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Hummingbirds flap their wings 70 times per second, which is 4200 times per minute! It’s an incredible thing to think about. It takes an excessive amount of energy to do this which is why these tiny birds eat roughly 1.5 to 3 times their body weight in food per DAY! To put that into perspective, I weigh 165lbs which would mean I would be eating the equivalent of roughly 248 - 495 pounds of food per day to match this. 🤯 This little #hummingbird is a #versicoloredemerald photographed near #iguazufalls #Argentina. @awasiexperience @jacadatravel @danahrichardson @fjgirado


Describing Iguazú Falls isn’t easy, it’s an immersive attack on the senses: It’s thunderously loud, vibrantly colorful, it smells like it just rained and you can feel and taste the moisture as the wind shifts. When you see it in person there’s simply no question that it’s one of the natural wonders of the world. Just wrapping up here and I will definitely miss it. It’s a place I hope to visit again, I feel like I was just scratching the surface. @danahrichardson @awasiexperience @jacadatravel @fjgirado


The #GlasswingButterfly, an incredibly cool insect that uses its translucent wings as camouflage to blend into anything it perches near. Personally I wouldn’t have even noticed this beauty had it not been for my friend and @awasiexperience guide @fjgirado who pointed it out. If you like #butterflies Iguazú is an great place to see a lot of incredible and unique species of 🦋/ @jacadatravel @danahrichardson


A #flamingo, running on water to build up momentum to get into flight. Photographed at the beautiful #redLagoon, a thermal pool near #CarachiPampa #argentina. Swipe to see the lagoon at sunrise 🇦🇷/ @jacadatravel @danahrichardson



I can’t decide if this looks more like an hour glass or a broken heart spilling out, regardless this unnamed mountain was one of hundreds of unique geological peaks we saw on our 1 week drive through north west Argentina’s high desert. HIGHLY recommended if you ever get the chance to visit the Salta Province, I’ll for sure be back 🙏🏻❤️ / @danahrichardson @jacadatravel


Birds. Damn I love photographing them; they are incredibly cautious, difficult to predict, approach, keep in focus and track! I had a really great encounter yesterday evening with a flock of #BurrowingParrots, I worked the scene as hard as I could in the 2 hour window I had before the sun set. I hope you enjoy this carousel of photos here dedicated to these incredibly cool birds! All photos here taken with a @nikonusa D850 and 500mm f/4 lens. @jacadatravel @danahrichardson


Yeah, he’s about to murder me. While driving through the #TolarGrande valley we spotted this lone bull walking through the sand dunes. It was a strange thing to see, the place was utterly baron and the terrain was difficult. I jumped out of the truck, psyched to take a photo of this odd scene. As I approached the bull he was less than excited to see me and put his head down displaying his horns, grunting and thrashing in the sand. It was crystal clear from his body language that he was considering charging me and the situation was getting real. I slowly backed away, shooting photos OF COURSE, making sure not to turn my back to the animal. He made slow progress towards me grunting the entire time, then changed directions and went on his way. Probably not worth the risk, but I love the body language here and the way the sand is clinging to his stamping hoof. @danahrichardson @jacadatravel #argentina🇦🇷


The pumice fields of #PiedraPomez #Argentina felt photographically overwhelming as I walked through it. Knowing that I only had one evening to shoot here had my head on a swivel, everywhere I looked was remarkable making it impossibly frustrating to land on a decision. When shooting landscapes I always find myself hunting for foreground to compliment the overall scene, it’s often the most challenging part of the composition. This photo here was shot about 20 minutes after the sun had set. It’s one of my favorite times of day to take pictures because the light is generally even and vibrant. Today’s cameras sing in these conditions. The rock formations extend for over 30 kilometers and have tiny canyons covered in rippled rivers of sand, I’ve never seen anything like it. It felt like a crime every time we walked across them, incriminatingly leaving foot prints as evidence. This is one of my favorite shots of our short time here, really hope to return someday for round 2. @danahrichardson @jacadatravel


From the car it looked like a mirage, blurredly wobbling in the distance from the heat reflecting off of the desert. As we drew in closer however it was an even stranger site; a giant cinder cone isolated in the #SalarDeArizaro salt flat towering at roughly 400 feet tall. Our guide explained that it’s actually a minor volcano, one that never had the power to erupted. It’s considered sacred to the local Aymara people and a surreal geological feature to see at any angle. I shot this vertical pano here from roughly 1,500 feet above the desert floor with a @djiglobal phantom 4 pro, seeing it from this unique vantage really shows the isolation and contrast of this incredible #cinderCone! @danahrichardson @jacadatravel


Railroad tracks, illuminated as they cut through the twilight in #TolarGrande #Argentina. The sun had been down for nearly 45 minutes when I shot this but the landscape was still glowing, reflecting off the sky and exaggerated by the inordinate amount of dust kicked up by the wind. As we crossed the tracks I could faintly make out the scene, but through my camera and a long exposure it was a completely different sight. As a photographer you’re always chasing light and moments like this are always special and fleeting. I snapped off a handful of long exposures as the remaining light quickly faded out, leaving me with this picture to remember the evening. @danahrichardson @jacadatravel


A cold shivery morning was nothing compared to watching twilight roll into sunrise at Argentina’s #OjoDeMar. In camera #doubleExposure on the salty edge of the lagoon. @jacadatravel @danahrichardson