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When you need a little hypnotizing to get through the Monday.


Because Fridays are magical things. We are riding in to the weekend in Paris on our Unicorn Macarons 🦄... hope you are too 😉


Motto of the day : Life, go ahead and throw all the lemons 🍋you got at us, we’ll show ‘em 🤗


It’s one of those chilly (almost feeling like end of summer 😫) Paris days. Feeling like a few cheesy gougères ... which will go down perfectly with our favorite champagne @arlenoble - our answer to Hump Day 😍


Sunday’s in Paris are all about Marché Bastille. What’s your favorite market?


Friday night in Paris - who would you be here sharing this rosé with? We on our favorite terrace, across from our other favorite wine bar, on our favorite people watching street in Paris.


When you believe in love at first bite 😍


We’ve lost a few degrees overnight (thankfully)...but of course still enjoying the summer fun thanks to an afternoon ice-cream from one of our favorite places : @une_glace_a_paris What’s your perfect summer treat?


Not sure there is anything we love more than a fresh Paris-Brest (stuffed with praline cream of course)! What’s you perfectly guilty Paris treat?


Monday’s can be a bit gloomy. Here’s to making your own sunshine (and rainbows) 😁


Sunday baking project thanks to @everydayparisian ! She’s taken a Madeleine recipe, added in berries and voìla! They look delish - expecting that she’ll bring them over to share 🤗


Friday night decisions? These are ours - and they are tough ones 😉. What are yours?


When you have days like this...the city of Paris has done a fabulous job making the waterfront your playground! And we are taking advantage of it as much as we can. Another place to add to your Paris visit! @paris_maville @parisjetaime


Monday night in Paris solution for dinner. Fromage, Bordier Butter and Bread. What else?


Saturday morning swank...when you use your croissant dough to make Pains Suisses - stuffed with crème pâtissière and chocolate. Proudly #madeinparis


Great views of the Eiffel Tower on rue des Barres - this one just happens to be a buttery Sablé with chocolate 😉


When is it ever ‘not’ a good time for a Madeleine? 🧐


Slow Sunday strolling on the Seine. What would you be doing on a summer Sunday in Paris?