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A little perspective 🌏 50mm Prime


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These Himalayan peaks look just as unreal in person. Curious Nepalese kids welcome us to their village as we trek through the Himalayas staying at their tea house.


Each night the Golden Temple serves food and shelter to everyone. Homeless, locals, and travelers alike sleep on the floor lining the hallway.


Golden Temple. Amritsar, Punjab.


Semi-nomadic rabari shepherds gather to share a smoke. Picking up a bunch of tips from other photographers while spending a week shooting at the Pushkar camel fair, we would always be out during sunrise and sunset every single day.


Huge thank you to everyone who helped make 'Perspective: Photo Expo & Fundraiser' possible! With the huge turnout we sold around 50 prints and raised close to $5000. If you couldn't make it and want prints, you can still take a look on my website and message me (link in bio). Reprints are 10x15" on metal with glass-like finish on a float mount ready to hang. Price is $80. (Other sizes available too)


My photo expo is this Saturday 6-10PM at Sketchpad Gallery in SF. Admission is free! I'm excited to see everyone for the first time years, share my travels, and display my work. We even have @strikebrewingco sponsoring us so you know we're pretty serious. ;) Prints will be available for sale!


Come check out some prints, learn about who you'll be supporting, and maybe gain a different perspective. All proceeds will be going to 'New Hope Foster Home' & the 'Rohingya Refugee Crisis'. facebook.com/events/1108529815953274/


“Motorbiking is the closest thing to flying while still being on the ground.” - My most freeing and lonely two months drifting around India & Nepal alone. I had everything I needed, I could go anywhere whenever I wanted, but the best part was being able to stop anytime in the middle of nowhere to chat with locals and get invited in for tea.


When the only candids you have are from camera show & tell with other photographers.📷:@timvk.travelphotography


Laborers on a break at a grain processing plant. The air is filled with smoke everywhere as it is cheaper to burn excess crops during harvesting season.


Nepalese grandma makes fun of my charades communication attempt. Staying at her homey tea house in the Himalayas reminded me of my grandma's.


Daily commute.


Met this little flower girl on the bus. Pokhara, Nepal.


Some of the most amazing mountain riding 🏍


Sometimes mistakes turn out nice


I'm spotted by a young photographer 📷 - "For what it's worth: it's never too late, or in my case too early, to be whoever you wanna be."


Riding 8 hours every day across Nepal, I was constantly torn which places I could stop and chat with locals before it got dark. I slammed on my brakes for this beautiful lady working in the fields during golden hour.


Hello Himalayas