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A Memorial Day @elevatelc! So grateful to God!


He... @joshuakcraft my son in whom I am well pleased...makes me happy:)


#Repost @elevatelifemusic with @get_repost ・・・ He is for you today! Tag someone who needs this. “Who You say I am” - @hillsongworship ( My baby @whitneycraftjones #heavenonearth


#Thisisus I love you #precious! I love you @joshuakcraft! I love you @courtneicraft! I love you #charliemonroe! #heavenonearth


Charlie + me = #HeavenonEarth


I love when the altars are full! 129 people came to Christ @elevatelc today! To God be the glory...great things He hast done!


Video #3: Ok...last one! The conversation turned to Henry Ford...take a listen:) I love listening to my son dispense wisdom. #readersareleaders


Video #2: Now the conversation has shifted to the titans of industry that built America!! Oh my goodness! My son in whom I am well pleased @joshuakcraft is a walking talking Josh-I-Pedia!! You just have no idea!:) It’s one subject after another!


Video #1 Talking about #esports and how the people playing video games are making more than people actually playing in the @nbagleague. @datboydimez the #1 #draftpick by the @dallasmavs. @joshuakcraft and Chuck Phelps a.ka. MME should have their own talk show on @espn! Their knowledge is CRAZY! So fun hearing them #sportstalk!


Join us @elevatelc this weekend with our special guest @christinecaine!


Even picking her up from school is some of my heaven on earth :)...just to BE...with YOU #papagorilla loves #laylashayla • • • • #instagood #family #heavenonearth #familyfirst #picoftheday #instasize #grandfather #love #legacy #grateful


Proud of my @keelacraftambrose... Tonight she spoke @elc_ya. She is growing into a powerful WOG...Woman of God and I am grateful to God for His faithfulness! “Understand, therefore, that the Lord your God is indeed God. He is the faithful God who keeps his covenant for a thousand generations and lavishes his unfailing love on those who love him and obey his commands.” ‭‭Deuteronomy‬ ‭7:9‬ ‭NLT‬‬ I love you Daisey and I’m proud to be your father:)


Strategizing about the future of our small business and CEO Mastermind groups. @chrismparker has been with me for 16 years and we are about to take Mastermind to another level! If your ready to take your life and/or business to the next level, contact for more info.


These two woman helped to nurture and shape my spirit more than anyone else. As a child, I would often go forward at the end of the service and pray at the altar. It wouldn’t be long before I would feel them both by my side, praying for me, praying over me, praying in the spirit asking God to put His hand on my life. They were both there when I was 9 at the altar when I was called to the ministry. I could hear my mother (on the left) praying in our house. She is an intercesor and someone who still at 82, prays for me everyday. My Mamaw (on the right) prayed me back to life after I suffocated to death as a child. She was my best friend growing up. I enjoyed her presence so much. I am in tears as I write this because she was so precious to me. In fact, I did not know I was looking for her “kind of precious” when I first met @sheilagcraft when I was 15...but I KNEW because of my “Mamaw’s precious” what PRECIOUS looked like and sounded like in my spirit...and I never let her go. I married PRECIOUS! Thank you mother for loving Jesus and praying for me. Thank you Mamaw for showing me the “Precious Way...” One final note: when we started our church on January 9, 2000, my Mamaw, my hero could not attend because she was ill. She was living with my parents (thank u mom for caring for her) and I drove to Emory, Texas after our first service and the last thing we did together was to watch a VHS of our first church service and just a few hours later, at 88 years of age, she graduated to heaven. The last thing she did on earth was to watch a church be birthed by a grandson who she had prayed back to life! God is so good! I miss you Mamaw...Happy Mother’s Day • • • #happymothersday #picoftheday #instagood #instasize #family #gratitude #honor #familyfirst #familyofchoice #elcmothersday


One on the ground... #livyraely and one in her arms... #latlashayla! This is the real REAL! After @sheilagcraft preached tonight, they wanted HER! Precious I love watching you love our family and I love watching them love you! #mothersday #grandmother #family #instagood #instasize #picoftheday #bestoftheday #familyfirst


Don’t allow your wounds to be more powerful than your womb! So powerful Pastor Precious @sheilagcraft! It’s going to be a GREAT WEEKEND @elevatelc! #mothersday #elcmothersday #shesthebest


Happy Mother’s Day to the BEST MOM EVER...Precious @sheilagcraft! This is just ONE thing that makes her the BEST to me! I told her before I shot this video, how proud I was of her. Thank you Precious for taking care of yourself so you can take care of others so well! • • • #happymothersday #shesthebest #fitmom #family #elevatelife #elcmothersday #familyfirst #precious #instagood #instasize #vidoftheday #picoftheday #healthy #proudhusband


You don’t want to miss this Mother’s Day!! The greatest person I know is speaking @sheilagcraft! SHE INCREDIBLE mother...the most youthful GRANDMOTHER I’ve ever seen...a cheerleader who will cheer you all the way to the top! And...the FUNNEST friend I have!!! I can’t wait for you to hear her and WE can’t wait to see you @elevatelc this weekend!