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B E C L E A R why your here // . What were you put on this earth to do? Who were you put on this earth to be? . Successful people take time to figure out their purpose, then they pursue it with passion & enthusiasm . When your in alignment with your purpose, everything falls into place . I am so greatful that I get to live out my purpose every single day. “To inspire and empower people to live a healthy happy life” . Make joy, your full time job 💫⭐️ . #purpose #passion #alignment


L I S T E N U P // Is being healthy important to you? If so are you making YOU your #1 priority? I know we all lead busy lives... it’s not about finding the time it’s about making the time!! . If you don’t make time for health now, you will have to make time for illness in the future... FACT!!! . . #health #priority #wellness #youproject #30dayswithkim


I G N I T E // Your spark can become a flame that lights the world!! . When you LOVE what you do... Monday’s are never a problem 🚀💫💗 . . . #ignite #your #spark


Once you decide and make a commitment to yourself EVERYTHING CHANGES!!! . Love yourself enough to live a healthy lifestyle . . . #30dayswithkim #healthiswealth #mellormotivation #health #intentions


H A W A I I // Life isn’t measured by the amount of breaths we take. It’s measured in the moments that take our breath away . I can’t wait to be in Hawaii next year with all the incredible leaders of this phenomenal company!! . #hawaii #NVPmaui2019 #intentions #breathtaking


I want to detox but i cant give up chocolate and sweets, sound familiar?!! . YES yes I hear ya!!! I had the same thing on repeat for years. After years of being tough on myself, having a constant battle with my weight and mindset, I have now found the foods which make my body thrive!!!! . Yes you CAN have your cake and eat it!!! By simply swapping artificial sugars for natural ones, by making small shifts in your mindset and daily habits you CAN still enjoy desserts and treats... without the guilt!!! Guilt free and gluten free?!! What’s not to love!!! . If you would like my protein ball recipe... pop your email below and I’ll zip it across 💃💗🥒🍉🍇 . Photo credit 📸@sarahs_day . #healthiswealth #naughtybutnice #30dayswithkim


I T S T I M E // Time to believe in yourself To turn those dreams into reality To say yes to the things that scare you To take action when you feel the fear To live your life to the fullest To get up when you’ve been knocked down And to TRUST in the timing of your life!!! . Believe in yourself!!!! If you don’t then who will??? . You have got this!!! . I believe in you . #believe #belief #selfdiscovery


Happy Monday guys!!!! I Believe in YOU!!! X x . . #belief #believe #selflove


B E L I E F // You create your reality with the thoughts you repeat and the beliefs that you align with . If you want to change a habit, change your core belief system . Find your way back home, find your way back to love . #intentions #belief #love


H E L P // I first hand know the importance of making memories with those we love 💗. Life is such a beautiful thing that can also be taken away in an instant. My beautiful friend sara recently found out that her dear Mum has 6-12 months to live through a terminally ill disease, meaning a huge financial burden on the family . Please donate anything you can, even £1 it will make all the difference 💗 . Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much!!! 💫💫💫💫💫💫💫 . . Thank you X x x x #charity #bravebev #gofundme #legacy


F R I E N D S // Had such a fun night celebrating @melaniejdean birthday 💫✨⭐️👏🏻💗🎉 fun and friendships, the things I cherish the most . . #intentions #fun #friends


O U T O U T // Just because I can’t drink doesn’t mean I can’t have fun... starting the year as I mean to go on... . Fun Friends and Fizz.... sticks!!! . Out out #leeds #friends #fun #intentions #laughter


D E C L A R E// Goals, resolutions, resolve.... requires strength which all instantly FEELS to ‘hard’ . Goals VS intentions, so what’s the difference??? . The word ‘intend’ is centred on being able to make intentions that make you behave in a way that makes you feel positive. Anything grounded in having intent conjures emotion . Setting or living by the regime of ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ is inherently about what you want to HAVE or ACHIEVE in 2018. Contrast this to living by intentions . “Your intentions create your reality” - wayne dyer . Make feeing good your #1 priority. When you fee good ALL of the right things will flow to you and through you 💫⭐️👏🏻💫 . #intentions


I N T E N T I O N S// I always feel anxious when it comes to setting big goals for the year. I think it’s the over achiever within me, maybe a part of me is afraid to fail, or even afraid to stay the same. Sometimes even the thought of planning can make me feel overwhelmed and anxious . The pressure and constant striving creates fear, scarcity and the feeling of lack. Needing to prove myself to who?? What wounds am I trying to cover up instead of heal? . Last year was the year of being brave✅ and I think I can tick that one off . This year is the year of:- Kindness Abundance Flow Simple Easy Fun . I am not perfect, I haven’t got it all figured out! But what I do know is.... I’m a work in progress, being aware of my wounds and being willing to heal them is the first step to self actualisation!! . Yes, of course set goals, intentions and work hard. I’m not saying you can put your dreams on a vision board and it’s all going to happen. But set those intentions and let go of the outcome.... the universe will guide you to where your destined to be . #intentions #goalsetting #futurefocused #laughmore #adventure #abundance #loveyourlife


Feeling mega grateful that I have so many highlights from 2017, this pic doesn’t even do it justice . The only time I like to look back and reflect on how far Iv come is at the end of the year . The only way to guarantee success in life is to always be learning and growing from your mistakes. Success is a journey and lies in the daily choices we make . In 2018 be your own inspiration, set your heart and soul on fire by doing what you love with who you love and all your dreams will come true ⭐️💫💗 . #2018 #best9 #best12 #yearinreview #yearinpictures #intentions #goals


Happy new year folkes!!!!! Have a great one 🎉💥💃💫


Some great reflection points as we close 2017!!! Sometimes we get so caught up focusing on where we’re going, we forget to see how far we have come 💫⭐️💫 get ready for a massive 2018 guys..... . IT IS HAPPENING!!! #. . #goals #intentions #goalsetting #newyear #mellormotivation #health #2018


H E A L T H// This is Absolutely SPOT ON!!! After a week of feeling like a slug, it’s made me realise that health really is LIFE!! . Health isn’t about the pounds you lose, it’s about the confidence, the clarity and the life you gain!!! . I cannot wait to start the 30 days again on Monday.... bring it on 💪🎉💪💪 . #healthiswealth #life #30dayswithkim #mellormotivation #healthylivingliverpool