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What we call a Saturday morning work out 💪 ... version Croissants 😉.


Hello Friday in Paris ! Fromage should always be taken out of the refrigerator in time to reach room temperature. Probably the most painful part of meal prep - the hour-or-so you have to wait while it stares back at you 😂


You know we are always doing croissants and such, but one of our favourite classic French Pastries is Baba au Rhum. It also happens to be the best cure we can think of to get us through Hump Day…admittedly thanks to the extended rum bath 😉. What's getting you through today?


What’s for dinner? Monday night Plan B is the new Plan A...who agrees ?? #fromage


What’s in your oven? We’re easy like Sunday morning in Paris. Pain Suisse, with crème pâtissière, and des pépites de chocolat (extra pépites because it’s the weekend) 😁...


Sharing is caring ... and this is one of our favorite breads to do so : Pain Epi. Shaped to resemble Wheat (hence the name), and perfect for pulling apart with friends! What’s your favorite?


Long gone now, and kind of missed ...but #tbt to our neighbor Hôtel de Ville looking ever so beautiful covered in ❄️!


Sending you a little love for Valentine’s Day ... as cheesy as it may sound 😜. The only ❤️shaped #fromage in France : Neufchâtel AOC.


When your #fromage is trying to run away from you...and your like ‘you can run, but you can’t hide’. One of our favorites - Fromage de Langres. It always has a little dimple in the top - any idea why?


Sunday mornings in Paris. Cue a big coffee, soft blanket, and your favorite read! What’s your Sunday routine?


After all the fun of the last days the snow is almost all melted! Back to our regularly scheduled programme - including our Saturday visit to Marché Maubert! What’s on your Saturday plans?


What a week it’s been Paris. From constant rain and flooding, to snow covered rooftops, to sherbet colored sunsets. We’ll take it all - thank you very much 😀


When your breakfast snack becomes your afternoon snack, becomes your evening dessert (served with a chocolate fondue of course 😬). Is there anything more versatile than a Madeleine?!


From where we sit. So you’ll be seeing tons of photos like these coming from Paris. We’ve gone from rain to snow ❄️ which is pretty .... unless you have to get anywhere today 😬


On a snowy day in Paris, what else can one do besides sit and day dream? We are thinking about these pretties from @boulangerieutopie ... Vanille, Café, or Chocolat? What are you daydreaming about 😁?


Paris today. You’ll be seeing a lot of these types of photos on Instagram. Always a special event ❄️ which thank goodness did not last 😁


Having ourselves a little Friday night ‘Fromance’ (we think the Fromage lovers will get it) ... what about you?


Hoping you’ve started Février in the sweetest way possible. We’re in love ❤️with all the things going on here in Paris this month. Come checkout our newsletter for more! You can subscribe via link in profile at the bottom of our homepage 😁