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A little perspective 🌏 35mm prime


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Old Havana


Shop owner with his prized posters - Fidel & Che.


Mercedes sits at the same corner every day smoking cigars charging tourists for that classic "Cuban" photo.




"Got dinner plans?"


"Liberators do not exist. People liberate themselves." - Che Guevara


With the success of the first expo in June, this is the continuation of PERSPECTIVE. For those who couldn't make it last time, you're in luck. For those who did, I'll be adding a couple new prints from my current work! Apart from this event, the installment is currently on display at Last Minute Gear and will be available for viewing all the way through November. Admission is Free! www.facebook.com/events/1021651728041747/


“Where do you think she's going?" - I wondered aloud noticing this woman's mysterious smile from all the way across the street. I quickly snapped a shot as the moment quickly came and passed. I revisited that instant months later while editing the image. Taking a closer look, I noticed the little yellow rose protruding from her bag. I continued wondering - "Who is the rose from? Or actually who is it for? How did it turn out?"


Back streets of Trinidad, Cuba.


"You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain." - Everybody in Cuba loves Che Guevara, his iconic image is absolutely everywhere. Even though Che and Fidel followed similar ideologies during the revolution, Che's premature death has preserved his image as a liberator and national hero. We all know how Fidel turned out.


A mechanic preps an old import for paint - a common sight in the streets of old Havana. Notice the amount of bondo built up from the decades of repairs and repaints. Under the hood is an old Nissan 4 cylinder with a coke can intake housing. I was blown away with the ingenuity Cubans put into these old cars to keep them running. Since people keep their cars for life and pass them on to their children, they're extremely well taken care of and not seen as disposable objects.


A young barber turns his parent's front courtyard into an outdoor barbershop. Customers wait while his siblings spectate. Havana, Cuba.


"Welcome to the Havana Club" 🍻


Green street of Havana, Cuba.


Hello Monday! Anyone home?


A woman waits to hail a cab. Local cabs can be identified by the old beaten up American imports strung together with mismatched parts and a bit of engineering ingenuity. They run up and down the Main Street carpool style picking up and dropping off passengers - great way to squeeze in and chat with some locals. The fare is 50 cents to a dollar.


It's amazing how different a place feels depending on the time. I always make it a mission to check out the same place once during the day and once again at night.