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Dress to impress and get ready for Easter, as we are putting spring back on the agenda with our beautiful In Bloom accessories #dresstoimpress #diningroomgoals #springinteriors #InBloom #LauraAshleySS18


Pale Amethyst shades are the ultimate addition to your interiors this season! Hands up if you agree 🙋🏻 #lauraashley #lauraashleySS18 #frenchromantic #paleamethyst #interiorgoals


Time to get your glad rags out and prepare yourself for event season! Fascinators at the ready! 👗 👒 #lauraashley #lauraashleySS18 #eventseason #races #weddings #lauraashleyfashion


Your home will be fresh and fragrant and all ready for spring with our gorgeous Citrus Blossom and Nectarine goodies 🌼 #homefragrance #citrusblossom #springfragrance #homeaccessories #LauraAshleySS18


The Laura Ashley Rattan Collection from @darocane has us dreaming of summer evenings in the garden relaxing after a long day. We hope this picture brightens up your hump day! 😎 #lauraashley #lauraashleyrattancollection #humpday #summeriscoming #gardenfurniture #garden #rattan


If you needed any more incentive to give the Laura Ashley Design Service a try we think this picture might just be it! 🏡 🏠 #lauraashleydesignservice #interiordesigner #interiorgoals #lauraashley #cosyhome


The perfect little accessories to add the finishing touches to your dressing table. (thank you @life_with_oaksandolive for this piccy) #dressingtable #accessories #finishingtouches #LauraAshley


Well, folks, this is @tamsynmorgans here with my last post for my takeover this weekend. I really hope you’ve enjoyed my little home tour! For my last picture, here is my pastel, reclaimed kitchen that my Dad and I built! (If you’re interested, there are some ‘before’ photos of my house in my Stores Highlights under ‘Vintage Home! It was a bit of an eye-opener​ on the day I moved in!) Thanks again for following along! I hope all you mums had a lovely day and have a wonderful week everyone! xx #LauraAshleyTakeover


I hope you’re all having a wonderful Sunday! This is a favourite spot of mine in my dining room. I’d love to say that I do actually sit and read classic novels here, but mostly I just drink tea or work on my laptop. As my old cast iron range doesn’t work, I decided to fill it with beautiful old books, and I think it’s one of my favourite details in my house. Also, how beautiful are these peonies? (Pst don’t tell anyone, but they’re not real! They look fab though, and perfect for when I’ve not got any fresh blooms in) #LauraAshleyTakeover


Hello everyone, here’s another corner of my living room - I reupholstered this chair myself, I do love a bit of a DIY challenge! Every chair needs a cushion in my book, and I love the lavender colour of this Nigella cushion. It’s a good chair for a spot of scrolling Instagram with a cup of tea! Hope you're all having a lovely Mother's day? #LauraAshleyTakeover


Good morning everyone, @tamsynmorgans here taking over the Laura Ashley Instagram account for the rest of the day. Wishing you all a Happy Mother’s Day! Flowers, lazy mornings and pots of tea all round! ☕ 🌸 I love to mix up my vintage treasures with more modern homewares, I love this little gallery wall I’ve created in my bedroom, and when it comes to cushions and throws on my bed, the more the merrier I reckon! #mothersday #LauraAshleyTakeover


Evening everyone, @tamsynmorgans here again! I’m sure I’m not alone in really looking forward to the lighter evenings. I’ve used soft shades of white in my living room, to really maximise the light that floods in. Mirrors bounce light around too ​and make a pretty feature above a fireplace. Have a lovely evening! #LauraAshleyTakeover