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Together with Max Berger, Much Mayr and Guido Unterwurzacher, La Sportiva ambassador Hansjörg Auer (@hansjoergauer) made a three-day alpine-style ascent of a previously unclimbed 6050m peak in the Northern Indian Himalaya. "After acclimatising and waiting for the suitable weather window, we spent two days ascending the mountain’s Southeast Face, breaching beautiful mixed terrain, not too hard, and bivying at 4400m and at 5000m. We reached the summit at circa 9.45am on Friday 5th October and then abseiled down the same route, returning safely to base camp at circa 3200m later on the third day." #wearemountaineers #lasportiva #foryourmountain #90yearsandclimbing


Let's Throwback once again to that 14th of January 2015, when after years of attempts and 19 days of climbing Tommy Caldwell (@tommycaldwell) and Kevin Jorgeson (@kjorgeson) reached the top of the Dawn Wall. After presenting the ascent's official movie in the States, we're ready to welcome "The Dawn Wall" in the Italian theatres with 33 unmissable appointments. Tickets are going fast, so find yours only at the @ucicinemasit and following the link in bio! #lasportiva #foryourmountain #90yearsandclimbing #weareclimbers #tbt @adventurefilmtours


Reasons why we love running towards winter: 👉 Brand new out-of-the-box trail running shoes with long-lasting, nailable Mud-Ground outsole and waterproof membrane... Lycan GTX, it's your turn to let us see what you got! Our winter running collection is now in stock. Run to discover more... link in bio. #lasportiva #foryourmountain #wearemountainrunners #mountainrunning


Little information about this Robert Cortijo's photo, but a lot of style in it, and we swear: it was not our Halloween costume for yesterday's party. #lasportivanniversary #foryourmountain #weareclimbers #90yearsandclimbing #TBT


"• What makes Squamish so unique is that it has world class trad climbing, sport climbing, multipitches and bouldering all packed in one area. Many climbs are on aesthetic features, big slopey ramps, or cleancut dihedrals, and even though some of the climbs are a total struggle, that's exactly what makes them so special" - Thanks for following me on this crazy trip to Squamish, and see you really soon. Now, it'time for some new adventures in Yosemite! Katha 📷 @jonglassberg #lasportiva #weareclimbers


'Tainted Love' 5.13d (8b), by far the hardest and coolest trad climb I've ever done. A perfect dihedral with smooth sidewalls and a small crack in the back. At first it felt impossible, I couldn't even get onto the wall. Slowly learning the body positions, and starting to trust the endless smears, it felt like I was learning a new way of climbing. Leading sure was scary, but during the send both climbing and the small wires felt solid! Everything worked out well, bridging and stemming my way up and when I reached the top mantle I just couldn't believe it. A climb which I'll never forget. - Stay tuned, Katha. 📷 @jonglassberg #lasportiva #weareclimbers


"But then it hit me. I knew all the beta. If I just didn’t fall once, then twice, then three times through the cruxes, I would send. Obvious. Cliché. And true. Just don’t fall." Watch Paige Claassen make the 2nd ascent of Fins' testpiece, "Algorithm" (5.14d/9a). watch the full movie, link in bio: #lasportiva #weareclimbers


#TBT to 1988? Actually no, but somehow it might as well be. This summer, we spent a day in Arco shooting with climber Silvio Reffo (@silvioreffo) and some original La Sportiva vintage gear: challenging, but it was worth it: 100% #oldbutgold 📷 @theverticaleye #lasportivanniversary #90yearsandclimbing #est1928 #lasportiva #weareclimbers #foryourmountain


"Trailrunning in Iceland is not easy. Even there aren’t any highly technical trails as in the Alps, strong winds and extremely fast-changing weather conditions are a big challenge! Sturdy and stable shoes as the Akasha and a wind- and waterproof jacket are essential for go through this multiple stages race." Bloggers and outdoor lovers Magdalena and Anja from @youareanadventurestory, tell us more about their five-days RunIceland experience "From 13 to 42 kilometres a day, the race runs mainly on gravel and dirt roads and trails along many great sights of the Golden Circle and the southern part of the Icelandic ringroad" Read more, link in bio! #lasportiva #foryourmountain #wearemountainrunners @runiceland