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16 | Photographer | Explorer | pa Zürich, Switzerland


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II / because @eric.webr posted the exact picture first I‘ll give him the credit and inspiration 🙏🏼 today’s advice; treat your girl like how you want to be treated when you are the girl, yes she can be annoying sometimes, everyone is kulit... but bare with her, be sweet to her in every situation, NEVER treat her like shit


I / if you know me in person, there’s a 75% chance that I‘ll have a cap on, you ask why I have one on? it all started bc my hair was once so messy that I wanted to stay home, and I remembered that I bought caps from America... so decided to wear one of them - stuck with me since then, if you meet me at church, then you’re lucky, I won’t have any cap on \ there were even ppl that met me with a cap and when they saw me without, they say „who the fuck are you“ anyway that’s my story about my cap 🧢


III / the calm before the storm 😛 I‘ll be posting every Sunday and someday under the week, I have pictures to post that are such bangers 😁


II / about a year ago I started working at an apprenticeship as an Electrician, I decided to change and I’ll continue my career as an Electrical-Planer starting next month, my goal in life is to become an Electrical-Engineer, which is hard to achieve... as an INC (@incmedianews) I’m putting my full trust in God 🙏🏼 representing everyone with „INC“ in their Bio


I / tbh I’ve been lacking so much lately, I never done edits, I was just lazy overall, but since yesterday I‘ve got a boost of motivation and started new, I‘ll be adding more colors to my feed, by that not using any Presets 🤔 so that means from now on I‘ll be refreshing my feed again


III / went to Milan for a couple of days... only thing I enjoyed there were these iconic landmarks and Jollibee, oh shit... almost forgot, Happy National Day to all 🧀


II / I don’t know what I should write as a caption, so I‘ll just leave it like this, 😴


I / so some of you may know that I don’t speak tagalog... yeah legit... I can’t speak nor understand it, well maybe just a little, so if you see me in person don’t try to speak with me tagalog, it won’t work, just try english or some I guess - representing all Filipinos that can’t understand Tagalog heh 🙋🏻‍♂️


XXI / reposting this again because I remastered it, ay nako


XX / yeah, I’m starting to Rooftop again


XIX / even though they are the biggest bullies and they annoy the shit out of me, they are still the best cousin and sister someone can ask for, protective af when we were there, but hey I can’t judge them


XVIII / seems like I can’t read, oh well


XVII / and again here’s a remastered one from our USA Trip


XVI / je ne comprends pas #truk


XV / repost... smh