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Konsta Punkka

Squirrel whisperer Internationally published photographer & speaker Based in Finland

~ Wise fox on an autumn morning. I was laying on a pathway and waited patiently to meet the mother fox. Few moments later the fox came as I had planned and we had a few minutes of intense staring competition before it disappeared back to the woods.


~ Frozen trees in Puijo Finland


~ Northern Hawk Owl captured middle of a mice hunt.


~ Weather station in the northern Finland.


~ This guy seems like he ate bit too much sweets last night. Photographed this water rat in the Netherlands last month


~ This fella came to say hi today while I explored the areas near my home.


~ Last spring I had a rare chance to photograph and observe few beaver fellas. During the winter months they often enjoy the warmth of their nest and some cozy family time, but luckily these three fellas were very active for few days. I saw them cutting trees, eating and swimming on a small water opening. Such a unique experience! It’s always a special feeling to get a chance to photograph something completely new.


~ Sunset in a birch tree forest.


~ Thank you for the support this year guys! Here’s my favorite shot from this year full size. Enjoy the new year! And all the best for 2019! 🙌🏻


~ Locals in the Eastern Finland. This shot was taken on our #explorewildtaiga roadtrip with @mercedesbenz last summer. They have now released their new app Marvelroad which you can use to take the same roadtrip as I did. With all the photo spots and stops mapped out. Be sure to check it out. Link in my bio.