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He wants to be the little rooster that sits atop a weather vane when he grows up. Do you think his dreams will come true?


I can’t ever seem to get over the speckles 😍


A truly amazing sight to behold, this rare humpback turkey allowed me to photograph her in all of her natural glory. Nature is truly breathtaking sometimes.


Titan and Letty being cute as heck! Can you tell they have the same dad? Seeing them like this you can really see the similarities between the two. Both of their moms are mostly Hereford with an Angus dad. Letty has a touch of Brahman in her and Titan has a touch of Charolais/Brahman. It’s always interesting to see how the genetics play out in the calves 😍


Paddington and Mardi Gras thought the best place to duke it out would be in the doorway to the coop...🤷🏼‍♀️😂


Punk Rock’s smallest baby is all grown up and I think it turned out to be a hen, much like her mother. The cockerel in the bottom left corner is from the same hatch and about 3x as big 😂


Can y’all believe Lil Blue is over a month old already? It seems like ow as waiting for calving season to begin for so long and now it’s over already! The first born this year is a chunky little thing who’s the official leader of the calf pack. He enjoys running and bucking through the pasture and head butting his brothers. He’s also a little bit of a momma’s boy but don’t tell anyone 🤫


Igor was really feeling her angles this evening. She may not be pretty but she’s a damn good chicken and that counts for something, right?


How do you like your eggs?


Little Ambrose looks like a chocolate teddy bear. He’s the smallest of the calves (his mom is the smallest of the cows) but he has soooo much attitude. He doesn’t walk, he struts. He knows he’s cute and isn’t afraid to show it. I sense he may be a handful 🤦🏼‍♀️


The sun was out in full force today and I was able to get so many good pictures of the calves. This is little Letty, the only heifer in the group. She still hasn’t been tagged yet between the holidays, Beau breaking his leg, and now I have a cold. At least the only other black calf in the group has his tag 🤷🏼‍♀️


Little Titan here has decided to be the herd trouble maker. Can anyone spot what he managed to do to himself? Hint: he used to have purple “jewelry” 🙄


My little Sunshine. Such a tiny little bird who was very happy to see the sun out today instead of rain clouds. The chicken coops are finally starting to dry out, although the yard is still muddy and soupy. This winter has been wet and warm, the worst kind of winter 😩 Sharing for #mohawkmonday hosted by @rustymoosefarm


Haven’t posted about this fluff ball in a while. I’m pretty sure Jolie thinks she’s a dog. She will be 7 months old this month and is quite big for her age. She is the single most subdued, gentle heifer, even more so than her sister Violet. I specifically chose her because of this, her and Violet share a father and their side is one of the gentlest bulls I’ve ever met. He definitely passed this trait to his daughters, and Jolie got his good looks as well. You almost couldn’t tell that her mother was half Charolais, she looks Hereford through and through. And yes, the fluffy curls on her forehead are just as soft as you imagined 😉