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✨That feeling when you start getting stronger ✨. The sweat. The time. The tears. It all pays off 💪 #nevergiveup


✨Listen to your body when it whispers and you won’t have to hear it scream ✨. A little reminder to myself and anyone else who needs right now... it’s OK to take timeout to heal and ensure you are holistically healthy 😊 . A few weeks off training won’t do any damage. If anything it’s a great opportunity to refocus and re-energize our motivation. Also, it takes a lot of ‘not doing anything’ to undo hard work. Take a moment today to ask yourself, are you OK? Don’t push yourself if your body is asking for a break (and you won’t end up with an injury like me 😂). Happy Transformation Tuesday, friends 😘 xo


✨Inhaling love and exhaling gratitude on this beautiful evening in my home city ✨ #youbeauty #straya wearing @musclenationofficial xo


✨This week let’s all try to focus on creating healthy habits and not restrictions 😘✨. . . This week’s #llmealprep includes: . . 💛BREAKFAST - banana, raspberry and chocolate overnight oats. I use @tropeaka Boost protein powder for the chocolate flavouring (and for those interested, the full recipe is on my website 🤤 . . . 💙MORNING SNACK - @yoproau yoghurt and a range of snacks including @benaturalausnz crunchy granola bar, Carmen’s fruit free muesli bar, @bounce_aus energy ball and an @aussiebodies mini protein bar. . . 💜LUNCH - Tuna Niçoise Salad. I can give you the recipe for you if you want? It’s SO easy. Comment below to let me know if you would like it👇. . 💚AFTERNOON SNACK - a piece of fruit and Boost @tropeaka protein shake if I need a little something extra. . ❤️DINNER - @HelloFreshAu ya’ll🤗. . 💖Use the hashtag #LLmealprep (Lady Lolas Meal Prep) when you post your prep or use one of my recipes so I can share your creations on my story 😍❤️ xo . Containers from @mealprepaustralia


To say that I’m feeling Inspired and grateful right now would be a complete UNDERSTATEMENT. I LOVE meeting people who are passionate, genuine and supportive 🙏. This morning I was getting a coffee and randomly starting talking to these two ladies about my back issue (I’ll tell anyone who will listen 😂), anyway it turned out that one of them was a physio and she offered to treat my back and show me exercises to help engage my core (she had no idea I had Instagram and might be able share her business @cormax_fitness_australia ). Aideen, I love you for that. You are a BOSS LADY and an excellent physio 🙌. Thank you for taking the time to treat me and show me the CorMax products💪. CorMax products are so good for helping athletes achieve peak performance or even for assisting people like me with basics rehabilitation exercises. I even loved them so much, I’ve decided to go back there tomorrow and pick out a set for myself 😍. Boom! Sending appreciation and positive vibes! Happy weekend, team! Xx #neversponsored #justspreadinglove Wearing: @kula_athletic xxx


Alright here we go; DIY Soft Curls. Swipe across 👉 to see how I did it. You can find the FULL video on my Youtube channel (I just filmed it on my phone and it only goes for 1.30secs).There’s a link in my current insta-story or you can find my YouTube link in the top right had corner of my website . It takes me roughly 10 minutes once my hair is dry (keep in mind I’ve been doing this for years and you will only get faster each time). I use a H2D straighter, but you can achieve the same result with whatever straightener you have at home. Previous straighter brands I’ve used are a GHD and Whal. . 💚METHOD . 1️⃣Ensure hair is dry and clean 2️⃣Brush hair to remove knots 3️⃣Starting at the base of your neck line section off 1/4 -1/3 (depending on thickness) of your hair using a clip or hair tie 4️⃣Curl smaller sections, by starting from the base of your scalp and wrapping hair around the iron 2-3 times before gliding down towards ends 5️⃣Once the entire section has been curled, brush out with fingers to loosen curls and tie back 6️⃣Release another 1/4 or 1/3 of hair and the repeat process until you have reached the top of your head . Notes: . ❌I have frizzy hair, so I have to smooth each smaller straight section before curling . ❌If your curls turn out too tight, lightly run over them with the iron in a downward motion to soften into a wave . ❌Practice, practice, practice. The key to great waves/curls is the way you section the hair (to ensure you don’t miss pieces) and the twist and glide action with the iron . . 💜Hope this has been helpful! Let me know what you think and if you have any other questions feel free to ask below 👇


Doing everything in my power to stay positive despite being injured 😊💪. I figure i have two options, I can either sit around and feel sorry for myself, or I can do everything in my power to put myself on the road to recovery 👊. I was so damn scared when i first injured my back. The pain was truly debilitating 😣 and then I was absolutely devastated when I realized I would need to take a real break from training (high intensity fitness junkies, you feel me🙋🏽‍♀️?!). So many of my holiday plans revolved around being active too😫.... However, because I’m on holiday I’ve been able to see my physio, get massages, cryotherapy. I have even booked in a private pilates class on Monday (pending my physio Tom gives me the all clear on Friday) 🙏. Anyway, point of me sharing this with you is to remind you (AND ME) that we all go through frustrating situations and not everything turns out the way we plan. That’s just life, right 🤷🏽‍♀️?! It’s important to try and see positives in every situation. As much as I felt like it was the end of the world (AND STILL IS when I can’t move properly and people have to carry things around for me like my laptop because it is too heavy for me to hold 😂). It’s actually not. Also, I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you so all the awesome people that have sent me well wishes and even given me suggestions to help with my recovery. At the end of the day I’m thankful that my blessings are bigger than my problems 🙏❤️😘 and what is it they say? A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles 🙏✨. Thank you again and keep smiling friends xo


⚡️Why prepping has become an essential part of my life?! . The image on the left is my stomach after a week off prepping. I was bloated, lethargic and my stomach was all-round irritated 😣. The image on the right is after a full week of prep and highlights how meal prepping has helped me manage my gut intolerances 🙌. My stomach feels settled and most of my bloating goes down when I regularly eat foods that agree with my body. In addition to saving money, one of the main reasons I continue to prep is so that I can be confident that I am eating food that supports my gut health. I am control of exactly what ingredients I use 💪. Prepping allows me to have healthy, fresh food conveniently at my finger tips, without having to worry if something Is going to make me sick and uncomfortable. . Although my IBS has dramatically improved, I still have a very sensitive stomach and I need to be mindful of what I eat🙏. It can flare-up if I’m not careful. Eating regularly (AKA #LLMealPrep), drinking lots of water and exercising regularly all help to manage my symptoms. . My GP, nutritionist and a gastroenterologist all supported me to learn how to manage my IBS. If you suffer from bloating, cramps, wind and you think you may have IBS, please see your GP as soon as you can and talk to them about your issues. I can’t stress enough how much of a positive impact they made to my overall gut health. Remember, these people spend their whole professional life learning how to help people like us. Make time to look after yourself today and get on top of your gut issues x


As you guys know, I usually eat the same thing during the day 😎 #LLMealPrep, so it’s important to me that I have something fresh and different for dinner each night. After trialing @hellofreshau for a week I’ve decided to keep using it for our dinners because it’s saved me time and the recipes are healthy and delicious 🤤(plus I need all the time I can get atm to focus on healing my back). It’s working for me as well because I have some food intolerances and I like being in control of the amount of spices and ingredients I add to each dish 😏. If you want to give HelloFresh a go too feel free to use my discount code ‘KATIE40’ 🙌 I know you’ll love it xo #HelloFreshAu


✨I have never claimed that my approach is the authority on health, or the perfect way of doing things. My intention behind sharing details about my health and fitness is that it may provide you with ideas and inspiration to implement tools of your own ✨. I made the mistake of reading the comments on an article that was published about me. People can be so damn nasty 🤦🏽‍♀️. It blows my mind that anyone could spend any amount of time writing negative things about anyone else?! I couldn’t help but feel hurt... but then I remembered that their opinions are irrelevant 👊. The positive experiences I have had through connecting with others online outweighs the negative. I have the love and support from my family and friends and I will not define my worth by the comments of strangers on the internet 💪. So, to all the haters out there, my message is this... if you spent as much time looking at yourself and maybe even caring for yourself, as you do hating others... maybe you wouldn’t dislike yourself so much, or feel the need to put others down 😊. Being kind, respectful and supportive of others can make you feel better about YOU. Here’s to a having a good week, friends. Spread all the love and positivity you can muster ❤️😘 xxx


My goal for this week is to do everything I can to heal my lower back. I’m going to focus on eating well and walking everyday. Super glad my prep is all sorted now and my @hellofreshau box is due to arrive any minute today 🙌. I have another appointment with my physio tomorrow and my masseuse on Wednesday 💪. Hopefully I’ll be back training soon 🙏🙏🙏. . . This week’s #llmealprep includes: . . 💛BREAKFAST - vanilla, green apple and strawberry overnight oats. I use @tropeaka Lean Vanilla protein powder for the vanilla flavour (full recipe on my website) 🤤 . . . 💙MORNING SNACK - @yoproau yoghurt and a @benaturalausnz crunchy granola bar (they taste so good and are low in sugar). . 💜LUNCH - seasoned steak strips, carrot and sweet potato mash with Greek salad (I actually forgot to add black olives before I took the picture, but I’ve added them now 👌). . . 💚AFTERNOON SNACK - a piece of fruit and lean vanilla @tropeaka protein shake. . . ❤️DINNER - I’ve decided to keep using @HelloFreshAu for our dinners this week. They’ve saved me so much time and I’m loving how simple the recipes are to follow (even Scott can follow them 😂🙌) 🤗. . Would you make something like this for yourself? Let me know in the comments below!! It’s super easy and only took me around 40mins in total. . 💖Make sure you use the hashtag #LLmealprep (Lady Lolas Meal Prep) when you post your prep or use one of my recipes so I can share your creations on my story 😍❤️ xo . Containers from @mealprepaustralia


💜SYDNEY GIVEAWAY💙 . Excited to be teaming up one of my favourite yoghurt brands @yoproau to give 4 girls the opportunity to win double passes to the @ausfitnessshow next weekend 💪. . To enter all you need to do is: . 1️⃣Follow me. 2️⃣Follow @Yoproau 3️⃣Tag the friend you would like to take with you and tell me why she’s your 👯‍♀️ bestie. 4️⃣ Like this picture.... and that's it! . . Competition starts today (14th of April) and ends on April 18th (Next Wednesday) I'll announce the 4 winners on my Insta-story at 5.00pm (Sydney time) and direct message them with ticket details. Each comment is counted as a separate entry and I will verify that each entrant follows both @yoproau and I. . Tickets will allow for entry on any day of the fitness show, which starts on Friday 20th of April and goes till Sunday 22nd! . I’ll be there for most of the day on Sunday with my own besties @idontthinkuready4trentkelly and @jloh__ 👫. So hopefully I’ll get to meet some of you there 😍❤️. #YoPRO #LadyLolas #AusFitnessShow