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One of my favorite views. Great to be heading back to this beautiful place for my last shoot of the year! 🙏🏻


An African #SpottedOwl, perched at twilight in the #Kalahari desert. While driving out to photograph meerkats in the early morning this beautiful owl flew in and landed not 20 feet from us, he looked just as shocked to see us as we did it! Thankfully my camera was in my lap and I had just enough time to snap off 3 or 4 photos before it flew away. @tswalu @barry_peiser @danahrichardson


Cute and cuddly little killers, this cub here is only a couple months old and still very dependent on mom for milk and protection. That protection is not only from outside predators, but from members of the pride as well, like an angry male or an overly playful subadult. If you’re a female, you have a place among the pride for life. Male’s however are typically pushed out between the age of 2-3 to make a life of their own. Photographed in the Kalahari a couple weeks back / @tswalu @hydroflask @danahrichardson @juliefranzrich @barry_peiser


Wind is a master sculpture, relentlessly indiscriminate and consistent in its architectural symmetry.


Heart lake, that’s what we called it anyway. This glacial fed lake was our view from advance basecamp for the better part of 3 weeks as we climbed the face of an unnamed tower in #Greenland last year. Swipe over to see our objective, a 2,000+ foot technical tower that had us in awe the higher we climbed and dodging rock fall from time to time. The over all route went at 5.13b and was onsighted by @ethan_pringle and @mikelibecki / @andy_mann @connor_seybert @3stringsproductions @djiglobal


Rain and lighting hammering down over #Denver Colorado. I love evenings like this, the sound and smell of fresh rain and the shear power of an electrical storm is in a category all of its own. Photographed high in the alpine of @rockynps on assignment for @natgeo in 2016 / #RockyMountainNationalPark


Heaven. South East fjords of Greenland glowing under the midnight sun.


I heard a great quote this week while listening to @timothy_allen presenting at @ngexodusaveirofest and I just had to share it - Tim said “Life isn’t the pursuit of happiness, it’s the pursuit of meaning.” I could not agree more. Meaning is insulating, it provides you with focus and purpose. Be it caring for your family, the work you do, or anything else, if you can find meaning you will find stability of mind and soul. I feel so blessed to have found love in looking at the world through a camera, from well before I was doing this as a professional, my camera has always been a place where my mind has a quite focus and meaning. My wish to anyone is that you find yours. Photo here of me taken by my friend @julianmanrique while filming a documentary in Colombia last year.


The hard life. Lions are no stranger to scars and battle, it’s par for maintaining a territory and part of hunting. Mistakes are made from time to time, this big male here suffered a pretty notable porcupine injury. I only know this because my friend and guide @barry_peiser explained it to us and had witnessed the before and after. Injuries like this can actually be fatal depending on the severity, this #lion here was lucky that he got the quills out at all. @tswalu