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Watching the sunrise from the top of the world back in 2016🌋


Happy that we did it but can’t say I would happily do it again😄 3700m and a 3-day hike with rain, sun, rice and only two (!) snickers (still can’t believe I listened to @goodlifenigerian and @bastowade when they laughed at me at the shop for wanting to buy like six).


Think I can look back at the last few years with nothing but a big smile 🤙🏽 much love to all the beautiful people giving me strength along the way and pushing my limits


Love you mom❤️


Looking back on some pictures from Lombok in 2k16. Hope this little grommet and all the amazing people we met get the support they need🙏🏼 There are already lots of projects on www.gofundme.com so go and check them out.


Last one from Morocco 🇲🇦 when your too lazy to walk on top of the dune to watch the sunset so you just take a picture from the bottom


One of the countries I’ve been to with the most versatile landscape for sure 🌓


Laundry day in Spain 💦 not always easy to stay fresh when your on the road😂


One of the most beautiful places where we stayed on our roadtrip. Somewhere along the coast of Spain 🌍


Sitting, Waiting, Wishing 🤫


We couldn’t ask for more after driving for hours. More pictures from the trip- click over to Storytime IV🤙🏽


@jakeilardi going all in 💯


Another one from @alexsorgente 🤙🏽 didn’t made it on the podium but still a super sick run


@currencaples going big in his first run @munichmash 💯


Talking about cribs with a view... 🏛


Have to wait for 2h at the bus station and forgot to bring a book with me. ALWAYS bring a book when there’s a chance u might end up doing nothing. So here’s another picture from the “storytime” series. Hope my phone battery stays with me for the next hours #30percentleft


Quick tip: when taking pictures keep the “rule of thirds” in mind. It will make your pictures almost instantly look better. A bit of #lightroom and #vsco on top and you’re done 👌🏽


U need anything else bro? I got u covered 🌨