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Thank you all so much for your sweet comments on my last post! So excited ✨🙌🏼 On another note, it’s blood orange season again and I have so many things I can’t wait to bake. Have you tried this blood orange and black sesame loaf cake from my blog? It’s so good! If not, you should try it! Link to the recipe is in my profile ☺️


Next month, my friend @myfeldt’s book will be published in German and the title will be ’Apfelduft & Heidelbeerblau’. So exciting!!! 🍾🍾 Swipe to see some of the photos from the book 💜😙 Couldn’t possibly be more happy about this book!


Definitely not in season but I’m dreaming of this red currant pie with a generous layer of baked meringue on top 🤤 Recipe from my book ’Lomelino’s Pies’. 🥧🥧


Can’t believe it’s been a whole year since I made this Apple pie with a blueberry crust.. feels like yesterday. 💜 Link to the recipe in my profile. What have you guys been baking lately?


Happy New year everyone 🎊 wishing you all a fantastic 2019! Tonight’s dessert is a tiramisu cake with chocolate espresso frosting, chocolate glaze and some gold dust ✨😌 See you in 2019!


I never know what to post between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. It’s the most confusing week of the year 😂 I’m not even sure what day it is?! I know tomorrow is the last day of 2018 though.. what are your favorite memories from this past year? I think mine are, as always, the great people I get to meet through workshops and instagram. Looking forward to create more memories in 2019. Ok, time to go prepare dessert for tomorrow! (Texture inside the frame from the lovely @ellemaywatson ) #cinemagraph


How many twinkling lights can you see? I finished wrapping all the gifts today and put them under the tree 🌟 Wrapping gifts is probably my favorite thing to do and I’m seriously considering making some fake gifts too 😂 This year I used pieces of wallpaper and ribbons which I can use again next year. How are you wrapping your gifts?#cinemagraph


New blogpost! The very best, fuss-free way of making fancy gingerbread cookies with thrifted lace doilies 🙌🏼✨Plus my best and easiest gingerbread cookie recipe. Find the recipe on, link in my profile.


Looking for more DIY gifts for the holidays? I have a post from a few years ago on my blog with some great ideas! Homemade nutella, herb salt, oatmeal cookie mix, double chocolate muffin mix, chai latte spice mix and granola 🤤 All such great gifts that would make pretty much anyone happy! Link in my profile ✨🌟


Have you ever tried this classic Scandinavian pudding? We call it Ris á la Malta in Sweden, it’s a rice pudding with whipped cream ✨🤤 I serve mine with marinated oranges. Seriously so good, but there isn’t really space for any more dessert or candy after eating this so I eat it every day before Christmas eve 😂 Link to the recipe in my profile!