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Feeling spoiled by this October’s crisp, cool and sunny weather!


Annual Spooner Farm traditions - corn maze races, curly fries, pumpkin picking and pumpkin sling shots with my favorite little people


Coming to terms with autumn by taking an early fall foliage drive and baking pumking banana bread #pumpkinspiceeverything


I love scale photos in the nature as it highlights how little and insignificant we might seem in comparison to the creation, but that doesn’t mean that God doesn’t love & pursue us and has a desire to save all people! #bygracethroughfaith #tellon


Missing that Tuscan sun today and hoping our skies will clear up soon #andersonstravelgram


Back home trying adjust to real life, but in my mind still dreaming of pasta, gelato & 🇮🇹 #andersonstravelgram #dametraveler #dametraveleritaly #sheisnotlost


Would you like an adventure now, or would like to have your tea first? J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan #andersonstravelgram #coupletravelgoals


If you live for the next world, you get this one in the deal; but if you live only for this world, you lose them both. C.S. Lewis #mondayinspiration


Vacation countdown begins! Also we planted a bougainvillea in our yard to remind us of 🇬🇷 I am hoping it doesn’t take decades for it to grow this large #andersonstravelgram #athomeandabouttheworld


Add Colchuk Lake to your #hikingbucketlist . It’s in Leavenworth, so requires driving + driving up 5 miles on a gravel, potholed road + 8.0 miles round trip with 2280ft elevation (only the last mile is grueling), in add’t to mosquitos that will eat you alive if you stop for a sec, but it’s all worth it for breathtaking views and the fresh air and the deep blue icy lake & the remnants of a glacier. You might even spot a mountain ⛰ 🐐 & paragliders! #andersonstravelgram #keepexploring #TellOn #stayandwander


Now that summer is officially here, it’s time to get your hiking boots ready and #optoutside! Here’s a list of hikes I’ve done over the years that are 1-2hrs drive from Seattle: Easy - Gold Creek Pond - 1 mile round trip, 10ft elevation - Twin Falls, North Bend – 2.6 miles round trip, 500ft elevation gain - Cedar Butte Train, North Bend, 3.35 miles roundtrip, 900ft elevation gain - Franklin Falls, North Bend, 2.0 miles round trip, 400ft elevation gain - Big Four Ice Caves, North Cascades 2.2 miles round trip, 220 ft elevation gain - Poo Poo Point – Chirico Trail, Tiger Mountain,  3.8 miles, 1760 ft elevation gain - Rattlesnake Ledge, North Bend, 4.0 miles round trip, 1160ft elevation gain - Heather Lake, North Cascades,  4.6 miles roundtrip, 1034ft elevation again - Little Si, North Bend – 4.7 miles round trip, 1300ft elevation gain - Moderate - Wallace Falls, Stevens Pass, 5.6 miles roundtrip, 1300ft elevation gain - Artist Point, Mount Baker, 4.0 miles roundtrip, 1000ft elevation gain - Snow Lake- Bridal Veil Falls, Snoqualmie Pass – 7.2 miles round trip, 1800ft elevation gain - Tolmie Peak Lookout, Mount Rainier 7.5 miles, 1100ft elevation gain - Summit Lake – 6.1 mils roundtrip Difficult - Mount Pilchuck, North Cascades – 5.4 miles round trip, 2300 ft elevation gain - Mount Si, NorthBend – 8.0 miles roundtrip, 3150ft elevation gain - Granite Mountain, North Bend, 8.6 miles roundtrip, 3800 ft elevation gain - Bandera Mountain, North Bend, 8.0 miles roundtrip, 3400 ft elevation gain - Mt Washington, North Bend,  8.5 miles round tirp, 3500ft elevation gain - Lake Serene, Stevens Pass,  8.0 miles round trip, 2000ft elevation gain - MailBox Peak, North Bend, 9.4 miles roundtrip, 4000ft elevation gain - Kendall Katwalk, Snoqualmie Pass, 12 miles, 2600 elevation gain #keepexploring #washingtonexplored #livelikethemountainisout #TellOn


Always take the scenic route. Mt Baker Scenic Byway (WA 542) is an amazing drive between Bellingham and Artist Point at the base Mr Baker. No hiking required for these views and few sharp winding roads add to the thrill of this drive. We did see one dedicated 🚵‍♀️ with a 🐶 in his backpack make it all the way up and down the route, but I think you’d have to train for it before conquering that hill ;) #mtbakerwilderness #andersonstravelgram #TellOn



PNW camping vibes. one of these years I’ll convince Joseph camping in Eastern WA is cool. For now, we’ll dwell among the 🌲 #andersonstravelgram #TellOn #keepexploring


Love is meant to be an adventure!!Gordon B. Hinckley #andersonschateau #athomeandabouttheworld


Thankful that this guy is willing to hike up mountains with me! #mcm😍 #allaboutadventures #TellOn


Happy first day of summer! I am planning to share our Greece photos sometime soon & some of favorite things we did on the islands, but for now, go check out before and after pics of our house in the stories #andersonstravelgram #tellon


It’s going to be really hard to focus at work this week, I’d rather be frolicking outside, or wonder through the streets of Santorini again #iwantsummersoff #santorinilove #andersonstravelgram