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~ Weekend mood 🐳


~ My brand new Souls of the forest Wildlife preset pack is available now on my website. Go check the link in my bio and learn the editing tricks I use in my photographs. This shot was edited with the KP2 preset found in the pack. This shot was taken in Scottish highlands last autumn.


~ The genius hunter 🦅 Golden Eagle posing in evening light in the Swedish wilderness


~ The whole ridge was pretty much covered on clouds when we started our hike up. Both me and @cosmokoala were bit skeptical, if its gonna be worth it. After hiking on the ridge for a while suddenly I saw how the clouds above us started to clear up and I saw the blue sky. We ran to the best known view point and put cameras ready. And oh boy it was worth it. Respect to @cosmokoala for running back to the earlier peak to capture this shot. You’re a true legend Toby!


~ I’m always surprised how crazy steep walls the ibex can get up. They definitely got some crazy leg power. I really like to document their life in the Alpine mountains and I will hopefully spend some more time with them this autumn.


~ Germany probably has some of the best looking castles in the world. Think about waking up in this castle every morning to views like this 🤤 Can you name this castle?


~ Friendly encounters in the highlands of Scotland


~ Weather can be very unpredictable in Switzerland, so better be ready with you camera when the sun finally breaks trough the clouds


~ Hidden valleys of Switzerland 🇨🇭


~ They got some flexible neck I must say. I took this shot from my car which I use mostly as my hide when photographing deer and moose on the fields.


~ I know it’s bit early, but it’s just too pretty to not to share. Digged some archives this week for upcoming project and found this shot few years back. Still one of the craziest show I have seen in Lapland Finland. Have you seen the northern lights?


~ It’s always a nice feeling when the sun hits your face and warms you up after cold night out 🏕 Have a good Monday everyone!