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Indigenous pursuits (before the digital era).


I discovered a few years ago that making a ginger tea by boiling up fresh ginger root is a fairly inefficient way of extracting all of that gingery intensity and flavour. Instead what I got into the habit of doing is juicing (has to be a masticating juicer or you are simply wasting your time) the ginger root and then adding it into warm or hot water with a splash of maple syrup or honey. This keeps both the intensity AND phytonutrient levels high. Since then, I have developed the concept by adding 3 or 4 other fruits/herbs to the juicing stage. This exceptional hot beverage is ginger, baobab, cranberries and lemon. Perfect for these colder October mornings 🙏


Of those people who I believe to be “truly living life” all of them spend significant time outdoors. I highly doubt this is a coincidence....


Perhaps the greatest thing you can lose is the desire to adventure. Physically, biologically, intellectually or spiritually, we become ourselves through our explorations beyond the frontier lands.


Are we living inside a giant simulation? The question in one format or another is not new, in fact it has been pondered by philosophers for thousands of years. Swedish Philosopher Niklas Boström of Oxford University suggests that there is a 20% chance we are living a simulated reality, whether physically plugged a la the movie The Matrix, or as our very personhood entirely simulated. Elon Musk has gone much further and recently claimed that there is only “one in billions” chance that WE ARE NOT living in a simulated reality. Proponents all around the world insist we are in some sense “wired” into an artificial reality simulator, most typically one generated by an advanced supercomputer. I will borrow a basic form of the argument from Elon Musk. “40 years ago we had Pong – two rectangles and a dot. That’s where we were. Now 40 years later we have 3D simulations with millions of people playing simultaneously and it’s getting better every year. If you assume any rate of improvement at all, then in the future the games will become indistinguishable from reality. Now imagine that timeline has in fact already happened. The simulation is already running.” What do you think? Is this plausible? What do you think is the best evidence for the case that we are NOT living in a simulation, and that we are indeed experiencing base reality right now? Is there anything about nature, human behaviour and the collective circus, technology or the digital landscape that may suggest we could be living in a simulated reality? What do you think: Yay or Nay?


A whole summer of growth.....


Extraterrestrial brush strokes 👽🎨🌈 (Sister capture with my previous post: The View and The Viewer).


“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass the world is too full to talk about.” (Another perfect Rumi-nation to help remedy the 21st Century Circus).


Cold water calls me, draws me in, enlivens my body, my awareness. Always an incredible high afterwards 💦


Wild Sarsaparilla berries: emergency food for humans, summertime snacks for bears.


You know, there were certain times within my teen and preteen years when I dreamt of fitting in, dreamt of being accepted and embraced by the herd. Thankfully, nothing specifically came of it 😆.The need to engage in a culture of vērācitās and awareness was just too strong and as I passaged through my 20th Summer, that desire to compromise, to join an alien (to me) culture never came back. Still, today it got me thinking. Just how much of us, any one of us, is lost when we DO get assimilated into the herd. In the process of being "accepted" and becoming "acceptable", we are ourselves processed. Almost necessarily we end up acting, behaving and eventually thinking in a manifoldly different way to who we truly are as a sovereign. In a sea of sameness and orthodoxy, the colonising, socialising cookie-cutter that molds, chops a good section of self off in the process. So beware your local herd today! As it happens I hear they are after new members. In the name and honour of all those lost to herdism😀, I choose to become self-actualised to the fullest, towards spaces and places I don't even know exist yet, to become radically free. I hope you will join me. PS: tell your friends, nearest and dearest about herdism, it's a trap 😂. (Lovin’ my live-in Organic wrap by @bersusetowels. Thanks Guys).


Brain and face freeze 😆. My super refresh for glowing skin. Ice cold ❄️ artesian spring water coming right out of the sand from a deep underground source. Its become a daily ritual now to shower underneath it.


Wow, what a difference one Summer makes 😃. (Companion photo with my previous post).


Stalking the wildest views in Manitoba (last Summer).


A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of sampling and meeting the producers of one of the most exotic of forest health foods. A product so rare it almost falls into the unlikely category. And yet, here it is; birch syrup is ridiculously good - insane flavours of butterscotch, banana, honey and so much more. Though I have been supplying the raw birch water/sap to the 🇬🇧 market for over 7 years, I had yet to ever taste its resulting syrup. You see, because birch water/sap is only slightly sweet (something like 0.7 - 1.4% sugar) you need a considerable amount of it to make any syrup. Something like 100 - 140 litres of the birch water are needed to make just 1 litre of the syrup. Compare that to Maple syrup (made from the Sweet 🍁 tree) for which only 40-50 litres of the tree’s water are required to make 1 litre of the syrup. Drinking fresh birch water is a wonderful experience, but it merely only hints of sweetness. Slowly simmered down over many long hours however, everything becomes awesomely concentrated. The minerals, phytonutrients (including betulinic acid), and it’s sugar profile gradually become delectably complex and rich. In fact, now concentrated to such significant amounts, birch syrup is astoundingly rich in many trace minerals, and surprisingly, is one of the world’s richest sources of calcium. Ignoring the big price difference I would choose birch syrup over maple syrup any day of the week 🤙🏽 Thanks for the tour guys.


Have you noticed how wild flowers always prevail!?


More and more, I am moved by the virtue and esoteric value of the aesthetic and the aesthetic life. Beauty has become for me one of my most dependable guides as I gallop (or merely trot) towards eudaimonia (greek for a contented state of being, healthy, happy, balanced, of radiant body and awakened genius). To be moved by beauty, to be naturally inclined towards it, is as deep-seated as any of the primal features I know of. It is in our souls. To become a proponent of beauty not only brings about a greater array of beautiful things into ones life, it also carries with it a multitude of most profound effects. This is because, as I have come to realise (within natural systems at least), beauty is both messenger and message. It is both guide and and the spoon that feeds. The therapeutic effects of sungazing were not discovered in the classroom or cave. They were realised organically via direct captivation with the most beautiful, transcendental period of the day - sunrise and sunset 🌅. We rose early to witness the marvel and became uplifted. We were healed in the process. Not just in relation to the soul, but physically/mentally we were nourished. Beauty mesmerises us into healthy cycles and routines. An allegiance of which only pays dividends. Today, I sungaze every evening (my retinas "uploading" the full diversity of light frequencies) not because I particularly have the goal or schedule of sungazing on my mind, but merely because I am so moved to be outside at golden hour, to witness and be party to the biggest show in town (short of the Aurora's coming that is ✨). Beauty was my guide. Of the food I wish and favour to eat, I choose what is most beautiful: in colour, by shape, by the sumptuousness of form. The unparalleled allure of the ripe fruit, the curves (and those blossoms) of the 🍑🍒stone fruits, the dark purple of dulse, strewn across a rainbow bonanza of plants, the vibrant orange intensity of sea buckthorn oil on a spoon, the golden brown divinity of sycamore syrup simmering away. ⭐️Continued in the comments.


Those Canadian skies though...