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⭐️Network Marketer ⭐️Visionary ⭐️Change Agent ⭐️Mentor ⭐️Wellness Coach ⭐️Speaker . Helping others live a life without limits 🚀

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F A I L U R E // Don’t fear failure, you’ve been doing it all your life . Fear being in the exact same place as you are now!!! . . . . . . #growth #failure #mondaymotivation #inspire #instagood


L I G H T U P // Set your life on fire, surround yourself with those who can fan your flames 💥🔥💥 . The prerequisite for spending time with any person is that they nourish you, inspire you and they feed your flame . Few times in my life Iv looked left or right and didn’t find a person who believed in me or supported my dreams . The people you spend your time with are gona make or break your dreams. Defend your light with your LIFE!! 💥🎉🔥💗 . WE are ready, I am ready.... it’s time for he next step... igniting Nations is about to be born 💗⭐️💫🙌🏻 . #grattitude #abundance #futurefocused #sunday #success #inspire #ignite #ignitingnations


F E A R// Did you know that when there’s a storm, Cows run away from it while the buffalo charges toward it – and gets through it quicker . Whenever I’m confronted with a tough challenge, I do not prolong the torment, I become the buffalo. . Forget someday, DO IT ANYWAY!!! If your serious about changing your life and making an impact on the planet, you will feel the fear and do it anyway. . BE THE BUFFALO . #bethebuffalo #fear #overcome


L E G A C Y // You are made for a purpose and were made to strive for greatness, but remember you were born to become great for the greater good not just for yourself. Through our struggles and suffering we learn lessons that were meant to learn, then share, then empower others . Its not about you!!! . In your striving to be the best you must ask not what your greatness means to you but what impact does it make on others? The success you create now is temporary, the legacy you leave is eternal… so create a vision not only to bless yourself, but one that blesses many many people . . . #legacy #eternal #purpose #futurefocused


Had a BALL today being a guest on @ibodytv, talking about all things modelling, health and fitness! . This new Talk show will be THE place to be for health and fitness advice and debates so head on over and subscribe to their YouTube channel.... first episode this Sunday!!!! . @the_abiknight @jeanniemcginnis3 . #modellife #gratitude #tv #tvshow #talkshow #chatshow


M O R N I N G // You did not wake up today to be mediocre 💫✨🙌🏻 . Those dreams you have, go for them That thing you want, go get it That person you want to become, go be it! . #mondaymotivation #dreambig #believe #gratitude


Thank you for giving me the solid foundations on which I could spread my wings and fly 💗✨💋 I still can’t quite believe your not here, but I know you are by my side every step of the way . My mum, my friend my guardian angel 🙌🏻 happy Mother’s Day x x x


C E L E B R A T E // Happy international women’s day!! 💫⭐️✨💗 . International Women’s Day is a time to reflect on progress made, to call for change and to celebrate acts of courage and determination by ordinary women who have played an extraordinary role in the history of their countries and communities . Thank you @arbonne for being the biggest catalyst for me, I am forever grateful!! . “When you make women millionaires, you change the world” Peter Morck . #internationalwomensday #arbonne #dreambig #gratitude #girlpower


K E E P I T R E A L // I’ll hold my hands up!!! Iv been guilty of needing to appear ‘perfect’ on social media, after all.... if everything’s perfect with a lovely filter on, there’s nothing to be criticised for right? . Wrong!!! . Remember who’s watching... our children, our grandchildren, the next generation who are growing up in a world of comparison, anxiety, depression and ‘selfies. I honestly dread to imagine how mentally unstable this generation will be . So here I am with NO filter, NO make up and NO smile.... why?? Because today I wake up at nearly 9am feeling jet lagged, tired and generally MEH!!!!!!! I am not perfect, somedays I feel crappy but that is REAL LIFE!!! . So the next time you compare your life to someone’s ‘highlight’ reel on social media, remember we are all human and no one is perfect!!! . Let’s keep it REAL on social media and help the younger generation grow up in a world of relatability VS comparison . #keepitreal #futurefocused #generation #millenials #social


The best jet lag cure?!! Cleanse!!!!! Day 2 of my cleanse and I’m already feeling full of energy!! Food is such an emotional thing for me so when I’m tired I just wanna eat EVERYTHING!!!! Well-done to all the people I’m coaching through the program this month I’m so proud of your for making your health your #1 priority!!!! And if you’ve ever been interested in starting a cleanse, now is the perfect time.... we have another group starting in a few weeks!! And with a free product worth up-to £97 how could you not?!! Summer bodies are 100% made in the winter.... if you want more info check out the link in my bio of DM me let’s do this 💪 . #30dayswithkim #healthcoach #healthiswealth #arbonne #welness #vegan


I T ‘ S M O N D A Y // Time to get up, show up and climb your own mountain 💫✨⭐️ . There’s nothing quite like knowing your building your own dreams and not Someone else’s . . #dreambig #believe #gratitude #ownit #mondaymotivation


C O U R A G E // It takes courage to be consistent when you feel like your not getting anywhere . But what your doing when no ones watching WILL show up when everyone is!!! . Hold the vision trust the process 💫⭐️✨ . #consistency #commitment #courage #success #failure #believe #dreambig #arbonne


J A M A I C A // 🇯🇲 Buzzing right now because I have earned level 3 of the @arbonne AIT trip meaning we are off to Jamaica @lewbaileyfitness 💗✨💫💃 . This is the 5th holiday that I have earned thanks to my amazing company @arbonne 💗 Los Cabo’s Caribbean cruise Bahamas Mexico where this picture was taken And now Jamaica!!!! . I love that I get rewarded SOOO much simply for Inspiring and empowering others to pursue their dreams and flourish ✨💫⭐️ . I am beyond grateful that I said yes to this business 5 years ago!!!!! I dread to think where I would be right now 💗✨💫 . I want to show you that it IS possible and you CAN manifest your dream life.... and it all starts with a decision x x . #holidays #jamaica #ait2018 #arbonne #dreambig #gratitude #love #believe


"You'll see it when you believe it" . Think about it... are you waiting to see results before you take action? . Are you playing small through fear of thinking BIG? . Success comes when you are willing to BELIEVE it, KNOW it, FEEL it and take ACTION on it before you SEE it ✨💫🌙💗👏🏻 . #vision #knowing #belief #believe #dreamerofyourdream #kimmellor


Along your journey, don’t forget to turn around and enjoy the view 💫⭐️✨ . . #view #appreciation #dreambig #gratitude


When you wake up to the BEST news EVER!!!!!!! Yes yes yes @cassandrahatter_ I can’t wait to see you and meet your gorgeous new husband. @italianblackstallion me and @lewbaileyfitness can’t wait to meet you x x ✨💫💋💗 . . Eeeeeek #friendsforever #soulsisters #myinspiration #family


H A P P Y // . No matter how my day is going or where I am in the world, I always feel happier after getting my workout in and making a little time to care for myself. Even, in fact ESPECIALLY, on the days when my anxiety is high or I’m feeling down or overwhelmed or completely unmotivated, my workout helps me relax, refocus, reconnect with myself, and sometimes just let off steam.💗 . Do it for YOU. Start looking at physical activity as a chance to focus and feel energised instead of another chore on your to-do list.🙏🏼😘 . #happyness #joy #love #travel #la #love #loveyourlife x


Go on..... I dare you!!! . . Our dream yourself 💫✨💥💗 . #manifest #dreambig #dreams #whatyoufocusonexpands