a sickness given to ME 👉 because caring for a sick baby wasn't enough. Introduce #teamnosleep for what feels like forever 👉 who needs sleep anyway. . Hubby and I are still tired. Mommy over here is still recovering. Baby Blake still hates sleep. 💤 . 👇👇👇 . But all that we go through, we grow through. For real! . Your struggles teach you your STRENGTH. . You learn how freaking powerful you really are, how strong your mind is, and how capable you are during situations that appear impossible. . We get our strength through PASSION. . Wanting to help others. Wanting to do better. Wanting to make a difference. Wanting to make positive changes. . So this past week of struggle reminded me that I'm fueled by passion. WE are fueled by passion. . So the next time you feel struggle, find passion. You can do anything. . ❤ . . . #momofaboy #mumofaboy #hfmd #recoveringfromtheweek #passionfilled #fillyourcup #diamondgirl #growthroughwhatyougothrough #youhavethestrength #babyhatessleep #toddlerhatessleep #sleepfighter #hatesbeingalone #mygem #lovemyboys💙 #daddyisatrooper #babytrooper #itsmondayagain #letsstarttheday


WHAT TYPE OF ROLE MODEL ARE YOU? . Not only for health, but setting a good example for your children. . You learn a lot as a new mom. And you learn how quickly your kids will learn!! I've made it a point to workout in front of my son Blake so he gets used to the routine and importance of exercise. Not for weight loss per se, but for overall strength, confidence, and health. . This morning during my warm up the funniest thing happened. Blake started to mimic what I was doing! It was a reminder that kids watch our EVERY move -- what we do, how we speak, our behaviours. So watching him model a positive action made me feel good! Knowing that the hard work I put in daily is worth everything! That I am being a positive role model for him. Watching him 'jog on the spot' alongside me made me smile BIG! Not to mention how stinkin cute he looked doing it! 😊 . I used to exercise solely for me, but now I have a bigger reason. It's our responsibility to take care of ourselves so we can be the best version of us! And in turn be at our best for everything else. . So I ask you. What type of role model are you NOW? And who do you want to become? . ❤ . . 👉 If you want to start an exercise routine that's only 4 days/week and 30 mins/day then reach out and join us starting July 16th! Anyone is welcome!! . . . #momofaboy #somebodyswatchingme #myminime💕 #timetogethealthy #postpartumbody #postpartumgoals #ppd #heretohelp #underarmourbaby #heworksout #mommysboyy #mylittleman💙 #beaninfluencer #preciouslove #postworkoutnap #20minuteworkout #bestworkoutbuddy



I got to experience a lot of cool moments in the last 2 years --- but this was a DREAM COME TRUE!! . Walking on stage to receive a Recognition in front of thousands in the Lucas Oil Stadium was probably the highlight of this Coaching event! -- Thank you to those who said #blacklacedress!! . I was all smiles!! And I was freaking PROUD!! It felt so good! ❤ . But here's what makes me most excited!! I started Coaching as a hobby 2 years ago not ever realizing my potential and the opportunity this biz gives you! I've built an INCREDIBLE team of serious rockstars who, get this, will be walking the stage next year!! THIS is what makes me most PROUD! . This Coaching business has not only changed my life and my family's life, but I get to witness it change the lives of my Coaches and their family too!! Financially and personally. . I am a woman who is incredibly shy, lacked confidence most my life, feared change, and got comfortable with my way of living. . But I am also a woman who is driven, wanting more in life, freedom of MY time, and wanting to do things on MY own terms. . I've always been a hard worker, I can say that. And for anyone else who can work hard, who wants to build a life different than what you have -- whether that mean more family time, vacations, job change, secondary income -- then here's your chance to learn more! You hear me talk about Coaching, but do you even know what it is? . 👉 I'll be hosting a PRIVATE info group, an inside look into what I do, only for those who are interested to learn/hear more! From there, if you like what you see then we can chat 1-1!! . Drop a 🙋‍♀️ or 🙋‍♂️ below if you want to be added! . Thank you to everyone for their ongoing love and support throughout this incredible journey!! ❤ . . . #sahms #momofaboy #imdoingit #thisisforme #coachinglifestyle #openthedoor #getuncomfortable #areyouhappy #mompreneurship #youcandoittoo #thisisforeveryone #makingadifferenceeveryday #wearecommunity #homelifestyle #workingmomlife #toddlermomlife #livelovematter #yesyoucandoit #ificanyoucan #facingfears #notalone #believeinyou #makingchangehappen


HELP! Calling all fashionistas!!! 😜 . In 2 DAYS I get to bring my beautiful family to Indianapolis to attend a MASSIVE Coaching Event for my company!! . It was only 8 weeks ago we were celebrating in Mexico and here we are again for another trip and celebration! . BUT I NEED YOUR HELP!! 💃 . I have multiple events I get to attend because of my success and achievements as a Coach!! I'm quite shy so I don't talk much about my own recognitions, BUT I'm learning why the hell not! I'm freaking EXCITED and PROUD!! This. Is. HUGE! . Ok, so your help, PLEASE!! . Here are my current thoughts for my outfits with the following events: . Outfit A - 💎 Diamond Dinner! This is a VIP dinner exclusive for only Diamond Coaches (about 1% of the company!) on my team! . Outfit B - ⭐ Star Diamond Recognition! Ok, I'm going to be on stage in front of 50,000 PLUS people for reaching Star Diamond Rank! Too casual? Should I wear a black lace dress? . Outfit C - 📚 Conference! I will be attending a business workshop for 2 days. Thoughts? Make B & C my workshop outfits? . Outfit D - 👢 Success Club Party! Another VIP event for only the top Success Club earners! Theme is State Fair/Cowgirl! . Eeeek!! Thanks in advance for your feedback!!! :D . ❤


2 more sleeps until our epic trip to Indy!!


Why the heck not!! . What you do in 1.5 hours at the gym you can do in 30 mins at home. . Don't believe me? . The next 100 people to drop a ❤ below will get one FREE 30 minute workout to try. . Here's to letting your workout fit into YOUR routine. Not the other way around. . Drop your ❤ below. Hurry! . ❤ . . . #freeworkoutgiveaway #itsyourluckyday #saveyourtime #first100people #hurrynow #youwillsweat #homeworkoutsrock #beatdepression #goodbyeanxiety #healthylivingrevolution #healthybodies #allbodiesarebeautiful #allforyou #summerlovings #youarebeautifuldarling #momofaboy #postpartumhealth #postpartumjourney #postpartumgoals