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Just a regular girl trying to find a place in the Keto world 🌎 EDIT Keto-Carnivore 26 years old. Personal trainer 💪🏼 The real deal.

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Post workout lunch today! Salmon fillet with butter, scrambled eggs and chorizo. We had a wheel of camembert in the fridge so I ate a little with my chorizo! So good 🤤


Pork loin chop & crackle! I’ve gone off beef a little the last few days so thought I’d change it up a bit with pork again and salmon. I’ve also treated myself to some haloumi as snack!


Always dreaming about coffee and how I could easily live on cappuccinos 😝 But seriously, how good is freshly ground coffee beans! I stick to only 2 coffees per day, it’s the most I’ve allowed myself to have daily ever but it’s part of my routine and I look forward to them so much 😍


Plenty of messages regarding these pizza rolls in my story! THEY ARE DELISH!! and so easy too! For fathead dough- 140g mozzarella 80g almond meal Garlic powder to desired taste Pink salt to taste 1 egg Melt mozzarella and add in almond meal & seasonings and combine (if not mixing well, stick it back in microwave for 30sec) Add egg and combine again (can use yours hands if not too sticky) Use two pieces of baking paper to roll out into a neat rectangle or square Add toppings and use the bottom sheet of paper to roll into a log. Cut into pieces (I found using toothpicks helped them stay together better) Pop in tray and bake in oven for about 15-20mins 160 degrees 🍕 Note- the recipe pics I used here were from a ‘mini’ version I made today using leftover ingredients. All the dough ingredients were halved. But I included them to give you a better idea how to make the roll 👍🏼


Squat series from today! Ignore the faces of concentration but for a low motivation and hardly any energy day, I think smashed out a fairly good session! Backsquats 3RM 70kg Front squats superset with reverse lunges Deadlift emom 10 x 5rounds Glute bridge superset with leg extension Glute abduction 20 triset with heavy leg press 10 & DB Romanian deadlift 15 Feeling dose legs already! And so so glad I still went for my session 😊💪🏼


I’ve had a few requests for this recipe again! My batch this week turned out sooo much better and I think it was because I softened the cream cheese right up! - 250g spreadable cream cheese - 6 tbsp peanut butter - 3 tbsp coconut oil, melted - 2 heaped tsp cacao powder - granulated stevia to taste Chop cream cheese and microwave in bursts until almost liquid consistency. Add pre-melted coconut oil, and peanut butter. Microwave again in a short burst if coconut oil starts to set. Add cacao and stevia, blend with electric mixer until smooth and combined. Divide between moulds (it will be super thick!) and freeze! I remove one or two from the freezer and soften for 5-10mins before eating! Soft, fudgy and creamy! Swipe for macro info- this batch made about 18.


Gettin so good at cooking steak! This meal has yet to get boring for me! This was particularly good tonight- I always seem to enjoy my food more when it’s freshly bought, so I shop every couple of days & always make sure my meat isn’t too old! (I don’t care how much my boyfriend rips me off for it, old meat is yuck!)


Yes, this is a ridiculous amount of food for someone my size and no, I didn’t eat it all. But, I did come close! #sundaybrunchgoals


Good old bacon & egg scramble! Always a winner! Ps. There’s a lot more bacon in there than egg 🤭


This is what I’ve been eating almost everyday for the past week or so... How good is steak and bacon?! Ive been chopping my bacon and cooking it until crispy-ish in siracha and garlic powder or a little bit of Mexican seasoning. On top of a medium rare rump or New York steak is a perfect post workout or break-fast 😋


I forgot to post my #eggloaf !! This was my second time making it and in a proper batch of 8oz cream cheese, 8 eggs, 4 tbsp butter. I also added some cinnamon and vanilla. Made for a lovely Sunday breakfast! This time it reminded me a lot of Mcdonalds hotcakes 😝 I fried it up in coconut oil and topped with sugar free maple syrup and butter!


Choc peanut butter fat bombs! I love using cream cheese in these because they stay soft and fudgy after setting in the freezer! Swipe right for the recipe ➡️


1 month Carnivore ✅ Wow, what an experience! I feel it’s important to state that I had zero idea how I was going to respond to this diet, I was very nervous/anxious to try it and started with an aim of two weeks only. Well holy moly, I liked it so much that I pushed through a whole month AND plan to continue this way of eating in the future! I feel like I have so much info to share, far too much for one post so please message me if you are interested! Total results for the month- 3.1kg lost 4cm off waist 2cm off chest 2cm off leg 0.5cm off arm (although it occurred to me that I’m not sure I want to lose much size off this area, as I’ve been trying for agggesss to build my biceps!) #carnivorewin


Aussies! I found these recipe books this morning in @kmartaus that could be helpful if you are just starting out or need more ideas! The first one is $19 and the others are $5 or $8!!! (The low sugar books still have starches and grains but still good ideas for sweets or if you are just trying to cut sugar)


I’ve posted this on my story before but... This is the Australian version of Kerrygold butter and it is magic! ✨ I bought a fresh roll this morning and I was so hungry I literally opened it as I was leaving the car park and took a bite! 😂👍🏼 The Keto style candy bar!!!


Working towards that 100kg deadlift again! I did it once and I plan to surpass it! Rack pulls today 5 x 5reps 80kg 1 x 3reps 85kg 1 x 1rep 90kg 1 x 1rep 95kg 1 x 1rep 100kg !!! I also followed this with a bunch of chest and back exercises 💪🏼


Look how frothy my coffee was this morning! Just freshly ground and brewed coffee and almond milk! ☕️ Stick mixers work pretty well 👌🏼 Featuring cute gym mug


Non-scale victory! I bought these jeans a couple of months ago for an event and they were pretty tight! I can remember feeling uncomfortable all day, I couldn’t wait to get them off! I decided to slip them on today and they feel so comfortable! I didn’t feel bloated in them at all- even after demolishing rump steak and bacon! #carnivorewin