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Becoming quite the painter... problem is that I absolutely hate it! What takes the painter 90 mins to do in one room takes me 3 days in another 🙄 #RenovatingtheStudio Pic captured by @ramondeocampo while quietly laughing at me stamping and squealing in annoyance! 😅


In LA we wish it felt like autumn, but instead it’s still sunny and we pretend it feels like autumn... love to see the brown and orange leaves falling though! 🧡 Growing up, I always loved walking through the leaves, crunching under my feet as I’d get off the school bus and walk home. Cold and always loving this time of year! 🍂 #ilovefall


Jumping for joy and feeling on top of the world!! 💗 Went to a great meditation class a few nights ago and the instructor pulled out my inner kid; that joy, happiness, wonder and love of every moment in life! Today I’m living in little Lauren’s world and it’s a pretty marvelous place to be!! 😊


I blinked and suddenly we were once again ending one week and starting another! This weekend was so busy with photoshoots and house renovations, I feel like I need an extra weekend. I have to say though, the photoshoots this weekend were holiday sessions so I’m now feeling rather Christmassy! Kids make the holidays so magical and they certainly made this weekend magical for me! can you believe it’s November next week!? Check out @elsierosephotography to follow my photog adventures! 📸


Today I slept until 12.05pm... clearly I was exhausted! I took some time to relax in my PJ’s, get a little work done, go to a birthday party and end the day with meditation! It was a day I needed so much. 💞 I started meditation 5 months ago, and can honestly say it’s one of the best things I have done for myself. I was so busy this week that I didn’t make it to any classes and I could definitely tell. I couldn’t recommend @unplugmeditation enough. It’s the one place I’m going to miss moving out of West Hollywood, but I am for sure signing up for their app to carry on with their online meditations. If you’re in WeHo or Santa Monica, definitely check them out, if you’re elsewhere, check out the app. Some of my favorite teachers are @johnsahakian , Teigh Gilson, @megmonahan , @camilladallerup , @_peteroppermann & @normandie_keith


It was a fun 3 days in the studio with dragons! Recording at @deyanaudio for @scholasticinc


Such a lovely evening last night for our Anniversary dinner at @catch Gorgeous ambiance, wonderful service, and delicious food!


Happy Second Wedding Anniversary, baby!! @ramondeocampo ❤️ Where did 2 years go!? Every day with you is filled with love, laughter and the most amazing adventures. My heart is filled with so much love for you. What an amazing day our wedding was, and what an incredible 2 years it’s been since! Here’s to many, many more! 🥂 I love you so much! ❤️


Plant for the new house... Since it’s October and Halloween month it seemed fitting to go for this one! Thanks mum! This pot will now appear every October ;)


Weekend!!! I see you 👋🏼 This week has been non stop, exhausting! I had no idea renovating a house would be so tiring!!! We thought it would be fun and easy enough to paint the house ourselves, but between that, auditions, prepping an audiobook, photography work and packing up the old apartment, all we’ve managed to get painted is one guest room 🤦🏼‍♀️ And I can barely stand!! Anyone want to come help paint this weekend!? Lol. Any tips for painting? Preferably ones to get it done faster...


Miss this little cherub! 6 months today! Where did the time go!? My little nephew, Ralphie! Happy six months baby boy 💙


Ahhhh! After a year long search, we did it! We bought a house!! 🏡 😃 So ecstatic to call this our new home!! ❤️ Swipe right for a celebratory pic with our real estate team!


Happy Birthday to my amazing little brother, @steirwin ❤️ your first birthday as a daddy! 🎂Although, I’m not too sure of what Ralphie thinks of today, to me, it looks like he’s giving you the middle finger 😂 I love finding photos of us as kids, those memories bring such a smile to my face - especially you looking very unimpressed dressed as The Beast 🤣. Thanks for always being game with my crazy ideas, dressing you as disney princes, chopping off all your hair while dressed in a painting overall, to name a few! I’m lucky to have grown up with you for my brother. Have the best day, Ste. I love you so much. 🎉🎈🎁


FRIDAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! It’s been a great week, but I am ready for the weekend! 😴