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Do I take too many pictures of my Welsummers? Probably. Are they cute as the dickens? Definitely. Sharing for #redwattlewednesday hosted by my lovely friend Janice @rogerscreekfarm ❤️


This little EE pullet is growing up to be a real stunner! I can’t wait to breed her to my EE roo Paddington for more white/mostly white babies 😍


Y’all, I can’t get over these Buff Brahmas. This one is a total ham! She’s absolutely adorable and has such a sweet temperament 😍 she jumped up on the board and just started posing for pictures 😂


A little update on Punk Rock and her babes! It’s hard to tell in the picture but the little black one is about half the size of the other two with black feathers down it’s legs so it’s obviously a bantam. What I want to know is how did I get a tiny black bantam when I have no black bantams? 🤔 I keep calling it Cotton Eye Joe and if you don’t think that’s funny then you might need to re-evaluate your funny scale 😂


This hen was so hot she decided to go for a quick molt so she could be naked 😂 either that or I’ve created a new breed of Naked Body chickens 😂 is it too early for #moltmadnessmondays ? Sharing for #mohawkmonday hosted by my sweet friend Tami @rustymoosefarm and I was tagged by @5rfarmoregon to play along with the #crackedquackedandwhacked photo challenge hosted by Angela @notaredroy and Barb @cul_de_sac_homestead ❤️❤️


Happy #turkeysnoodsunday from these two handsome lads. Look at the beard on this boy! Both of them have really long beards now and due to their fighting really shitty looking tail feathers 😂 So let’s just concentrate on those beards instead, and those dangly face penises...err, I mean snoods...😬😂 At least the big boys don’t have pox 🤷🏼‍♀️ playing with Stacy @5rfarmoregon ❤️❤️ and tagged by the lovely Angela @notaredroy to play along! Do we count these as scrappy hoes? 😂😂❤️


Well some of the guineas finally got close enough for me to get some pictures of them. They’re all feathered out now and I love how they have polka dots but I don’t love how they always look at you like they wanna murder you 😳


When you look good and you know it 😉😎


Mardi Gras caught red handed stealing treats 😱 Sharing for #funnyfarmerfriday hosted by Chrissy @finally_a_farmgirl


Juuuust in case any of you were curious as how our #farmlife has been going recently, here are some beautiful shots of what the meat turkeys currently look like. The turkeys all seem to have the brunt of the Fowl Pox, with just a few chickens actually having any bumps and some of the younger turkeys have a few head bumps. These bad boys look like walking herpes monsters 🤢


Welllll, this was going to be an introduction post and a #chickthrowback post all wrapped in one but it turns out I never took any pictures of this little baby when she was little 🤷🏼‍♀️ Everyone say hello to my little Lavender Orpington pullet! I have a little roo that is her mate but he’s a bit camera shy. They’re around two months old now and this little girl is really starting to warm up to me! Neither of them have names yet but I’m very excited to see how they grow out! Do any of y’all have any name suggestions? I guess this picture will have to do for this week Erin! @urbannarnia 😂🖤🖤


Found this little guy today. Not sure if it succumbed to the heat or if it was the natural end of its life. Still beautiful though


So apparently it’s cow appreciation day. I can get down on that. My herd is small now but one day I’d love to have a big herd for maximum cow cuddle opportunities. I love my cows and they’re probably my favorite animals I have (shh, don’t tell the rest of the them). They aren’t just there for cuddles though, these guys give us meat for the freezer and money from selling meat/calves which can go straight back into their needs. I plan to have a milk cow one day as well so I can provide my own dairy products. There’s nothing better than watching cows out grazing on pasture in my opinion. Cows are an investment that I think is highly worth it and even with the hardships I’ve faced with them at times. Are y’all cows appreciators? What are y’all favorite breeds and what do you use them for?


Yeti is somewhat suspicious of what’s in the water on the farm these days. Continuing our talk from yesterday about keeping you poultry’s bedding cleaning and using lime, this is what the wormer I use does to the water! It has sulphur in it which reacts with the metal and the plastic to either turn it sky blue or radioactive green! The wormer I use is pictured last and it all natural and a local product that my local feed mill @atlasfeedmill sells. Its inexpensive and can be used on basically all animals. Having worms or parasites in the heat can take any animal down really quickly so everyone should think internal parasite control. What do y’all use to control parasites in your flock? Also sharing the magnificent Yeti for #redwattlewednesday hosted by the equally magnificent Janice @rogerscreekfarm ❤️


How come he grew a poof and I didn’t?


Simba would like to remind everyone that when it’s rainy and muddy and HOT out you always have to be aware that this creates the perfect environment for yucky bacteria, parasites, and diseases. Especially with our fowl pox outbreak I’ve been making sure the keep the chickens a dry place to walk/clean their feet and use copious amounts of @first_saturday_lime in their bedding. Most chicken diseases/infections/parasites are easily preventable if you take the right steps to keep everything clean! Also sharing this sweet boy for #roosdaytuesday hosted by Michelle @newburyfarms 💛💚


Poor girl, she has the mark of the pox on her beak. She’s like, is this going to scar me and make me hideous? What do y’all think? Could anything make this little sweetheart hideous? Sharing for my first ever EARLY #mohawkmonday hosted by my super sweet friend Tami @rustymoosefarm ❤️❤️ (it’s a miracle!)


Rosie Rosie Rosie, you’re always makin the other cows look bad 😍 And you can actually see her white spot in this picture! Bet you’d never guess she’s 3/4 Hereford 😂