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Another brutal Idaho Sawtooth landscape _______________________________________________________ #idaho #ig_idaho #sawtooths #sunvalley #idahome


Anyone stayed at the Grand Hyatt in Kauai? If you get bored at this place, you’ve got ish. I’ve stayed at some nice places and some total dives but this place has been my fave. Best place to eat @kalapakijoes _______________________________________________________ #kauai #hawaii #grandhyatt #kauaihawaii


The Wasatch mountains featuring Mt Timpanogos... dm me if you want the full size pano ______________________________________________________ #wasatch #utahvalley #utahisrad #werutah


One of my favorite days of hiking in the Sawtooths. The view hasn’t ever disappointed. One year we decided to go off-map and we summited the peak in the upper right corner of this photo. I don’t recommend it. ________________________________________________________ #idaho #sawtooths #idahodaily #exploreidaho


Found a rad trail to explore with @adventure.dudes ... he only wrecked the Mavic 2 once! This shot taken with canon 5ds and rokinon 14mm lens with MeFoto Tripod _____________________________________________________ #kauailove #hawaiistagram #kauai #poipu


New Year Fireworks in Poipu __________________________________________________ #hawaii #kauai #poipu #poipubeach 🌴


Provo Canyon has many of my favorite winter hikes and photo ops. _________________________________________________ #provocanyon #provo #utahisrad #xputah #iloveutah


It’s too bad this has been shut down to the public. These hot springs were a good chill. I guess everybody needs to find another place to soak. ____________________________________________________ #fifthwaterhotsprings #utahisrad #utahgram #igutah


Today, Sundance Mountain Resort has skiing for every ability, with 20% beginner trails, 40% intermediate trails and 40% advanced trails. The resort terrain climbs 2,150 vertical feet up the northeast slope of Mount Timpanogos, reaching the crest of the ridge at Bearclaw Cabin. This restaurant at the resort's apex of 8,250 feet provides spectacular 360° views of the surrounding landscape, and of Mount Timpanogos as it rises to a height just short of 12,000 ft _________________________________________________ #werutah #utahisrad #igutah


Lots of “moisture” in the forecast. _______________________________________________________ #werutah #utahisrad #sundance #ksl


I guess the November moon is called a Beaver Moon... google it. This taken tonight as the moon snuck over the Wasatch Front _______________________________________________________ #utah #igutah #utahgram


In 1872, the Grand Canyon was already aflutter with prospectors dreaming of gold and silver. One such prospector, named Daniel Mooney, was interested in the lands at the base of the waterfall that now bears his name. After failing to find a route down the waterfalls on previous trips, Mooney and his party returned to the south rim of the Grand Canyon in 1882, determined to descend. Failing to find a way to descend by hiking, Mooney’s plan was to repel down the waterfall using a rope. His plan seemed obviously simple, however he didn’t factor in the sharpness of the rock columns and a few scrapes later, his rope was frayed and he was dangling by thin fibers. His friends tried to pull him up, but the strain only caused the wasted rope to weaken and Mooney fell to his death. The story goes that Mooney’s friends, returning to the site the day after Mooney’s fall, found a local Indian wearing their friend’s boots. When they asked him how he got them, the Indian showed them a set of small caves he’d gone through and then a steep “trail” that led to the base. The party quickly deemed the Indian’s trail as too dangerous and after making note of the terrain, they returned home. ______________________________________________________ #havasupaifalls #havasu #havasupai


I’m a few weeks late posting this, but I miss the color. This shot taken on a quasi dirt bike stroll/hunting ride. I never appreciate the colors and rad weather til it’s gone. ___________________________________________________ #utahisrad #werutah #utahcounty