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Squirrel whisperer Internationally published photographer & speaker Based in Finland Contact | 👇🏼 Winter Workshop Available!👇🏼

~ It’s not always windy in Senja Islands and when it’s not everything looks like a painting


~ Misty crispy mist


~ Sunset painting the alpine valleys


~ Few weeks old fox cub curiously listening to my camera shutter sound🦊


~ After few days of trial and error I managed to take my drone light photography to the next level with the local wildlife that I had been shooting for years. As the wildlife is constantly dealing with car and farming industry sounds a hovering drone didn’t affect them a lot. This fella was moving around it’s resting site under the tree as it finally walked into the light and stayed here just enough time that I could take my one second exposure. Check my stories for more info. Pretty stoked for the results.


~ That one lucky night we witnessed the northern lights over the famous waterfall in the Faroe Islands.


~ Lapland color palette


💯WORKSHOP ANNOUNCEMENT💯 Join me @juusohd & @mikkolagerstedt this January/February to explore the Finnish Lapland and northern Norway, hunt the northern lights, adventure with snowmobiles and learn my wildlife tricks as we try our best to find animals to take portraits of! FIND OUT MORE IN THE LINK IN MY BIO!. 🤩


~ Squirrel fella enjoying the autumn days 🍂


~ Finnish desert island 🌴


~ Wolverine sneaking up the tree while trying to catch its evening dinner. This shot was taken in Eastern Finland last week as I was staying on a wildlife hide again for a few nights. You never know what you gonna see when you stay in the nature and keep your eyes open. You should join me and few of my other colleagues on our workshop this winter in Finnish Lapland where I will for example teach you the wildlife shooting tricks. You can find more info at or see the link from my highlights.