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Showcasing the best Photography from the Kruger National Park, SA Tag @krugernationalpark Not affiliated with KNP / Sanparks Admin @muzerious

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📷 @muzerious - What a treat it was to encounter this stunning young leopard during a drive down the H1-4 in the Kruger National Park. It was still early morning and we already had some great sightings and would go on to see another 2 leopard, 2 lion sightings and cheetah in one day.


📷 @matthew.rn - • THE TREE CLIMBING LIONS • Meet the Vurhami pride. Lions are not known to climb trees. You can normally find them around trees or lazing about in the shade beneath the trees. But not normally up in the tree. Recently the Vurhami pride (a South-African lowveld pride) has adopted this habit and is becoming known as “the tree climbing pride” . This behaviour is contained within the pride which seems to suggest that it’s behavioral learning. Where the cubs see the older members of the pride doing it and so.. do it themselves “Monkey see, monkey do” . The lady in this picture had just eaten a massive meal by the look of her belly and I was left puzzled at how she actually got herself up there. If you zoom in to the picture you can see her overloaded belly dangling over the branch.


📷 @ckyriacoudesphotography - This little guy was really digging into his breakfast steak! 🥩🦁


Grazing, from my recent trip to the park, @muzerious.


A little big guy 🐘 from @danvanblerk


📷 from @photo_imagesbygggreeny - Martial Eagle, coming low and fast


📷 from @lelandischoombie - Early morning at Lake Panic.


One seriously sharp shot. Great work on this impala photo


Even kings need rest. 📷 from @vaughanking


Nice shot @jasoncstreet - A martial eagle looks on while perched on a dead Leadwood tree.


📷 from @siegschroeder - Nothing beats a sighting of a rare creature except maybe when it actually walks right up to your vehicle . This was one great sunset drive.


📷 from @rimbachphoto - Four days later the carcass has become a skeleton.