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The new CNN Original Series, "American Dynasties: The Kennedys," premieres Sunday, March 11.


So proud of my babes book that’s out, she’s so talented! You should see it. disco ball soul @emmaelizabethtillman


Thanks so much to C Magazine for having me on the cover 🌴


My sister made another amazing music video. @yourgirlchuck


See you on the 28th in Hawaii


We’re gonna miss Kali but we’ll see her next month in Colombia 🇨🇴 Felt so lucky to have her with me on this tour ❤️ Plus more pics of my girlies who will be w me in Hawaii! Then Colombia Argentina Chile and Brazil 🇧🇷


Super proud of this amazing band and crew. Just played 22 amazing shows and had the best time ever with lots of adventures in between ❤️ Last USA date is in Honolulu on the 28th.


Art imitates life


Crossing the threshold from the ordinary world ✅


Last night was our only California show of the official tour. And man did you guys show up for us- from LA to Mexico we sold out that mega arena. this was a cool show for me. Felt a lot of different emotions as I was singing through the songs of the last 5 records and also I got to say little bit about what ‘get free’ was based on (the concept of the hero’s journey by Joseph Campbell) I got to talk about my love of California and the fact that it’s you who have brought me and my band (who have been together for seven years) on to such a big arena stage and for that I’m truly grateful. We have one more show left on the mainland and then we’re off to Hawaii


Thank you so much Phoenix 🙏