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Showcasing the best Photography from the Kruger National Park, SA Tag @krugernationalpark Not affiliated with KNP / Sanparks Admin @muzerious

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📷 from @iere_nation - “Africa gives you knowledge that man is a small creature, among other creatures, in a large landscape.”- Doris Lessing


What a beautiful sunset from @photoslau9


They see me rollin'... Beautiful lilac breasted roller shot by @shotsbyshiv


📷 from @ckyriacoudesphotography - The future. 🦁


Giraffe frames from @rudenana 😍


📷 from @jasper_hulleman - Mother keeping an eye out for unwanted guests while her cubs playing around. Magnificent to witness this young cheetah family. Did you ever see a big cat in the wild?


Stunner of a shot from @lauradapig - Took this while lions were roaring in the distance and hyaenas were making whatever sound they make


📷 from @nachsach - Wildlife trip’s aren’t always about finding the Big Game, be it any part of the world. Rather, that is not always possible as no matter how hard you try, you will surely have days when the star attractions of the wilderness would evade you, and hence enjoying every moment becomes key. Birds, Insects, Trees play a key role in making your day. On one such day in Kruger, I was gifted with this marvelous encounter. The sheer vibrance of the frame made it so special and the last thing I would credit for this image is my photography. The image was already so perfect that all I had to do was release the shutter. To capture a behavioral characteristic of this magnificent sunbird feeding on the nectar made my trip on this occasion. Collared Sunbird(Male), Hedydipna collaris.


📷 from @guernsey_brothers_wildlife - When going to Kruger National Park in the dry seasons often leaves the opportunity where you can sit at one water hole for the whole day and see some amazing animals and interactions 🍃🐘