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🎬Living the dream! On-set pics (#FreshOffTheBoat, #Scandal & feature films...) 💕Plus a little inspiration to keep the 🔥 within burning bright

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So proud of @gavinwarren_official - his film @thefirstman with #ryangosling and #clairefoy opens today - GO SEE IT!! (I’m literally on my way to the theater as soon as I hit )!!! 🎞 🎥 🍿 Gavin is a super special kiddo, full of talent!! Proud of you! Yay!!!


LA Fashion Week at the @michaelcostello fashion show last night with my beautiful and talented friend @amybondfashion ❤️💃❤️ More pics on my story, wait for the last pic, it’s a “red carpet fail” HA! #lafashionweek XOX


Bring it - I’m ready! Who’s with me? ❤️ XOX


“Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh ✨ Trying to keep a brave attitude, smiling face and ignore the’s not always easy but I’m not doing half bad. ❤️ And even though the purpose of this post is about smiling for oneself (ya know, put your oxygen mask on first...), smiles are indeed contagious so it’s nice to maybe bring a little sunshine into the lives of people walking by at the same time... XOX #mondaymotivation 📸 by: @diannacatterton2018


After more than 50 years, #DOCTORWHO (BBC’s British Science Fiction TV show) now has a strong intelligent #FEMALE playing the famed and beloved Doctor. 💙 The simultaneous global telecast premiere is today 1:45 (PST)!!!! 📺 There’s a great article in The Hollywood Reporter of actress Jodie Whittaker taking on the role. Here’s a snippet: THR: With your casting, you're helping reframe what identity means to the show. To that end, how much of a feminist icon do you think this character will become now? JODIE WHITTAKER: It's about being an icon for everyone, which is what the Doctor has always been. Doctor Who has always had a fanbase that is very diverse, with male and female fans of all ages. For me it's about saying, "Listen, there are 12-year-old boys watching this show, who have women in their life that they probably look up to; it isn't weird to look up to women. You probably look up to your mom or your aunt or your grandmom!"


So proud of @therealtjwright - his film @hateugivemovie opens today - GO SEE IT!! 🎞 🎥 🍿 Was honored to work with him on it from the beginning, can’t wait to see how all of your hard work paid off little dude! ❤️ Keep an eye out for him, his star is on the rise for sure!!! #thehateugive


Tonight “Fresh Off The Boat” premieres season 5 in the #ABC Friday night comedy block!!! ❤️🎬❤️ Want some laughs then join in the fun (and who doesn’t need some laughter in their life right)! 🤣 📺 🤣 My first episode isn’t for several weeks but tune in tonight - I L❤️VE this show. It’s been so fun watching the boys grow up on tv and before my eyes... #actorslife


Hanging in my trailer on-set “Fresh Off The Boat”. ❤️🎬❤️ When shooting a tv show or film there is a lot of “hurry up and wait” going on while the masters are creating the perfect lighting, deciding on the right camera lens etc... and setting everything up. NOT complaining at all, that’s often when I pull out my kindle 📚 and escape into some fun alternate reality, before going on-set and creating another alternate reality. Oooh , that’s sorta mind-bendy 🤣 #lovinglife


My hair is the same color as the leaves! Ha! 🍁 🍁 #octobervibes


🍁 🍁 YAY, it’s pumpkin spice time! #fallyall Hello October 🧡


On-set “Fresh Off The Boat” season 5!!! #abc


I’m reminded by experiences this past week that when I smell the roses and find gratitude even in the small things I notice that miracles and inspiration often arise... ❤️ Even in crummy experiences there can still be inspiration - you might be inspired to make some changes, Huzzah!, it’s all in how “you decide” to view things, what you take from it and then what you do. Learn, grow and then you’ll inspire others to do the same. And isn’t life really about our interactions with others...? X❤️X


Still NO redhead emoji...? ❤️ #redhairdontcare ❤️


#andtheemmygoesto 🏆 Enjoying the Emmy’s red carpet leading up to the show - can’t wait!! #actorslife 🎬❤️🎬


Weekend vibes! 💗#saturdayfeels XOX 📷 by: @diannacatterton2018


AUDITION TIME!! Check out my “story” for the adventure... ❤️🎬❤️#actorslife All I can say is I’m not trying to be perfect, I’m just trying to be me...but I still wanted to throw something!


“I’m not trying to fit in because I was born to stand out” #beanoriginal 💕 #dontletanyonedullyoursparkle XOX


Feeling grateful to be a proud member of #sagaftra union on this Labor Day holiday honoring all the men and women in the early days who held strikes and formed unions to protect working men and women in this country! THANK YOU!!! ❤️ 🇺🇸 ❤️ 📷 by: @diannacatterton2018