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Brb, I gotta go play God of War all day. Which is actually a fitting game to play on Father’s Day, is you think about it. I freaking LOVE the relationship between Kratos & Atreus. (I’m only a few hours of gameplay in, so NO SPOILERS)


I’ve had so much crap going on in my life over the last two weeks. Came out to my mom as a camgirl, diagnosed with scoliosis, and I’m having another folliculitis flare-up. 😭 Staying positive though! Things with my mom are good. Seeing a chiropractor has made me kind of achey this week, but it should leave me with less chronic pain in the long run! And the folliculitis, well...I’ll see a dermatologist soon lol. I have a court date coming up on Tuesday for the marijuana DUI (drug tests were CLEAN so it should get dropped). And I’m also running 2mi/day training for a 5k!! So PLEASE forgive me if I’m not on MFC or filming videos as often; I am just a bit overwhelmed 😅😅


Happy Friday!! Today is a film day for me; I’ll be on MFC tonight! What are your plans for the weekend? ❤️


HEY YOU! Put your phone down & make sure you get outside to soak up some Vitamin D today! That is, after you like this pic of course. ☀️


This is what I look like when I wake up in the morning. No makeup. No eyebrows. Plenty of sleep. ☀️ #nomakeup #freshface


@naughtyzhaddie & me in Miami! I’m having so much fun this year traveling & attending conventions. I’ve met so many fantastic camgirls & formed some real friendships. We might have exciting news soon 😈


Making plans to hang out with @stimulationdark again soon! Last time we took shots & played truth or dare on Snapchat. What should we do this time?? Comment your suggestions!


Saturday vibes. I miss Miami! 🌴


I’m finally home in my own apartment. June & July are big months for me! No more trips planned for June, but I do have a court date for my so-called marijuana DUI” I got in February. My tests came back clean, so it shouldn’t be an issue. I just have to appear! I am planning to move after my lease ends in July, so I really do have to hustle this month. Gotta save up for that deposit! And I’ll be back in Miami for a quick camgirl trip at the end of July. But let’s focus on June. I’ll be back on MFC tonight around 9pm Eastern! I’m working on a new schedule for myself, so keep an eye out for that. It’ll be posted on my story & saved as a highlight on my profile sometime over the next few days. Can’t wait to see some of y’all in my chatroom tonight! 💚💚


Picture from my first ever red carpet, taken before the @xbizawards in Miami ❤️


Do you think tan lines are sexy? This was from one hour at the lake. #redheadproblems I need a real beach vacation; comment your favorite beaches & vacation spots! ❤️ . . . #summer #vacation #redhead #sunburn #tanlines #bootyfordays #bootybootybooty #webcamgirl


“I’m the hot one” 🔥🌮